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The Washington Huskies (16-5, 5-5) are trying desperately to break a current three-game losing skid. And their opponents Thursday night in Seattle? The USC Trojans, coming off a loss to Arizona State at home and the loss of one of their top scorers - Gabe Pruitt.

48 minutes to tipoff: During shootaround, Brandon Roy puts in a David Thompson-esque rainbow from the corner where the sideline meets halfcourt on the Tyee side. The Dawg Pack, with the center section already full, cheered their approval.

31 minutes to tipoff: The Pack starts to boo USC a full thirty seconds before they even take the court for their warmup. The PA is playing bad late 80's new wave as the 'Pack decides to give it to Lodrick Stewart. He smiles as he goes back in line. To one of the USC players, they pulled out a Morrison-like 'Get a Hair-Cut' chant - maybe to Nick Young? One of them has a funky permed-out deal, could be him.

23 minutes to tipoff: The Dawgs come out for their pre-game warmup. All three student sections are full, but the rest of the crowd is scattered, to say the least.

17 minutes to tipoff: The Pack does an acapella version of 'Bow Down to Washington'. Very cool. The last note was rousing, but not the most pleasing to the eardrums. Joel Smith has his right wrist bandaged up, but it doesn't seem to be affecting him during warmups.

12 minutes to tipoff: The Pack gives USC the same greeting they gave them coming in - the Bronx cheer. The Huskies leave to basically no fanfare, as the Husky band is chugging away.

5 minutes to tipoff: Hec Ed is filling up nicely, but no sign of either team yet. A good sign as to when they come out is when the Husky Band is in the middle of a song. That's when they have to reset and immediately go into 'Bow Down to Washington'. It's almost a given...except tonight. They get done with their Green Day song, then USC comes out to a chorus of boos, while I can see the Hoop Dawgs bouncing up and down underneath Hec Ed. And here they come...right after the band started up a new song. I knew they would!

Tipoff: Yup, Young is the one with the funky haircut. Stewart is announced and get his share of cheers, but more boos. Sead Odzic is making his third career start in place of Pruitt. Mike Jensen is starting for Jamaal Williams tonight. The Pack get in one last 'Whose House, Dawgs' House' before tipoff. Jensen does the tip and wins it. Roy immediately scores on a drive to the hoop.

18:26/1: The Pack: 'Fundamentals'. But both teams have turned the ball over early. Tim Floyd is already going to his bench. Nick Young has his first foul early on a shaky call.

17:47/1: The Trojans are going to press and trap after a made ball. The Huskies break it easily, forcing USC to foul. Interesting strategy, considering UW hasn't been all that hot in their sets. USC is trying to spread it out on offense, use high screens and their athleticism, but all it does is result in an airball at the end of their possession. Appleby is in the game early, so is Jamaal Williams.

14:04/1: A curious thing; Floyd must think he's got the athletes to beat UW man-up. So early on, USC's offense is a bunch of one-on-one drive and create stuff. That isn't going anywhere. Washington, on the other hand, isn't shooting lights out, but they are crashing the boards and getting their hands on the basketball. They are playing with a lot of energy and taking the game to the Trojans. The Trojans look lost without Pruitt.

13:03/1: Roy charged with his first against Young. Crowd and Romar not happy with it.

11:38/1: Huskies up 11, and the Trojans haven't made a FG yet (0-9). All their points are from the stripe. Have to believe that won't last for long. Trojans immediately turn it over after the under-12 TO. Floyd has to be frustrated about that.

10:43/1: Young picks up his second on a charge. The Huskies should go right after him. He is guarding Brockman. Stewart makes USC's first shot with roughly half the first 20 minutes gone.

10:00/1: Washington is already in the bonus.

9:42/1: Young at the line and the Pack come out with 'Steg-a-sar-ous'. Just his haircut reminds the Pack of the Flintstones.

9:06/1: Dentmon makes shots from everywhere in practice, but seems to only have a confidence range of about 16 feet. He needs to step inside the arc more often.

8:21/1: Youngs draws his second against Roy and Romar again is not thrilled with the call. The Huskies need to pound it right back inside against him. Jones gets a steal and a dunk, hopefully that gets him out of his funk. Sleepy time is over for the crowd, their eyes are now open.

7:39/1: Player control foul on Francis, things are all going UW's direction. The Trojans are shooting 17 percent from the field and haven't made a three-bomb. UW has only made one, but have already outshot USC 20-12.

7:21/1: Roy with an OR and put-back, and-one. Very nice play by the senior. He's doing the little things right now, leading this team. The Huskies have only had two miscues so far, a MASSIVE improvement from the last time they played USC.

6:14/1: Young is out, UW really needs to put the hammer down and completely shut down USC on the defensive end. Williams obliges with a big swat that goes at least 5 rows deep. After the in-bounds, they force another shot-clock violation.

4:48/1: Williams swats another one away. Their defense is outstanding tonight, a total lock-down. Stewart hits USC's first three and is countered by a Burmeister three. But UW is starting to get a little careless with the ball and the Trojans are eeking their way back into it. Stewart is leading the way.

2:32/1: Burmeister unloads a bomb right in front of Floyd and connects. Had to be 22, 23 feet easy. Francis is trying to force Appleby into some sloppy ballhandling, but it isn't happening. Williams is putting down everything he looks at.

1:09/1: Burmeister is feeling it, so he decides to launch another 22, 23-footer from deep, but doesn't connect. He fouls Young on the other end. Roy puts down a long two off a curl. Huskies finishing the half in a 2-3 that is working. USC, other than Stewart, can't put anything down.

