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The No.21 Washington Huskies (17-5, 6-5) can take a chunk out of UCLA's Pac-10 lead Saturday with a win over the No. 13 Bruins (20-4, 10-2) Saturday at Hec Ed. A win would also mean a precious home-sweep of the LA schools at a time when the Huskies really needed to get back on track. On to the blog!

15 minutes to tipoff: Funniest sight yet during pre-game; a staged banishment of a UCLA fan dressed up as a Bruin, much to the delight of the Dawg Pack, but he didn't really get banned from the building. The Pack saw the guy on the other side of the floor, and as he started to go down the stairs the usher looked at him and gave him the 'ol heave-ho sign. The Pack erupted. What they probably didn't see a few minutes later was the guy and the usher having a laugh over the whole deal. The crowd decided to get here early today, as the atmosphere is starting to cook. This should be a good one.

3 minutes to tipoff: Both teams come out, one to boos and one to applause. You can guess which was which. A guy above me yells 'Go Bruins!' as he walks up to his seat. Looks like more UCLA fans today than USC fans on Thursday.

Tipoff: Lorenzo Romar goes with the same lineup he did on Thursday, putting in Mike Jensen and bringing Jamaal Williams off the bench. They had nice chemistry getting off to a strong start against the Trojans, and they'll need to do the same to fend off the likely eventual league champs. One last 'Whose House, Dawgs' House!' by the Pack and we're off! Jordan Farmar actually goes to the UW bench to give Romar a handshake, something I haven't seen done by an opposing player this year. Jensen wins another tip, but eventually gives it away on an errant pass. The Bruins do likewise on their first possession.

19:00/1: Looked like a Bruin touched the rim trying to come up with a rebound on a Dentmon three, but he traveled anyway. Ben Howland looks downright funny in his black suit and Adidas, but it's part of the thing the coaches are doing today to help in the fight against Cancer. Romar has his sneaks on too, but at least he had the foresight to keep it to a knit shirt. First foul of the game is an offensive one against Bobby Jones.

18:10/1: The Pack is on the refs early, begging them to call things both ways. WSU only scored 30 against UCLA, and it's easy to see why; UW really hasn't had a strong look inside the arc yet.

17:15/1: Dentmon drives and gets the roll, a good sign.

16:12/1: Boseman hits a three as the Huskies were scrambling to find their guys. At one point, Dentmon was guarding their center. Appleby and Williams now in. Jamaal immediately gets and offensive rebound and putback.

15:40/1: The Pack is all over the UCLA huddle on their sideline. They aren't out on the floor at all. That might change, as the Pack is just letting them have it, a constant drone.

15:18/1: Moute picks up his second, let's see if Williams attacks him. Howland takes him out. Roy hits a straightaway three to tie the game. Let's see if Roy has one of THOSE games...

14:48/1: The Pack chants Ryan Hollins' last name when he comes in the game. Same ref gets Jones again for an offensive push-off, not a popular call. But Jones gets tenacious on the other end and gets Afflalo to push off on him, which is called. williams gets his first on a play that should have been re-started because of a UCLA kick that the refs didn't catch.

13:38/1: The Pack has a real thing for Hollins. Williams picks up his second and the Pack starts up the 'Take his whistle' chant. Jensen gets called for the same thing Jones did - push off. The Huskies better hope the refs do calls this one tight. The Bruins called for a block - and it's Hollins. The Pack love it.

12:45/1: This game is going to going to be a scrappy one. An Appleby three from the corner hits the rim and rolls tantalizingly out.

11:35/1: Hollins is stepping up his game, much to the shagrin of the Pack. He's rebounding like a fiend (already has four) and is having a nice offensive game. Romar is trying to get bodies in there to match, but UCLA has a clear advantage. Roy didn't come out after the under-12, but he comes in at the next whistle. Afflalo mirrors him.

10:54/1: Huskies tough on the D, forcing Collison into a travel. Roy fouls Farmar, it elicits a 'That's called defense'-chant from the Pack. Brandon needs to assert himself on the offensive end, they are committing too many TO's right now. Defensively, they are playing at a high level.

8:56/1: He does, giving a perfect dish to Williams for two. Game tied again. But UCLA is intent on creating fouls and going to the line. Not many better in the league at drawing contact than Farmar, and these refs are very much to his liking. They'll blow their whistle every time down the court if they can, and they are treating Farmar like a rock star. If only Roy got the same treatment...

7:50/1: Williams picks up his third, a cheap one, at half-court. The Bruins strategy from here on out to the half is clear - draw fouls whenever possible. The Huskies have played great D for the most part, but they are leaving driving lanes open and aren't using their feet to move - instead looking to slap and grab. 16 total fouls called already, and the refs could have probably called at least eight more. Afflalo misses the front end.

7:32/1: Roy drives again, gets held and no call. It's pretty unbelievable the things he has to deal with in this league. Garbage.

