Johnson gets visit from Huskies

Oh the twists and turns of the recruiting season. When teams lose out on one prospect, sometimes magically a new one appears on their doorstep. Dorsey (Los Angeles) RB Stafon Johnson is one of the most sought-after recruits in the country and he and his family hosted some Husky coaches on Thursday evening.

Johnson's mother, Kim Mallory, was with her son for the meeting with Husky receivers coach Eric Yarber and offensive coordinator Tim Lappano. She spoke with about the visit and what her son's plans for the next few weeks are.

"We were supposed to meet on Wednesday night, but I didn't realize that Stafon and Eric had changed it to tonight," Ms. Mallory said. "We met over at my sister's house. Eric came and so did their offensive coordinator. It was a real good visit."

Washington might seem out of place right now when competing against USC and Georgia (Johnson's other two finalists), but Mallory said all three are about equal at this point.

"If Stafon wasn't seriously considering a school, he wouldn't have taken a trip there," Malory said. "He really enjoyed his visit (to Washington). Not to put USC down, but he said Washington's facilities are much better. He said he had a good time on his visit up there.

"The only negative he said was that it was cold," Mallory said with a laugh.

Mallory had hoped to make the trip up to Seattle to visit Washington with her son last weekend, but she was on a "buddy pass" and kept getting bumped.

"Eventually I realized that I couldn't make it up there because I was on the buddy pass and I wouldn't be able to get up there until four (Saturday afternoon) which really wasn't worth it at that point," Mallory said.

"I was really disappointed because I wanted to meet coach (Tyrone) Willingham and spend some time with him.

"I also wanted to meet their running backs coach (Trent Miles) because I haven't gotten to meet him yet. I was hoping to meet him tonight, but he didn't come down. (The Husky coaches) were talking like they might schedule a visit next week so we'll see about that later I guess.

Distance will not be a factor wherever Johnson decides to attend school. Mallory plans to move to whatever school he plans on attending and she said the decision is entirely up to her son where he commits to.

"He knows that this decision is solely up to him," Mallory said with conviction. "If he decides to go away (to school) I'm open to moving. He's always known that. It's just me and Stafon, so I can move to wherever he decides to go.

"No matter where he goes he will always have at least a little bit of family around."

Mallory said Johnson is heavy into music and may look into a major that deals with Music in one way or the other no matter where he attends school.

"He wants to do something in Musical Engineering, maybe a producer or something," Mallory said. "He is really big into music. He DJ's down here on the weekends and does things for Dorsey like dances and stuff like that. He's really into music."

Johnson plans to make a decision sometime next week following his visit this weekend to Georgia.

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