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Nothing like a Thursday night in Eugene without wireless. But with a little help from the Daily guys, I'm posting the UO-UW Dawg Blog. I hope it makes it back to Seattle!

43 minutes before tip: The 'Pit Crew' is assembling a la the Dawg Pack. I hear one of them scream out, 'Appleby, what's with the...' and you can't hear any more as the band kicks into some jam of some sort. I think it's 'THINK'. The Huskies are going through their pre-game stretching. The Ducks already left the court. The band finishes and no one claps. Hardly anyone here except for the middle section of the Crew.

36 minutes before tip: The TV crew is getting ready to do pre-game. FSN, so it's probably Physioc or Tompkins or who knows who. It's interesting, the band is wearing yellow shirts, but their color of yellow is a faded-out, almost corn yellow. The Pit Crew is all yellow, but they are the more distinctive 'highlighter'-yellow that they've displayed prominently over the last few years.

19 minutes before tip: Both teams are out on the floor now, warming up. I want to say that Paul Sunderland and Larry Farmer are doing the game for FSN, based on what I can see, but my eyes aren't what they used to be.

8 minutes before tip: The Duck mascot is trying to hit a shot from half-court, one-handed, behind his back. He's getting close, but not quite there. He hit the rim with one, which prompted him to fall down in mock agony. He then moved farther back, to between the circles, but that one was woefully short. The atmosphere at Mac tonight isn't anywhere near as electric as it was last year. Don't know why, it's a huge game for both teams.

4 minutes before tip: The Huskies come out. The boos are half-hearted at best. Whatever smack the Pit Crew is talking, it's scattered and not very vocal. The UW fans that did come to Mac sit either right behind the Huskies' bench or off to the right of the bench. Memories of Nate Robinson's mother wearing a 'Gary Coleman' shirt...

2 minutes before tip: The Ducks come out and the crowd that is here stands up and cheers on the team while the UO band plays the Ducks' fight song.

Tipoff: Bryce Taylor isn't going to play and it doesn't look like Harvey Perry made the trip for UW. The Huskies get a very indifferent reception. Jones, Brockman, Jensen, Dentmon and Roy are starting, as they have the past two games. Ivan Johnson, Chamberlain Oguchi, Jordan Kent, Malik Hairston and Aaron Brooks start for the Ducks. Jensen is 3-3 in getting tips, but Brockman misses a chippy to start the game off.

19:06/1: Dentmon starts the scoring off with a layin. Brockman gets a tip over Brooks to make it an early 4-pt lead.

18:05/1: Jones calls the bank and it's open for three. UO is bent on trying to drive and use their size inside to make UW pay. But they aren't handling it very well.

16:46/1: Jones picks up his second foul, in comes Williams and Appleby.

16:24/1: Another turnover from UO, this one from Brooks. Appleby unloads from deep, well behind the arc. Huskies have an early 6-point lead at the first TV timeout. Ironically, UW has their TO right at the bench, while the home team goes all the way out to the paint on their end.

15:37/1: UW continues to crash the board, this time Jensen gets a gift when two Oregon players fall all over themselves. The Ducks are relentless in pushing it in the paint.

14:41/1: A Jensen three is in and then out. Oguchi, known for his prowess from three, drives instead and gets a layin and one. Roy comes back from an excellent feed from Jensen and gets the bucket on a goaltending call.

13:55/1: UW already has committed four fouls, UO none. Fast off an Ivan Johnson dunk, Appleby goes the length of the floor and buries a three. Ernie Kent immediately calls timeout, pretty incensed that a player can go uncontested for three against his team off a made basket. UW 17-13. Appleby looks extremely confident. On the other end, UO is pummeling UW inside. The Huskies aren't offering any sort of front-side defense, the Ducks are just sliding right by them.

12:18/1: Zahn in the game for UO. Looks like the Ducks will go eight-deep tonight. Roy picks up his first foul, but it's a good foul, breaking up a sure dunk. After the two made free throws, UO goes into a 3/4 trap. Tie game at the second TV timeout.

10:59/1: Jones back in the game with two fouls. The pace is frenetic, as both teams are trying to push tempo, but aren't playing the game very crisply. Lots of deflected passes. After the TV TO, UW went into a 2-3 zone. Oguchi hits a three to give UO it's first lead.

