Air Attack report - Epaphroditus Gordon

When it comes to first names, they don't get any more interesting than Epaphroditus Gordon, a 5-11, 173-pound receiver/defensive back prospect from Vancouver (Wash.) Hudson's Bay. But if you play ball with 'Pappy', chances are you'll be seeing a lot more of 'Gordon' as he leaves you in his dust.

"You just get to see everyone from all over the state and plus you get to work on all the drills, all the drills you need to be working on right now that nobody else is doing," Gordon told last weekend about why he decided to attend Air Attack.

But Epaphroditus had other reasons for attending. "I'm looking forward to defense in college," he said. "I want to get in the mind of the offense, so why not come down here and learn what they are doing?"

So to that end, Gordon is doing his best to emulate a top-notch receiver, one that will help Hudson's Bay score a ton of points this fall. What needs work? "Just running my routes, breaking off as much as I have to, the quick routes...those are what I need to work on the most," Epaphroditus said. His last 40 time was 4.6 and he currently benches 260 pounds and squats 350.

Recruiting has been a touch slow in May, but Gordon is hopeful it will pick up the closer it gets to football season. "Nevada came by my school and I know Washington did too," he said. "Not too many schools came by. I've been hearing from Washington, Oregon and Arizona."

Epaphroditus hasn't received an offer yet, but he knows who he wants to hear more from. "Washington and Oregon," he said. "I also want to go down and talk to Auburn. I have family down there." Top Stories