6:44/1: Brockman gets called on a travel when he gets fouled. It's just the way it's going right now. Pack is pissed.

5:55/1: Howland goes all the way out to almost the other end of the floor on an apparent basket-and-one by Hollins. Hollins gets into it, and Howland is trying to call a timeout, but none of the refs are looking that way, so it prompts his little jaunt out onto the floor. The entire crowd wants a T, and it should happen. Romar is absolutely livid, but not because of that. It's because he's claiming Hollins went over the back on Roy. No T called, and Hollins misses the free throw. Dentmon comes back with a jumper and the crowd goes ballistic.

5:28/1: UCLA calls another timeout, and the crowd is on fire. They have officially released a can of whoopass on the refs, on UCLA, on anything that isn't Washington. A 'Go...Huskies' chant echoes through Hec Ed with some serious authority. Roy comes back and immediately drives to the bucket and gets a call on Afflalo. Two FT's later and the game is tied and Hec Ed is rocking.

4:46/1: Roy drives again and draws another foul. Perhaps the refs are starting to get it. Washington takes their first lead of the game. The Bruins are unraveling on the offensive end with three-straight turnovers.

4:03/1: Dentmon breaks out with a three. The crowd lights up again. The Huskies are really taking to the Bruins on their defensive end, forcing a lot of one-on-ones up top and the looks they are getting they aren't putting down. Don't expect that to continue, as UCLA can be streaky, and UW really needs to strike while the iron is hot and extend their lead while they have the crowd working the Bruins over. It may not matter, if the refs continue to call the game the way they are.

3:05/1: Dentmon hits two free-throws, and as I'm watching this, I notice one of UCLA's assistants has a sign of his own. It says '14-fist'. What the hell could that possibly mean? I know it's a play of some sort, but 14-fist? OK.

2:17/1: The game has definitely gotten scrappy. We're already about 7 minutes past the double-bonus for both teams. It's an event when a whistle ISN'T heard on a trip down the floor.

1:49/1: Burmeister in for Jensen after he picks up his third. The Bruins have just been killing themselves with turnovers, already coughing it up 14 times. UW has not exactly been solid with the rock either, but their 7 miscues looks awfully good right now.

1:03/1: Burm puts down his first look from three, and the crowd erupts. The Huskies shut UCLA down on the other end and Dentmon gets fouled. He goes 1-2. Huskies now up 8.

Halftime: UCLA gets a couple of late buckets to cut the margin at half. Uncalled charge, as Appleby held his ground, but Boseman gets the bucket anyways. The refs make a very hasty exit, as they should. Courtney Thompson gets another award at halftime, one of 694 she's received this post-season, all of them well-earned. The rest of halftime is some folks that can jump rope pretty well. The Huskies need to get their act together on the boards, they are behind 18-15. Not a good shooting day so far from inside the arc, but they are playing with a purpose. That much is clear.
Second Half: The Pack is again on Hollins, chanting his name during their warmup. Funny. They started to chant something else, but I couldn't make it out. UW comes out with their starters. Dentmon gets a layin from a sweet pass by Jones and we're rolling again. The Pack is hopping.

18:55/2: UCLA makes a basket and Howland immediately calls timeout. Band is blaring, but they aren't yelling at the bench anymore. Did they get warned? Doubtful.

18:12/2: Hollins picks up two quick fouls on back-to-back plays. He now has three total. Pack is happy again. Roy gets his own rebound and Hollins fouls him again - three fouls in :54. UCLA's second-leading scorer in the first half is about to get bounced.

17:27/2: Afflalo hits a three, that's not something Romar wants to see. The Pack starts to do that funky gyrating thing. Jones gets rebound and Farmar fouls him. Farmar can't believe it, as he lies on the ground. Since Hollins left, the Bruins have gone on a 6-0 run. Appleby and Williams are in the game.

16:29/2: Roy is so silky smooth. On the other end Aboya is just killing the Huskies with OR's and putbacks. His positioning down-load can't get much better.

15:05/2: Jensen is ice-cold, even from inside the arc. Afflalo gets called for his third on a push-off to create space. The refs are starting to wise-up to Jordan's game. But the Huskies have zero answer for Aboya. He is absolutely cutting them up inside. If they don't find an answer for him, it's going to be an automatic deuce for the Bruins every time down the court.

14:51/2: Roy can have his way in the lane any time he wants. I think Romar is starting to realize that the driving lanes that were clogged up in the first half are now a little more roomy. No Hollins, no doubt.

13:57/2: It doesn't hurt when Appleby nails a three. That can help open things up inside considerably. Dentmon comes in for Roy, who will take a quick powder. Williams just picked up his fourth.

13:20/2: The same guy that called two quick pushed on Jones early gets Afflalo for the same thing against Jones. That's Arron's fourth, not good for the Bruins. UW is now in the bonus. The UCLA assistant holds up another sign. It says 'BOX'. Like box out? Jones makes both.