9:27/1: Williams makes his first shot of the game, usually a good sign. Both teams are really pushing it, prehaps too much. UW wants the Ducks to try and beat them from outside, so Kent is designing sets specifically for Oguchi.

8:20/1: Hairston picks up his first and one second later picks up his second. He is not happy with himself. Appleby hits another three.

7:14/1: Everyone hits the deck, but somehow the referees decide a timeout was called for Oregon. Game tied at 24. Crowd getting into it a little bit more, but still not the electric atmosphere I remember during last year's game. UW comes out of the timeout still in the 2-3, but it's not packed in. Going in for a rebound, Hairston goes over the top of Jones and picks up his third. We'll see if Malik plays the rest of the half.

6:54/1: Under-8 TV timeout comes. Guy swishes a shot from the charity stripe for a grand off his tuition. Not a bad deal. He just missed the shot that would have given him free tuition altogether.

6:35/1: Roy makes his first two FT of the game. UW still in the 2-3. UO looks kind of unorganized. Washington is now the team that is pushing it in the paint, and the Huskies are taking advantage. Williams is the latest recipient, swishing both attempts.

5:07/1: Williams drives hard for a reverse layin. Ivan Johnson comes down hard and it takes a few seconds for him to get up. Jones gets called for his third on a putback attempt.

4:24/1: Williams is feeling it, working a crossover and high runner into his repertoire.

3:35/1: Roy's runner off glass gives UW a three-point lead. And there's been a Joel Smith sighting. He'll be coming in after the under-four TO. Kent gets called for traveling and the whole house goes nuts. Not a popular call.

2:41/1: Williams again with a move in the paint for two. The fans are really getting all over the refs because they aren't calling contact when the Duck players go in the paint. Williams with a turnaround jumper in the lane. To say Jamaal Williams is feeling it would be gross understatement.

1:17/1: Oregon goes back to pounding it in the paint and are once again drawing fouls. Ivan Johnson at the line. This routine is about as unique as it gets, but it works for him. Williams tries one from on the three-point line. It barely draws iron. Play it smart Jamaal. Romar immediately calls timeout. Some UO fan from the rafters keeps yelling 'Appleby!' Does he want him to shoot some more? Donald Duck starts stomping his feet and that elicits a little emotion from the crowd, but it doesn't last long.

58.6/1: Now Kent has joined the legion of folks not enamored with the refs. Roy goes to the line on a hold by Brandon Lincoln and makes both.

:45/1: Smith tries to beat a pass to Oguchi, but fouls him instead. Out goes Joel. Roy tries a quick drive so that the Huskies can get a two-fer, but gets swatted down by the paint. The Huskies mis-judge the time on the clock and get called for taking too much time. UO tries to get something with the last 8 seconds of the half, but Roy just abuses Brooks and take the ball literally off his hand as Brooks tries to get up a shot. Halftime, and UW up by 3.

Halftime: Williams leads all Dawgs with 14. He's really taken the role he's been asked to play and has run with it. The Duck fans are really waiting to explode, but their team isn't giving them that big play. It'll come.

17:54/2: UO takes the lead on an Oguchi three. Roy drives hard to the bucket, but it's a Williams putback that ties things back up again. UW goes back into zone.

16:43/2: The refs are still blowing their whistles, and the UO faithful aren't liking that at all. But the Ducks have come out with energy, something UW will have to match. Brockman puts in two quick layins to give UW a little cushion. UO is still a little tentative with the ball.

15:30/2: Appleby is back in. The Huskies feed Brockman again for another layin. The zone is working, the Ducks are out-of-sync offensively. The crowd tries to get into it, but they clearly aren't. Roy crashes the boards for a layin.

13:45/2: Hairston breaks the drought with a three, but the Ducks aren't answering with any sort of defense on the other end. Washington is doing the smart thing, pounding it into the guy with the hot hand. Williams misses a free throw, the first UW miss all night. He makes the second. Jensen back in the game for Jamaal. UW up by six.

12:04/2: UW is playing a little ragged now, like they need a breather. A Leunen free-throw brings it back to a three-point game.

