Thank you to those of you that submitted questions for the "Ask Dawgman" column. Here are the answers to the some of the recent questions from the past couple of weeks. As we now enter the very beginning of recruiting, enjoy the coverage and try not to take it as life and death, OK? It's much more important than that (grin).

From Bawana62
Dear Dawgman: Why does the UDUB not have a wrestling program? How many PAC10 schools have wrestling programs?

A: Washington dropped wrestling in an effort to become compliant in Title IX. They have no current plans to resurrect the program that I'm aware of. One of the proudest moments of the program came when a UW freshman, Larry Owings, handed the famous Dan Gable his only loss of his career – in the NCAA championships.
From David Reasoner in Bellingham, WA
Dear Dawgman:
Love the site. Don't know what I'd do without it. When reading about next year's team, I never seem to hear about Eddie Jackson, the JuCo receiver. How is he expected to fit into the plans? Does he have the talent to play right away and be an impact player? It sure seems we had to recruit hard to win him over other schools, and if he's not going to play that seems odd he was so sought after. Also, where do you see Jordan Slye playing at the college level? Thanks again for the great work you and your staff does.

A: Eddie Jackson will arrive on campus in July and begin practicing in August with the team. He only had 14 receptions last year so it may take him some time to acclimate to Pac-10 football. His size is fantastic (6-4 215), so if he has the speed and the ability to get open, look for him to perhaps crack the two-deeps. Jordan Slye will likely be tried at either WR or TE. He's a very talented athlete who also throws a nice ball. Thank you for the kind words about the staff, they are the best in the business.
From Rob Johnson in Newcastle, WA
Dear Dawgman:
Washington Football Empire – Not Just Another Program
Oh man, I can't wait for football season to start! I am frothing at the mouth in anticipation for the upcoming season to kick off. Every morning I grab the paper and go directly to the sports section to see if there is any morsel of Husky Football discussions. Everyday I click on Dawgman.com to see if there is anything new brewing at Montlake. Thank God for your website. Without it, I'd be chewing my nails off wondering what the hell is happening with my Dawgs. I could smell the crisp fall air now. The deafening sound of 72,000 Husky fans screaming as Reggie Williams streaks to the end zone. The sharp cracking sounds of helmets & pads colliding. The Husky Band playing "Louie, Louie!". The dejected look of the opposing teams faces, as I scream out loud... "You got the Dawgs now, baby!!!"

A: Outstanding sentiments Rob. Thanks for sharing them with us, and thanks for the kind words about the site. We are proud to have you as a daily visitor.
From Patrick Harris
Dear Dawgman:
Hey Dawgman- Thanks for all the good info. you provide. I am stuck here in Memphis but follow the Huskies as well as I can from here. My comment is on the defense. Why do you suppose the Huskies have had a problem on the defensive line for so many years now? They just don't seem to be able to recruit or develop a strong group of lineman anymore. In the past, they have had weaknesses at certain positions that happened in cycles, but now it seems they will always be weakest at defensive line. Is that the hardest position to recruit? Also, will Don James ever coach again? Did he make enough money when he coached to never have to work again? Coach Neuheisel should talk him into being a scout/recruiter. Are there any other Memphians who are Husky fans out there?

A: You are correct that the Husky defensive line has been less than dominant over the past few years. It's not fair to compare them to the 1991 group that dominated all of college football, as some are wont to do, but teams have been able to run against Washington and the sacks are way down under Neuheisel. If this year they can find one more "big tackle", it could be an outstanding line. Really. Terry Johnson is ready to be a terror, but just needs someone to emerge inside to help him remain on the end. DL is the hardest position to recruit, without a doubt. Don James will never coach again, he is enjoying golf too much, and has more than enough money to live out the rest of his days in extreme comfort. As far as other Husky fans from Memphis, Paul Woods, AKA "Memphis Husky" is also a frequent visitor and subscriber of ours. Say hello to him on the message boards when you get the chance.
From Hogan Ford
Dear Dawgman:
Why can't (Zach) Tui play both ways? As good of as player as he is, I think are fullback had 10 carries last year. I know there is more to fullback than carrying the ball. But the shape he is in, and willing to play, I think they should look at it.

A: Zach seems to have a great mindset for fullback, and will become a real weapon for Washington carrying the ball. The reason why the fullback got so few carries last year was because there wasn't a true fullback ready to do the job. Now Zach is the man. He seemed to be doing fine at REB but perhaps his move to offense will allow the Huskies to get more playing time for Manase Hopoi, Graham Lasee, and Donny Mateaki.
From JSMDogs
Dear Dawgman:
I have a question on 2 kids that have been in the program a short while now. I was just wandering going into fall camp and the 1st game of the year at what position is Savicky going to stick with or have they made that decision yet of the OL or DL and I know he's only a 2nd year fr. And where will Dukes be at come the first game of the year WR, CB or S? And with spring ball over for a while now and the coaches and players really looking at and getting ready for fall ball and the 1st game of the year where or what are you leaning on with ET? Have you heard any rumblings at all? Will ET come back to school in the fall? What sport do you think he might end up playing if he does come back to the UW football or basketball? And if he does come back to the UW and play either football or basketball could you see him RS next year or not?

