Huskies gut out ugly affair

In what could only be described as an ugly game, Washington gutted out another hard-fought win, this time over Oregon State 69-65 in front of a packed house at Bank of America Arena. The two teams probably left over 50 points on the rims at Hec Ed, but fueled by Bobby Jones' clutch play at the end and the energy brought off the bench by Ryan Appleby and Brandon Burmeister, the Huskies escaped from a dangerous situation.

With the win, Washington (15-2, 4-2) avoided the dreaded 'three-peat'. They have not lost three consecutive home games since 2003 when they were defeated by Arizona, Arizona State and Oregon State. Up by one and with time ticking down, the Beavers had to foul someone. Jones, who had been 2-6 in the game from the foul line up to that point, cooly nailed two shots with 16.5 seconds left. An OSU miss from three and subsequent Brandon Roy foul shot gave the Huskies their margin of victory.

"This game, the iron was not our friend tonight," said Jones. "But we were able to tough it out and make some free throws."

"That's how it goes when we play Oregon State," added Washington head coach Lorenzo Romar after the game. "They have been historically a hard matchup and you have to give them a lot of credit. But give our guys credit. They were mentally tough and hung in there pretty good. Brandon Burmeister did a phenomenal job of giving us a lift when he came into the game. Hans Gasser did the same thing. It's great to have guys that can come into the game and give you a shot in the arm."

The Huskies shot 33 percent from the field for the game (24-72), a far cry from their next-lowest shooting night this season, a 38-percent effort in a win against Lehigh, but were kept in the game because Oregon State (9-8, 2-4) only had seven field goals for the first twenty minutes. The Huskies attacked the Beavers into forcing 16 first-half turnovers. A lot of that was due to the fact that their main ball-handler - Lamar Hurd - was injured and didn't play.

"Their defensive game plan was just to be open about it and attack us," Oregon State head coach Jay John said after the game. "When you look at our stats coming in, the only guy that played a lot of minutes and had a positive assist/turnover ratio wasn't playing."

But regardless, nothing would seem to fall, especially for senior forward Jamaal Williams, who was celebrating a birthday. Williams and Brandon Roy - who normally account for nearly 34 points per game - barely ended up with a third of that. Williams went 0-8 from the field in the first half and ended up with only four points on the night - far below his 14.9 points per game average.

"I missed some chippies," Williams said of his struggles against the Beavers. "The only person I can blame is myself. I rushed things a bit. Those things happen, and you have to bounce back Saturday night."

And Roy seemed to struggle all night with and Oregon State defense that, according to John, didn't try to do anything different to take the Huskies' leader out of his rhythm.

"We didn't do anything special," said John. "All we did was guard them and we didn't do anything fancy to try and stop them."

And even situations where Roy had an opportunity to help extend a Washington lead, he couldn't take advantage. With 3:51 left in the game, OSU's Chris Stephens was called for a technical foul after slapping the ball out of Roy's hand. But between him and the normally rock-solid Appleby, they made one of three. A three-point lead was extended only to four instead of seven.

Washington went 6-14 from the line in the first half, compared to Oregon State's 12-12 perfection. The Beavers knew they would have to rely on a lot of foul shots to stay close, and they ended up out-scoring Washington by seven with the same number of attempts.

"When you aren't making shots and missing layups, it wears on you, to where you sometimes don't give the right effort defensively," said Romar. "But that wasn't the case tonight. We fought through to the end and glad we got the victory."

While the Huskies weren't able to get any spark from three either, they did get key bombs from Ryan Appleby, Hans Gasser and Brandon Burmeister to keep any sort of OSU run in check.

"I just wanted to make good things happen," Burmeister said of his six minutes in the second half. He made a three and had three rebounds in a scrappy effort. "Coach was looking for someone to give us some energy off the bench, someone to give us a spark," said Burmeister. "I just tried to get after it as much as I could."

"Jamaal and Brandon are big targets, and when teams really get after them and try to take them away, other guys simply have to step up," Romar said. "And other guys have been stepping up."
Points: Jones 16, Brockman 11, Appleby 9, Roy 8, Dentmon 8, Gasser 6, Burmeister 5, Williams 4, Jensen 2
Rebounds: Jones 8, Brockman 7, Dentmon 6, Williams 5, Roy 5, Burmeister 3, Jensen 3, Gasser 2, Smith 1, Appleby 1
Assists: Dentmon 8, Roy 3, Brockman 2, Williams 1, Jensen 1
Steals: Dentmon 4, Roy 3, Jones 2, Williams 2, Appleby 2, Brockman 1, Burmeister 1
Blocks: Roy 1 Top Stories