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Back at home after a successful two-game road swing, Washington (14-2, 3-2) hosts Oregon State (9-5, 2-3), a team that has always been a thorn in the Huskies' side. Onto the game!

35 minutes to tipoff: Basically the Dawg Pack is full and no one else is here. A weird sight. They are watching Washington warm up, silent like church mouses. Polite applause as they leave.

32 minutes to tipoff: The Pack greet the Beavers a good 20 seconds before they actually come out on the court for warm up. A few folks are yelling some things to the OSU players, but overall there doesn't seem to be much going on between the two. Liam Hughes is a 7-foot-3 center for the Beavers and he is one gangly dude. Runs like Frankenstein.

24 minutes to tipoff: The Huskies come out to a big 'Pack cheer. The refs come out onto the court and immediately the Pack starts booing. Chants of 'Take His Whistle' are made. Who is it?

20 minutes to tipoff: The Pack sing 'Happy Birthday' to Jamaal Williams. The team is cracking up.

9 minutes to tipoff: This game marks the first one Mike Jensen will be playing sans brace. We'll see if his minutes start to go up as he builds confidence.

5 minutes to tipoff: Hec Ed is still looks like a morgue from my vantage point. I'd say it's not even half full (excluding the Dawg Pack) when the team comes out for the national anthem and introductions. Traffic must be a biatch out there tonight.

2 minutes to tipoff: The 'ROMAR' chant comes out as LoRo hits the sideline. The greetings between the two staffs looks to be awfully warm and genuine. We'll see how friendly it remains during the heat of battle.

Tipoff: Matchups, matchups, matchups. I think Romar is going to have to go a little bigger, like he did against UCLA. More Jensen, more Gasser, more Wallace. This is going to be a slower, physical game, especially with speedy OSU PG Lamar Hurd out of the game. The crowd finally arrived, and just in time. It actually looks somewhat full. The Dawg Pack do a quick 'WHOSE HOUSE, DAWGS HOUSE!' chant before tipoff

18:00/1: Huskies haven't made a shot yet, but no one looks to be panicking. They are all over the rim, but nothing is dropping.

16:23/1: Jensen and Appleby in. Huskies need to start forcing the issue and Bobby Jones does just that on a drive. The basket isn't covered in cellophane, as Jones puts down his first FT, but not the second. Romar decides to mix it up with a trap, and OSU calls time out. They come out of it with an over and back, something I'm sure Jay John is pleased about.

15:10/1: Even when guys are going right to the rim, like Brandon Roy - who is normally nothing but money at the hoop - they aren't finishing. 7-1 OSU and the Dawgs couldn't buy a hoop if they were Bill Gates.

14:50/1: Bobby Jones has a clear lane and can't finish. It's an epidemic! The 'Take His Whistle' ref calls a ticky-tack foul on Jensen and the Dawg Pack let him have it. The Beavers are trying to high-screen the Dawgs and the Huskies are pushing them wide and then double-teaming. It's working pretty well. They are forcing some turnovers. Appleby scores and there's a palpable sense of relief from the crowd. Ryan steals the ball right back, but Brandon Roy is tripped and OSU takes the ball. The fans aren't happy about that 'non-call'.

13:34/1: Joel Smith makes his first appearance. Smith's game is the kind that could work well again OSU. The Huskies are going hard to the basket after turnovers and the Beavers are following them. UW already gone to the line for 8 chances and hasn't made both at any one time. 50 percent isn't going to cut it.

12:55/1: The 'Take His Whistle' ref just made an unpopular call on Dentmon. The Pack is all over this guy. OSU is taking advantage of the calls to get to the line. Major difference - they are making their shots.

11:58/1: Brockman goes for a monster dunk off a Dentmon steal and the place goes nuts. Jones takes another ball away from OSU, but can't tiptoe the sideline. Under-12 timeout and the house is on it's feet. Just a matter of time before the Huskies wrestle away the lead, they are playing too well. Shots just aren't falling.