11:54/2: About one minute after Hollins comes in he fouls out on a complete jumble play. The Pack is totally beside themselves. They are trying in vain to do the 'left..right' chant, but he just won't cooperate. There should be a giant 'SIT DOWN' coming any second. They are chanting his name in glee. The horn sounds. Here it comes...SIT DOWN. Just a matter of time. He does it a couple of more times for his adoring fans, and they oblige with a couple more 'SIT DOWN's. Jones makes two FT's.

10:56/2: Roy comes back from his constitutional. Both teams are playing sloppy ball right now, turnovers by the dozen. UCLA is trying to get the lead, but the rim on the east side just won't cooperate. Shades of the Oregon State game all over again. Farmar now has four fouls, so he sits.

9:47/2: The Bruins take the lead on a drive from Michael Roll, and Roy gets called with a charge. Crowd can't believe it. Roy drives again, scores and in what has to be the ultimate make-up call, the ref calls Aboya with a foul a good three seconds after Roy hits the deck. Roy misses, but UW gets the ball back.

9:02/2: Collison scores and he's fouled. Big switch in mo. Collison makes the and-one. Jones forces a held-ball, but the ensuing possession ends up in another miscue. The crowd tries to get back in the game. Howland calls a TO. After the TO, the whole Hec Ed crowd is on their feet. Great ball movement by UW gets Williams in for an easy look. He puts it down. Tie game.

7:33/2: Aboya is still getting great position inside, eating up whoever happens to be guarding him at the moment. Farmar and Appleby check into the game after the under-8. Dentmon goes back behind the curtain with a shoe off and a limp in his step. We'll see if he comes back. Aboya gives UCLA a one-point lead. But Jones comes back with a steal and dunk that tears the house down. The crowd is really into it now, screaming their heads off.

6:20/2: Williams bails UCLA out with another cheap one as Moute gets too deep in the lane and can barely get a shot off. Roy is starting to get the calls he didn't in the first half. Aboya just picked up his fourth. Roy makes both, giving UW a lead. This one is going to see-saw all the way to the wire.

5:42/2: The 'Take His Whistle' chant comes out again on a clear Moute charge on Roy, but the refs see it differently. He ties the game on 1-2. Roy is doing just what he should be, drawing fouls every time down the floor. He makes both. The UCLA assistant holds up 'REBEL'. It's a play for a three-pointer that goes wanting.

4:41/2: Aboya lays it in and goes crashing to the floor as a foul is called on Appleby. Bruins take the lead again on his make. Back and forth...

4:15/2: Brockman is completely out of his element on the outside, but in the paint he's nails, taking a sweet dime from Roy to the hole. Both teams are absolutely squeezing every possession for all it's worth. The 'Let's go Bruins' guy yells it one more time as he comes back from the head.

3:39/2: Again, Aboya finds the seam and just abuses the UW interior D - whatever is left of it. Jones picks up his fourth. Aboya has 12 second half points after scoring two in the first half. He's the only Bruin in double-digits. The Pack is not yelling much at the UCLA huddle anymore, not sure why. The lineup UW has normally used all year - Jones, Roy, Williams, Brockman and Dentmon, are out there. Aboya's and-one puts the Bruins up two. Roy gets back to the line on a Boseman foul. He's already 11-14 and makes two more to tie it up. The crowd starts to get up.

2:46/2: Williams comes up huge with a back-in and off the glass. He comes up even bigger on a stuff of a UCLA player. Jones makes a jumper to give UW a four-point lead and UCLA can't call timeout. Williams fouls out, but not before making a big shot. Howland is using the down time to bring his team to the bench and talk strategy. Appleby comes in for Williams.

1:34/2: Huskies call timeout, up by two. This has to be Roy time. Roy gets double-teamed, calls another TO. UW coaches wanted a foul on the arm, but don't get it. The Pack implores the rest of Hec Ed to stand up. They do.

1:09/2: Another sweet feed from Roy deep to Brockman for a monster two-hand stuff. Up four.

33 seconds left: Farmar misses a chippy, and Dentmon comes up with a huge rebound. Farmar, not to be outdone, steals the ball at mid-court and get the ball deep, where a goaltending call is made. UW now up two with the ball. Jones fouled with 26.9 left. Jones makes both, up four.

20.8/2: Farmar makes two after a very questionable call on Dentmon. The Huskies break the press, but an unadvised pass by Brockman out of the corner puts UCLA in a breakaway situation. Collison at the line and he misses the first. Do you miss the next one on purpose with 9 seconds left? They don't, and he makes it. UW up one with 9.2 seconds left. Burm in for Brockman.

8.1 seconds: Dentmon is fouled as Roy gets him the ball. He makes the first and Brockman comes back in for Burm. He makes the second as UW goes up three. Farmar tries to get off a three, but it's blocked by Roy and gathered in by Brockman. Jon hands it to Appleby and the game is over. UW wins 70-67.

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