A: Mike Savicky is perfectly suited for the defensive line, and I was very excited to see him tried there. I hope he sticks there, as he can run extremely well and his natural weight is probably closer to 260 than 280 or 290. RayShon Dukes has his work cut out for him at corner, but he looked pretty good there in the spring. As far as Charles Frederick goes, I think he'll be back this fall. I'm not sure whether he'll redshirt or not, but I do see him as part of the football team. He's a very popular player among his teammates as well as his coaches. It will work out. Will he play hoops? I'm not sure about that yet, but I hope so.
From JSMDogs
Dear Dawgman:
I have some questions on some walk-ons at the UW. It seemed as if they really liked the progression of 2 kids at the WR position Griffith and DeBord. The coaches and media talked as if both esp. Griffith could see some playing time this fall. So my question on these 2 are what year they is Griffith fr or so. and is Debord a jr or a sr? And 2 other walk-ons that seem to be interesting and I was wondering how they are progressing on the field and they are Roy and McEvoy? And what positions are these 2 going to find themselves playing and are they fr or so?

A: Griffith and DeBord both looked good this spring. Both will likely see time on special teams as both run well and are agile. Griffith is a sophomore and DeBord is a senior, but since both are walkons, both still have redshirt years available to them if they wish. Eric Roy (DB) and Mike McEvoy (LB) are both working hard on the scout team.
From Aloha Mike
Dear Dawgman:
Thanks for your answer to my last question. Your answer was extremely well done and not that long winded. Am I crazy or are there seemingly a large number of future D1 recruits this year coming out of the state of Washington? About CDUB, I cried when I heard that he had passed away. We, as healthy people, do take for granted what we have. We can never under estimate how fortunate we are to be healthy. A friend brought me to earth when I wanted to check him out. He was blind. He built kitchen cabinets for a living. I expected his work to be less than perfect. I refinish furniture for a living so I was comparing. Absolutely no comparison. His work is far and away superior to my work. Besides he DIDN'T let be blind stop him. CDUB sounds a great deal like my friend. Unfortunately they both are no longer with us to keep us humble. Dawgman you don't have to print this letter if you don't want to. Please, however; answer the question about the recruits. Thanks.

A: Great letter Mike. I too shed many tears when we heard the news about Curtis. Thank you for sharing your enlightening experience with us regarding your friend the cabinet-maker. It serves as a reminder of what perspective is. As for the larger number of D1 recruits in state this year, you are correct. Talent is definitely up and look for Washington to sign 10 or more from within their own borders this year.
From Rich
Dear Dawgman:
Hey, I'm living in Pasadena/LA now. I have no problem traveling an hour to catch a high school football game. (It's better than killing my liver at 7pm). I'm wondering what high school teams I should follow down here this year. I'd love to catch a few games and check out some of the future pac-10 and Husky players. (Of course wearing purple & gold). Thanks man.

A: In Huntington Beach, Edison High School's Tommy Grady is a fine QB. Freddie Parrish is a top notch RB from Poly High School in Long Beach, and his teammate DL Kevin Brown is outstanding. Dennis Keyes from Van Nuys (Birmingham HS) is another fun guy to watch. Other Husky targets in your area include WR Sam DeSa (Danville, CA), WR Mark Bradford (Fremont HS), OL Sam Baker (Tustin), and don't miss DL Matthew Malele from Carson, CA. Our recruiting guy Chris Fetters' input would be for you to include Mission Viejo, Helix (San Diego, if you want to drive a little bit), Inglewood, Serra (Gardena), South Torrance, Saint Bonaventure and Venice. Have fun!
From Chris Patters
Dear Dawgman:
My question is regarding this year's recruiting class. The Huskies seem to be very young and loaded at some positions like linebacker and offensive line. How many of these incoming true freshman do you see as getting any significant playing time or even making the field this year? Also, if Pickett hurts his shoulder again can Barton take the Huskies to the Rose Bowl or should we let Paus get in there and get some good game experience? I love you website and I am on it almost every day down here in Arizona. Great work!!!

A: Thanks for the note Chris. Washington is both young and loaded on OL as you mention. Same goes for linebacker, although they are not as battle tested as you'd like. Of the incoming freshman, I believe DE Donny Mateaki will play and I also think that Scott White could play some LB or FB if needed. Eric Shyne will crack the twos at CB and play as well. Incoming JC transfer WR Eddie Jackson is expected to challenge for playing time but that may depend on how well Justin Robbins' injury is healing this summer. If Robbins is ready to go, it will be tough to keep him off of the field. If Pickett goes down, Barton is more than ready. He had an outstanding spring and is refocused now. I have total faith that Taylor can get the job done when his number is called. Take care and don't get too hot down there in the desert!
From Colorado Faithful but also a Dawg fan
Dear Dawgman:
Tell me what you really think of Rick (Neuheisel). Being from Boulder I know and have seen his true colors. I saw what he did to the Buff program and its reputation. Don't get me wrong: wonderful recruiter, nice guy, great speaker, but he got the name Slick for a reason. I just hope for the sake of the team and the Husky faithful he doesn't pull the same trick he did at CU. But he likes Seattle, the team, and his lake Washington house. Funny, I heard the same speech in Boulder. Let's hope for the best.

