Trip Report: Brian Agnis

Brian Agnis tripped up to Washington this past weekend, and the offensive lineman from Mission Bay High School in San Diego, Calif., had nothing but very positive things to say about his visit and the people he met there.

"The facilities were awesome and their stadium was bigger than Qualcomm (Stadium)," Agnis told "Everything they did was first-class. They spared no expense, it was top of the line. The weight room, the training room, and everything."

One of the main highlights for Agnis was spending time with the Washington players. "My host was Scott White, who was also from Mission Bay," Agnis said. "He toured me around, showed about all the interesting stuff and we hung with the other players. That was cool. The girls looked good too."

Agnis spent a good part of the weekend talking to the Washington coaches - in particular Mike Denbrock, the offensive line coach, and head coach Tyrone Willingham.

"He's an awesome guy," Agnis said of Denbrock. "He's real nice. He knows what he's doing, he puts a lot of DI players into the NFL."

And Willingham? "He's kind of intimidating," added Agnis. "He looks you straight in the eye and you have to look back. He's passionate about what he does. He wants people there that want to win, people that work hard and will give him everything they've got and won't quit. He just wants good people."

One of the main questions Agnis had going into the Washington visit was where he stood in regards to earning a scholarship to play for the Huskies. "He (Willingham) didn't exactly tell me, but I already know," Agnis said. "He said that they are trying to figure out the scholarship situation to see how many they have left and they'll get back to me. And I found out from another person that there's two offensive lineman - (Steve) Schilling and Cody Habben, that are pretty good, and I guess they are waiting for them to make their minds up.

"If they offer me before I take another trip, I'll probably just go there. I'm going to find out soon what they are thinking. I'm going to make plans for other schools, but if it works out with Washington I'll just cancel 'em."

Agnis added that he should know by the end of the week whether or not the Huskies will be able to offer him a scholarship.

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