Halftime: USC holds for final shot of half but it gets blocked and a putback is too late. 44-27. Nice finish by Roy, who came up hot inside and out. Trojans finish the half 8-25 from the field and 1-8 from three. UW, conversely, went 18-34 from the field and 3-10 from deep. UW is also winning the rebounding battle 18-14 and have only turned the ball over four times. The only thing keeping the Trojans even remotely in this game is the fact that they went 10-10 from the line.

19:45/2: Jensen takes a charge right off the bat. Easy call. Brockman's guarding Odzic, a much smaller player. Interesting challenge for the frosh.

18:35/2: Stewart is hit and miss; USC's only consistent threat tonight is Young. He's guarding Jensen on the defensive end. Romar needs to put some calls out there that get Young isolated against Roy. He could take him all night long.

17:25/2: Putting Jensen back in as a starter is paying off dividends. He combines with Brockman to give them an early rebounding presence and regardless of his supposed lack of scoring punch, he isn't a liability out there. He's just not as flashy as some would like him to be.

17:09/2: Man, the Pac-10 refs do not give Brandon Roy an inch when it comes to fouls. All three have been questionable, at the very least. Appleby is starting to add the drive and dish into his repertoire.

16:05/2: The refs continue to blow their whistles whenever they see fit. Only problem for the Trojans now - they aren't hitting their free throws with the accuracy they were in the first half. Only making 50 percent is not going to please Mr. Floyd. The Pack pulled out a 'Watch your language' chant. Not sure if that was directed at Floyd or not.

15:31/2: The Huskies are just the hungrier team tonight, they are dominating the boards just like they did in LA. Roy is all over the place. Everyone is getting their shots, but only Brandon and Jamaal Williams are putting them down with any regularity.

14:35/2: Roy just walked off the court. He's checking his shoe. Don't know why. Dentmon proves time and time again that if he just moves in from inside the arc he is money. UW goes back into a zone.

13:05/2: Dentmon picks up his fourth on a dumb foul. Roy back in with Jensen, replacing Brockman. The Pack is putting their voodoo on the USC offense, and a palming call results. They started to make me feel woozy, like I was seasick on a boat in Puget Sound.

11:57/2: USC is just pathetic from outside, besides Young they couldn't hit the broad side of a barn door. And UW is making them pay on the other end by pushing it up and making smart decisions with the ball.

11:04/2: The Pack is trying to make Stewart's only trip to Seattle this year a memorable one, yelling out 'Lod-rick' during the under-12 TO.

10:17/2: The Huskies have just decided to 'feed the beast', meaning get it to Roy down low and let him work his magic. Boy, he is just fun to watch. So many moves, so much talent. UW goes back into zone after a made Appleby 3.

9:08/2: The Trojans are starting to make some 3's, but down 24, it just might be a little late.

8:38/2: USC is in the bonus, and they have started to chop away at UW's sizeable lead. Young is at the line, and the Pack is chanting in a moderate drone - 'Hair-cut, hair-cut, hair-cut'.

7:47/2: The Trojans are on fire from three, but UW has their swagger back, and their shooting touch. Williams has been the Jamaal of old, and the Huskies have gotten scoring contributions from eight different players. That's the kind of balance Romar likes.

6:56/2: After playing ping pong with it, two USC players come up holding the ball together. Williams decides to join them, and is whistled. Pack not happy campers. Young appears to have the touch from the line, going 11-13.

6:42/2: Brockman steals the inbounds pass, goes to another UW player, who passes it off to a trailing Williams for a monster one-hand slam. The crowd goes nuts. Both teams are starting to play good, watchable basketball now. For a while, watching the Trojans was damn near unbearable.

5:06/2: All of a sudden, UW is losing their grip on the ball. Two turnovers is now 12. Not sure why, USC really isn't putting that much ball-pressure on the Huskies. Roy, of course, bails them out time and time again with gravity-defying layins and scoop shots, but UW is starting to stand around again.

4:12/2: Gasser comes in for Williams. Perhaps the Dawgs are getting a little pooped. A player control foul on Brockman, his fourth. The Trojans, now down 13, are picking up full-court when they can, but usually the Huskies break that up. But now, outside of Roy, the rest of the team has gone ice-cold, and USC has their second wind.

2:58/2: Roy picks up his fourth on a clear charge by Young. The refs call block and the place goes nuts. Romar just stands there, I don't think he had a response. I think he was just stunned at the call. Young has two FT's to bring USC back to single digits, a place they haven't been since 9:42 of the first half. I doubt Romar had this in mind when he was asking his team to play all-out for the full 40 minutes. The Pack starts a 'Go...Huskies' chant to get the rest of the crowd into it. The crowd has been pretty lethargic all game, and why not? The Hoop Dawgs had this one in the bag. Young makes both and USC picks up full-court.

2:35/2: Appleby find Roy in the corner for a sweet three that he calmly sticks in the bucket. The Trojans travel on their next possession, giving the Huskies a little breathing room. Appleby makes two FT's after a foul, bumping things up to a 14-point cushion.

1:11/2: Dentmon pickpockets Stewart and brings it upcourt, unaware that Stewart is on his heels. He pulls up at the last minute and brings it back out. Huskies have this one in the bag after some tense moments. There's a pack of about 10 USC fans up in the most remote corner of the building that cheer when Nick Young leaves the game.

29:7/2: Floyd hasn't called off the Dawgs just yet, not sure why. UW is up 13. Stewart leaves the game to a Pack chant of 'Welcome Home'. As the game comes to an end, the band strikes up the normal USC little fight ditty they play 50 times a game. It slows down...it grinds to a halt, and out of the ashes comes out the familiar strains...'Da, da...da-dah, da-dahhhhhh!' Game over. UW 87-73.

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