A: I think Neuheisel has proven his worth in his first three years as the Husky coach, placing second twice and first once, including a Rose Bowl victory. He does enjoy living in Seattle but if he does leave, I have no doubt that the program will be in much better shape than when he took over, and that's all you can really ask for, isn't it? I don't see him pulling a "fast one" as you are asking. If he leaves for the NFL or a $3M per year job somewhere, Ms. Hedges will have ample warning. Their working relationship is very good.
From Priscilla Dominiak
Dear Dawgman:
We are retiring and moving from Lakewood WA to Huntington Beach CA. We held family season tickets to the Husky football games and would like to continue to follow them when in California. Do you know of any contacts in the Orange County or southern California area that gather at a favorite sports bar to watch the Huskies on pay-per-view? We are both die-hard Husky fans and want to keep the intensity up. We would appreciate any help you can give. Thanks.

A: Good luck and congrats on your retirement! I hope you'll enjoy Huntington Beach, it's beautiful down there. I am not from Orange County but a few of our correspondents may chime in when they read this letter. BunDawg, any ideas? Check the message boards for comments, and if anyone knows of good places in Orange County for Husky fans to congregate, drop me an email at dawgman@dawgman.com and I'll post them on the next "Ask Dawgman".
From Zach
Dear Dawgman:
I was reading on your last "Letters to the Publisher", that Dashon Goldson may not make it and could go to junior college. Don't we get a partial qualifier every year? Has it been used up yet. I'm just worried because he's the only safety we had in the class (yes we had some "athletes" too, but no other pure safeties) and it would be reassuring knowing we have another young safety behind Sims and Benjamin. If he won't be coming to the UW, who do you think the Huskies will go after safety-wise for the class of 2003? Thanks a lot.

A: Goldson is trying his best to get his academics in order. He is close on his SAT but you have to have a high enough GPA to fit the partial qualifier scale and I'm not sure Dashon meets it yet. We'll keep on top of that for you. Washington will likely take Kim Taylor as it's partial qualifier this year, unless Taylor successfully passes his SAT before then. His GPA is high enough to be a PQ if needed. As far as recruiting safeties, I'd like to see Washington steal Terrell Thomas from Oregon State's grasp. OSU leads big for this big time athlete.
From DevoDawg
Dear Dawgman:
Hi Dawgman. I enjoyed watching you on Fox the past couple of times you've been on, and you and Softy seem to have a good rapport on KJR 950. My question to you is, how did you get the airtime? Do you know anyone at Fox? Do you know Softy? Someone said that you knew the owner of Fox and used that. You must be well connected.

A:Thanks for listening, and for watching. Most of the time it is very enjoyable to be on with those guys, but when Bill Wixey called and asked if I'd come on to talk about Curtis Williams, that was tough and it was not fun for neither Bill Swartz nor I. However, I look forward to working with Bill and Angie (Arlati) this fall in a bigger capacity and under much better circumstances. They are fun to talk to and they really make you feel at ease on the air. Angie is a diehard Husky. As for KJR, I am lucky enough to count Dave "Softy" Mahler as a good friend. He has been a frequent visitor to our site and of course is the biggest Husky fan on the Seattle airwaves outside of Bob Rondeau. I very much enjoy working with him when the opportunity presents itself, both on and off the air. He's very good people. I have never met Rupert Murdoch, the owner of Fox, sorry to disappoint. My connection with Fox comes because their producer, as well as Bill and Angie, are visitors and fans of our site. Luckily they seems to tolerate my presence on TV (my face is much better on radio).
From Sean Barrett
Dear Dawgman:

A: We are called The Corey Wilds Band, and we do a lot of Stevie Ray Vaughn and Jimi Hendrix, true. Corey also has written about 12 songs that draw from SRV, Jimi, and Robin Trower as influences. We just completed a demo CD but it's not for sale yet. Hopefully we'll have a final CD completed soon. Thanks for asking!
From Anthony Forte
Dear Dawgman:
Do you think U.W. can win both @Oregon and @WSU to finish the season. That's going to be horrendously hard in my opinion. Do you think we're reasonably still "one year away" from national contention? Thanks and keep up the good work!

A: I do think that Washington can beat both Oregon and Oregon State on the road. If they are healthy going into both of those games, I expect them to win both, but no question it's going to be a big test. This year's team is ready to compete for a national title if a defensive lineman and a safety step up and have solid years. The offense is geared for big things right now. Alexis, Cleman, and Singleton will need to prove it, but I think that they will.

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