11:11/1: Both teams are scrapping like mad, loose balls everywhere. Washington is doing their best to speed up the game, but they need to keep it at a tempo they can control. At some points, it's just rat ball.

10:22/1: It's gotten almost comical how many chippies Washington is missing. Brockman has missed some total dead-eyes, and he's far from the only one. It's Hans Gasser that breaks it up with UW's first 3. Could it be the first of many? It's nice to know the rim isn't made out of rubber...

9:28/1: The ball is doing strange things on the UW side of the gym. It's just hanging on the rim, teasing everyone in the house. It's rolling around the edges, hanging there - defying gravity. But at least some of them have decided to fall down in-between the nylon.

8:24/1: Gasser gets maimed by an OSU player shooting a three. He goes flying backwards, almost into the OSU bench, yet no call. The Beavers are very careless with the basketball, trying to pass it behind their back. Dentmon makes them pay with a steal to a waiting Bobby Jones for a slam dunk. Tied at 17, and it just feels like the dam that is holding UW's offensive efforts in check is about to give way. They are 6-27 (.222) from the field right now. That's not UW basketball, especially at home. And OSU is not responsible for it.

6:17/1: Jones hits a baseline jumper and then goes to the line for two on an OSU foul. OSU isn't shooting that well either, and the Huskies need to make them pay while that is still a fact. Because it may not last for long. The Beavers already have 14 turnovers.

4:39/1: The refs are keeping this game close (and the rims). Gasser gets called for a phantom travel. The Beavs strategy, now that they are in the bonus, is to get to the line every trip down the floor. Not a bad strategy, considering the refs have shown that they are more than eager to blow their whistles. The Huskies, noticing this, are taking it hard to the glass and are getting their chances at the charity stripe. But 5-12 will not cut it.

2:56/1: It might be Jamaal's birthday, but he is certainly not celebrating. Three straight misses from inside two feet and the crowd doesn't know what to make of this. It's like they almost know they can't make a shot - very creepy. Even from the foul line. Jones makes a foul shot and it's almost mock applause. He missed the next one.

1:51/1: UW is totally out of sync. Romar calls for an alley-oop to Roy and it gets stifled at the rim. OSU drives back and Brockman fouls. OSU is 12-12 from the line. That's the difference in the game.

1:34/1: Appleby hits his first three. The Huskies start to spread it out offensively to find open cutters. And UW takes the ball back on another OSU turnover and one of the Beaver players is actually tugging at the back of his jersey, like a breakaway. No call. The Huskies miss the chippy lay-in (per usual for this game) and the crowd just goes ballistic. UW takes a 28-27 lead into halftime, and as the refs head off to the southeast corner of Hec Ed they may want to make plans for a quick getaway after this game is over. I think some UW fans might be looking for a 'discussion' with them afterwards.
Halftime: They announced the women's score - 43-19 with 17 minutes left or something like that. If UW could hit their free throws and layins, it would be pretty close to the same at Hec Ed. Jaamal = 0-8. All within 8 feet. Tough night.

19:32/2: OSU gets a turnover and Marcel Jones hits a three. Not the start the Huskies had in mind. Williams hits his first shot, but not before missing one more beforehand. But UW is adamant. They are going to feed Williams.

17:42/2: They feed Williams for another layin. He might be settling in. Dentmon takes a charge and John is livid. He is right in the shirt of the ref. The 'Take his whistle' ref is not the problem anymore. It's one of the other refs. He calls Roy for a travel and the house goes ballistic. It's time for Brandon to take it over. He's been quiet for too long. John has an issue clearly with one of refs, and he's not the only one.

15:45/2: The Huskies are taking a lot of charges, and the refs aren't afraid to call them. We'll see what happens if this continues to be a tight game. The Huskies need to continue to spread things and pound the paint.

15:22/2: Appleby hit his second three. But he hasn't been able to get on a roll. Roy called for his three on a reach for a steal. He didn't like the call. OSU is trying to push it inside, but they are starting to experience the same issues UW did with that very same rim. Now it's getting scary. They were perfect from the line and have already missed two from the stripe on the other end.

