Fuimaono, Haynes to visit UW

In 35 years of coaching, Bonita Vista Head Coach Carl Parrick has seen a lot of players come and go. But Starr Fuimaono is one of a kind. In fact Parrick thinks the senior running back/safety is the finest player he's ever coached. And he's visiting Washington this weekend with a teammate.

Starr is one of three Fuimaonos that have played for Parrick. Oldest brother Howie is a starting defensive tackle at UNLV. Middle brother Mark is currently at Santa Barbara College.

And then there's Starr. "He's my last one, I hate to see them go," Parrick told Scout.com. "He's probably the best all-around football player I've ever had in thirty-five years. He can do it all."

Fuimaono - a three-year starter for Parrick - ran for 1,085 yards on 144 carries, scoring 18 touchdowns. Not too shabby, considering he sat out entire halves of half his season. On defense, he was the main reasons why the Barons allowed less than 10 points a game. On top of that, Fuimaono also has scored six touchdowns the past two seasons on punt returns.

Doing it all, and then some. "If he's not on the field and we are playing someone good, we would definitely be in trouble," Parrick said. Fuimaono has established the career scoring record, career rushing record and single-season rushing record at Bonita Vista. "And to me, he could play strong safety at any Division-I school," added Parrick. "And I've been doing this for a few years."

When asked to compare Starr to a current college or pro player, Parrick doesn't hesitate. "The kid with the hair from Pittsburgh, (Troy) Polamalu," he said. "That's his idol, right there. He hits like him, he's all over the field. He does it all for us."

At 6-feet and 210 pounds, Fuimaono runs a legit 4.61 40, benches 275 pounds and has a big vertical jump. So with all this going for him, why haven't schools been crashing down the door to get him to the next level?

"I think it's because of the uncertainty of his academics," Parrick said, matter-of-factly. "But I'm sure he's going to make it, I don't see it being a problem at all."

Fuimaono has already taken a trip to Nevada and will visit Washington this coming weekend. He may also visit UNLV, but he's been up there a lot because he's been watching Howie play.

"Chuck Long (San Diego State) said that he's very interested, but I haven't heard anything else because they got on the recruiting road kind of late," said Parrick.

The Huskies like what they see from Starr on the offensive side of the ball. "They want him as a running back," Parrick said of the Huskies. "He said, 'Coach, I don't know if I'm fast enough', but he is fast enough for what they do and what they need. He may not be able to beat a corner to the end zone, but he can definitely get the yards.

"He'll know something by the end of this weekend and he'll make his decision one way or another."

Another Baron that may very well know where he's going for college at the end of the weekend is Bonita Vista receiver Marshane Haynes. Haynes doesn't have near the 'starr'-power or stats that Fuimaono possesses, but he does have something coveted by every D1 coach in America.


The 6-foot-3, 180-pound receiver, who runs a 4.55 40, has visited Nevada and will also visit Washington this weekend.

"He was a guy that I told a lot of people about before the season started," Parrick said of Haynes. "I told them that this guy is an athlete that's very fast. And during the playoffs people came to look at him and said, 'You're not kidding'. He was offered by Idaho and Idaho State, but he's going to take either Nevada or Washington. He's in the same situation Starr is in."

Both Fuimaono and Haynes have been offered by Washington, according to Parrick. "I told them, 'You've got an opportunity to play in the Pac-10'," he said. "But the biggest thing they are looking for is where are they going to get an opportunity to play first. They don't want to sit on the bench, they are used to playing. But with Marshane especially, he could really use a redshirt year to gain some more weight. But in Starr's case, I think he could play right away."

Despite similar circumstances, Parrick said that Fuimaono and Haynes are not a package deal. "One doesn't have to go where the other one goes," he said.

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