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This one is gonna get dicey. Ever since Ernie Kent's remarks about Washington State's crowd hit the papers, the Dawg Pack got inspired. It'll be interesting to see what happens Saturday when Kent's Oregon Ducks check out the 'hospitality' that assuredly is awaiting them in Seattle when they play Washington

60 minutes before tipoff: The Dawg Pack streams down into their positions. Not all of the 'Pack is here, just enough to fill the whole center section. They are all sporting sombreros and some of them have shirts with single letters on. It looks like they are going to try and spell some letters tonight...can't tell right now what it's going to be. Looks like they also have some signs ready for Kent and Co. They have them neatly tucked away. There are two national TV crews here for this game, so the 'Pack wants to show the world that they are Cameron West.

45 minutes before tipoff: The Pack sees someone with an Oregon hat walking down the aisle across the court from them and boos lustily. Looks like anyone sporting green tonight is fair game. Harvey Perry is out, taking shots during shootaround. He has a sweet stroke from three-point range.

36 minutes before tipoff: The Ducks come out for their shootaround, and the Pack, which is now totally full, gives it to them. You can hear smatterings of applause from around Hec Ed, but it looks like the Duck fans are packed in tight bunches of a few here, a few there. The center section of the Pack is standing up, trading the occasional barb.

26 minutes before tipoff: The Ducks congregate around their basket before getting some more shots in. The Pack is booing their heads off. Can't tell which player it was, but I'm thinking Ivan Johnson...he was bringing it with a tomahawk dunk every time, in a pretty serious display of 'I'm not intimidated'. The Pack gave him an earful every time he did it. We'll see how the big power forward for the Ducks handles a game-scenario at Hec Ed.

23 minutes before tipoff: Some Duck fans across the floor start a 'Let's Go Ducks' chant that is booed down within a few seconds. The Husky band decides some Doobie Brothers is in order.

13 minutes before tipoff: The sombreros are on, probably worn by 50-60 members of the Dawg Pack. Looks like they are getting ready for an enchilada-eating contest. Spencer Hawes, Phil Nelson and Isaiah Thomas are all in attendance.

8 minutes before tipoff: The Pack is starting their 'Ole' chant. Reminds me of the kicker from 'The Replacements'. Oh man, this game is going to be fun to be at just for the Kent-Dawg Pack sideshow alone. The Husky address announcer just said that you could get kicked out for unruly or rowdy behavior. He says the same thing for every game - but this time I'm paying attention.

5 minutes before tipoff: Another late-arriving crowd. It's starting to fill up, but nowhere near what you'd expect a Hec Ed crowd to be for this kind of game only five minutes before the game starts. Some late tailgating perhaps? Perhaps some of the habits of the football crowd is rubbing off on the hoops crowd? The Pack begins a thunderous 'Go...Huskies!' chant that doesn't get much on the 'Huskies'-side of things.

3 minutes before tipoff: Oregon comes out to boos, but no Kent yet...I suspect the 'response' for him will be five times what it was for his team...actually he might be waiting for the Huskies to come out so he can sneak out and onto the court unawares...

1 minute before tipoff: Kent did exactly what I thought he would...he waited until the Huskies came out and then came out with his coaches. And then he waited for Lorenzo Romar to come out. So he deflected any attention from himself. Well played, Ernie.

Tipoff: The Duck fans try to chant, but to no avail. In a matter of about ten minutes, the place got full. And the crowd is loud. We'll see whether or not the refs let the teams play or if they try to take control early. It's an electric atmosphere. The Ducks are already meeting out on the court, as far away from the Pack as possible. The Pack looks like they are going to use their 'Ole' chant as a staple, looking more like an english soccer crowd. Then they break into a 'Whose House, Dawgs' House' chant for good measure.

19:12/1: Williams' first shot falls. A good omen, after going 0-8 Thursday. Brockman takes a charge. Roy take it to the cup for two more. The team looks like they are going to be more aggressive in their sets from the get-go.

17:35/1: The Huskies are trying to front and deny every entry. So far it's working. The Ducks can't get the ball in, so they call a 30-second timeout.

16:42/1: Malik Hairston does an awkward move that gets Bobby Jones off his feet. He makes an even more-awkward move at Jones to draw contact and succeeds. Brockman just got the crowd off their feet with a turnaround jumper and a dive for a ball that ends up in the Huskies' hands. The Pack chant his name in appreciation. Kent's about to go off his chair as Williams gets called for his second foul, a key one. Romar's going to have to take him out of the game now.

15:59/1: It's funny, because I couldn't tell you who is louder - the Pack or the band. The band seems to be giving it just a little extra fortissimo today during timeouts. By the end of the game, the Ducks' huddle could end up on press row.

14:51/1: Brockman takes a seat after drawing a foul on Andrew Zahn. It's getting physical, and he leaves to a nice ovation.

13:52/1: Roy is much more aggrssive on offensive end tonight, and it's showing.

12:01/1: In the upper reaches, there's another 'Let's Go Ducks' chant. It's pretty sad, actually. I think it's like five guys. Ducks are taking advantage of Bryce Taylor against Ryan Appleby offensively. Most of the sombreros are gone from the Pack. I guess it's time to play some basketball.

10:23/1: Without Roy driving the engine, the Huskies are a little lost offensively. They seem to be better when either Dentmon or Appleby are in the game, not when both are playing. Plus, they get smaller and that can't help them inside against an Oregon team that wants to drive and push it in the paint.

8:53/1: Williams is looking for his shot and hitting it too. But the Ducks are hitting everything they see, and Washington isn't picking up that well on the screening. Williams is just not the same player he was against Oregon State. The Dawgs are back in their original lineup, and you can tell they have chemistry.