14:12/2: Roy just picked up his fourth on a stupid play and he knows it. We'll see who steps up for the Dawgs now... Dawg Pack chanting 'Let them play!'. Indeed...

13:05/2: Dentmon takes a shot to the jewels on a drive. He doesn't appear 100 percent right, but buries two FT, I believe the first time a Husky has done that all night long.

11:59/2: Neither team has been able to get on any significant run at all. OSU is out-shooting UW 38 to 28 percent. It's been an entertaining game, but also frustrating to watch - exactly the way Jay John wanted it. But the Beavers needs desperately to cut out the turnovers. And Washington needs to desperately make them pay for those miscues. Gasser hits another three and Jensen hits a shot. Might be the first time UW has hit back-to-back jumpers tonight, and the crowd responds.

10:51/2: Brockman and Burmeister come in and the Dawg Pack exhort the crowd to stand up. Jay John is going after his guys. Don't know what the delay is, but the crowd doesn't like it at all. Brockman finishes off a very scrappy sequence.

10:01/2: The Beavers are in the bonus, so the name of the game is the same as the first half - get to the stripe. And with Washington's physical style of defending, they could get to the line often. Refs call a carry on Dentmon. Things are starting to heat up...too bad that doesn't necessarily mean more points.

9:21/2: Cuic earns his fourth as Brockman takes it strong to the hole. That could be big. Cuic goes out and Jeffers comes in. Brockman makes both.

8:29/2: The game has hit a bit of a lull, with turnovers on both sides. The Dawgs are definitely not in sync. Guys running into each other on offense. Meanwhile the Beavers continue to draw fouls and make their shots...

6:22/2: Brandon Burmeister for three and the announcer forgets his last name...Roy does his patented dipsy-doodle drive for two more. Burmeister comes back for two more after missed threes from Roy and Dentmon. The Dawgs are pounding the glass. On the other end, I can't describe it - OSU is missing the same chippies UW did on that same end. Now it's gone to the surreal... Dawg Pack engage in a monster 'Go...Huskies!' chant with the other side. Plenty loud. Romar is pumping his fists and clapping his hands, doing whatever he can to cheer on Washington's defensive effort. And an OSU turnover results. Just what the Dr. ordered.

5:52/2: Jeffers gets his third called on him for an over-the-back move on Brockman. Jon is 1-2 from the line. And Dentmon comes up with a senior move - using his body to shield off an OSU defender - for a layin and one. With the lead now at 7, it's the biggest lead either team has had for a while.

4:42/2: The Beavers are doing the only thing they can do to get back in the game - get to the line. But that pesky rim is just not cooperating. I'm going to have to do a stat at the end of the game to see just how many shots were missed on that end of the court. I bet it's well under 20 percent.

4:12/2: And the whistle goes off again...who knows why.

3:51/2: Chris Stephens gets called with a T after slapping the ball from Roy after a foul had been called on him. Poor judgement, Mr. Stephens. Your team is in the game on the road with a hostile environment on tap and you just gave the home team four free throws. Appleby misses the first, makes the second. Roy rims out the first of a 1-1, with that tantalizing rim move. So what could have been a 7-point lead is only four.

3:23/2: No over the back call, but there is a hand-slap. These refs have been far from consistent.

1:58/2: A great sequence for the Huskies: First Brockman goes up to put-back his own layin miss, then puts a bullet-pass right on the money to Jones for a layin. Just announced - UW women beat OSU 70-53 in Corvallis.

1:15/2: Dentmon makes the freshman move he's bound to make from time to time - gives up the ball and fouls on a layin and one to put the margin at 1.

16.5 seconds/2: Jones gets fouled and makes two key free throws to give UW a three-point advantage. The Pack is screaming louder than ever to disrupt the OSU huddle, which is well out onto the floor. The crowd is up for the remainder of the game.

1.8 seconds/2: OSU misses a three and Roy gets fouled after securing the ball. He makes his first shot, which was all the cushion the Huskies would need. Final score 69-65 Huskies, same as the result against UCLA.

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