Whithorne talks about decision

Bobby Whithorne is a 6-1, 175-pound receiver prospect from Santa Margarita, California, and this morning Whithorne made the call to end his recruiting process and verbally commit to Rick Neuheisel and the Washington Huskies. Here's what Bobby had to say tonight about his decision and how he came about making it.

"I went to visit Washington on the weekend," Whithorne told Dawgman.com. "I left Saturday morning with my parents and we took a tour of the campus and the facilities. I got a chance to see the practice facility and the field. Everything was awesome."

Whithorne had been offered a scholarship to play receiver for the Huskies last Wednesday. He started getting a feeling for the school then and there, but he know he couldn't pull the trigger until he visited the school. "I knew when I was walking through the stadium," Bobby said. "I just thought how great it would be to play here and to go to school here."

Did he know he was ever going to make such a monumental decision so early in the process? "Not so much," he said. "I was just hoping for anything, but Washington was always right at the top of my list. They had everything I wanted." Possible major in business.

Once Bobby's curiosity about the school was satisfied, he wasted no time in sealing the deal...for good. "When we were flying back, I knew I wanted to commit," he said. "I talked to Coach (Jim) Hartigan and told him I wanted to do it Monday morning, so he called and set it up."

An obviously enthused Neuheisel was on the other end of the line. "He was ecstatic," Whithorne said. "He said he couldn't wait to see me at camp."

What will Bobby do on his second trip to Seattle? "I just want to enjoy the camp and get to know the staff, especially receivers coach (Bobby) Kennedy," he said. "I just want to get a feel for them, the facilities and the surroundings."

And Whithorne put to rest any fears that his commitment isn't solid as a rock. "It's 100%," Bobby said. "I'm excited to be going up there and I can't wait to get started."

So what will Husky fans see next fall? "Well, I think I pattern my game a lot after Ed McCaffrey," Bobby said. "I like the way he runs really crisp routes and has a real knowledge of the game."

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