11:22/2: Oguchi gives the fans what they've been looking for - a big three. Game tied at 53. And right out of the under-12 they score a layin to take the lead.

10:42/2: Roy 'The Provider' goes to work. He scores a lay-in and one to get the lead back. They'll need to rely on Brandon more as the game goes on. Oguchi hits another three and the crowd lights up. They are a lot more into the game now than before. UO goes 2-3 and Roy makes them pay with a drive to the baseline and a shot off glass.

9:03/2: Now all of a sudden, UO can't miss from outside. Hairston buries one. On a scrappy play on UW's end, Oguchi goes crashing and gets called for the foul. Kent is absolutely beside himself and the fans are livid.

8:14/2: Two Brooks FT's and UO bumps up to their largest lead of the game. Roy comes right back with a lefty runner. Brooks is acting like he may have been bumped in the head accidentally, but after consulting with the doctors it looks like he'll go back in ASAP. Romar is so impassioned along the sidelines when talking to his team, gum comes shooting out of his mouth. No matter, he barely skips a beat.

6:56/2: Interesting lineup. No Dentmon or Appleby. Roy is the only guy that has a ton of experience bringing the ball up. The crowd is getting on the refs more and more for the calls not made.

6:05/2: Jones makes one of his hustle plays to create a jump ball. Brooks back in, doesn't seem like there is any problem with him.

5:29/2: Brockman picks up a foul crashing the boards. UO up three and trying to extend. Smith misses an absolute stone-dead chippy, but Roy is there to clean up. Joel comes out and Dentmon comes back in.

4:24/2: The Crew has decided to throw creativity out the window with an 'F these refs' chant after a technical foul on Ivan Johnson. Roy makes both shots. Refs better have escorts with them tonight.

3:58/2: Hairston gets called for an offensive foul on Jones, after Jones was ticketed for a foul on an UO travel that looked to be going the other way for UW. I've stopped trying to figure out which way calls are going to be made tonight. I've been wrong half the time. I just looked at the halftime stats to see the refs' names - I don't recognize one of them. They could be WAC officials for all I know...

2:47/2: Kent can tie the game with a free throw...but before that happens, Romar calls timeout. Donald Duck comes out and does his thing with the trash can and noise. It's apparently the 'noise machine'. He tries a flip, with the help of one of the UO male cheerleaders and almost makes it. Kent's free-throw sails high off the rim and back in, much to the delight of the crowd, but he can't give UO the lead. The Ducks go zone.

2:00/2 Jones makes a tenacious play on a rebound, gets it back, and then calls his own number for a layin to give UW a lead. That's what seniors do - show up when it counts. Romar calls another timeout. He's making sure all the Dawgs are on the same page.

1:41/2: Jones gets called for his fifth, against Hairston on a drive. After Bobby's theatrics last year, the UO crowd is happy to see Jones on the bench. Appleby comes in to take his place. Hairston makes both, tie game again.

1:11/2: Roy goes in for another crazy drive and just misses making another lefty runner. The crowd is going crazy now. Roy goes in for another leaner that looks like it could be a goaltending call. The ball is shot off the backboard into the waiting arms of Brockman, who cooly sends it home for a UW 2-point lead.

:42.8/2: Romar brings Smith back in. Hairston gets called for his fifth on a push-off as he was trying to get by Dentmon. Romar calls another timeout. The crowd at Mac is booing, all in unison. Bunch of sore throats tonight. It's not a shooting foul, so UW has to cleanly in-bounds the ball.

:25.4/2: The Huskies are able to run eight seconds off while UO decided who they wanted to foul. They decide on Dentmon, who buries both of them. Very clutch move by the frosh from Illinois. Kent calls TO, down 4 with 22.8 left. All the Huskies need to do now is play tough, don't foul and make their free throws.

:16.7/2: Dentmon almost steals the ball, but he steps on the baseline. Kent scores with 12 seconds left, and UO immediately calls timeout.

:10.2/2: Dentmon fouled again, this time by Kent. He misses the first one, makes the second. Leunen tries a last-gasp three, but it slides off the rim. Pretty unorganized look by the Ducks to finish, but it was a clean one. Game over. UW 75-72.

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