7:42/1: The Duck huddle has migrated into the paint, it's kind of funny. Now the Pack wants some help from the other side, so they go into a 'Go...Huskies' chant and the band plays.

7:13/1: Jones hits a big three after both teams scrap for possession. The refs get Ivan Johnson trailing on a UW fast break. He takes a seat. Roy hits another three.

5:22/1: Former Seattleite Aaron Brooks got swatted at the rim by Jones and Williams. There's no question the Dawgs want to run and the Ducks want to run their sets. Roy again continues to be assertive to the cup, allowing for easy looks as the Ducks try to overplay.

3:42/1: The Ducks continue to try and exploit Appleby defensively. First it's Taylor, now Brandon Lincoln. Jones hits another three and the house explodes. He does it on the other end too, drawing a charge. The Pack is yelling their guts out, as the Oregon huddle is a good ten feet off the sideline.

2:39/1: Jensen hits a two I'm sure he thought was a three. And he just finished a crazy sequence where Appleby got stripped by Brooks and then Aaron threw the ball away to Brockman, who dished it off to Jensen for the finish. Another turnover by Oregon and Roy is going to the FT line after driving hard to the bucket. This might be the best offensive half Brandon has put together in a stretch...not so much in points, but everything - leading the offense and setting the tempo.

18.3 seconds/1: The Huskies are moving the ball with authority and getting some solid looks on the offensive end. Conversely, the Ducks are moving the ball very well and finding good looks, but they are settling for long shots. A lot of '1-and-done' trips for Oregon to finish the half.
Halftime: The Huskies are shooting at a 50 percent clip, so no fears of another OSU redux...they are also outrebounding Oregon 20-12, so they are getting it done on both ends. Johnson and Lincoln come in for the second half, while the Huskies stay with their starters. And why not?

18:22/2: The Huskies pick up where they left off - hot. Oregon is doing everything in their power to play slow-down, but UW won't have it. Off every miss, the Huskies are moving. Jones just hit a three from the top of the key to extend their lead to 17 and Kent has had enough, calls TO.

17:07/2: Now the Ducks' huddle has to hear the Pack AND the band at the same time. Not a good combo if you want to think straight. The Pack is asking the crowd to stand and clapping their brains out.

16:47/2: Jordan Kent at the line and the Pack is yelling 'Daddy's Boy!'. He bricks both. Brockman goes up for a loose ball and absolutely sends Kent into next week. Of course he gets called for the foul, but there's nothing halfway about Brockman's game. If he's going to get called for a foul, he's going to inflict some bruising.

15:43/2: UW comes out in 2/3 zone after the TV timeout. Roy just is magical on the offensive end tonight. If he's not scoring, he's dropping perfect dimes. He's definitely on his game tonight.

14:05/2: Williams couldn't be playing more unlike the way he did on his birthday. Oregon comes out in a 2/3 zone too after a UW 30-second TO. We'll see if guys like Appleby and Burmeister can reap the benefits. Just when I say that, they go back to man, but that doesn't stop Burmeister from hitting a baseline bomb.

11:26/2: UW goes back into a 2/3. Appleby hits a three in transition, and now they are up by 21. The crowd is ecstatic. They are shooting .532 right now, and .462 from three. Did they change the rims on Friday?

10:14/2: The third-to-last TV timeout. The UO coaches are formulating their strategy, while the players sit there and wonder what to do. They are getting thoroughly beat on both ends. They are only shooting .372 from the field and .143 from three. They are getting out-rebounded 29-21.

9:59/2: This crew has been pretty well handled, but the Pack and crowd get in their shirts when they call Jensen for a body on Ivan Johnson. 'That's called defense' was the Pack's chant.

9:15/2: Ducks on a 5-0 run and Romar calls TO. Chants above me of 'Let's go Ducks' sound even more pathetic as their team is down 16. But I don't blame them one bit. What else can an Oregon fan do right now but chant and pray?

8:25/2: Duck now only down 13, but their fouls are mounting. Smart move by UW. Make their foul shots and this game will never be in doubt. They were 4-4 in the first half. Dentmon makes a bucket and takes a charge on the other end. That's LoRo basketball. The Ducks are trying to trap and run, but that's Washington's game.

7:14/2: Ducks on 11-4 run, and Taylor just put down two ft's. Williams has been just money with his jumpers, amazing what he did on Thursday.

6:01/2: Brockman called for a foul that doesn't go over well with the UW faithful. Taylor misses the front end. Brockman picks up his fourth driving to the bucket, another one that draws groans.

5:01/2: Shot clock violation as UW plays fantastic man D on the perimeter. Time for the Huskies to start putting down some free throws, and Roy can lead the way. They are now in the bonus. He puts them down, smooth as you please. It's all about hitting from the charity stripe now.

3:57/2: The Ducks are going cold and the Huskies continue to push their advantage. Williams is just dead-eye tonight, and the Pack is going nuts. They now have the lead back up to a comfortable 17 points and should be able to salt it away from the line. The Pack is singing something in Kent's direction, can't tell what it is.

2:27/2: UO just doesn't have an answer. They got out of the trap, but Washington is driving and scoring all the same. They now have it up to 21.

2:02/2: Hairston went baseline for a dunk but it rimmed out, causing the Pack to chant 'You can't dunk it'.

1:04/2: The Pack has something to say to the 5 or 10 UO fans that have been trying to chant for the Ducks - "Pit Crew". And they bring in a 'Seahawks' chant in for good measure, one that's taken up by the whole house.

49 seconds left: Zane Potter goes diving for a loose ball and forces a tie-up, and the whole crowd goes crazy. Roy goes out to big applause, as he had one of his better games of the season. UW wins 78-59, and as the two teams shake hands in front of the Dawg Pack, they can't help but pull out one final 'Ole' chant for Ernie. Overall, a pretty successful game for the Dawgs.

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