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With four games remaining before post-season play begins, the Washington Huskies are right in the thick of the conference championship hunt, just one game behind UCLA and California. Thursday night's tilt with Stanford at Hec Ed is super-crucial if the hoop dawgs hold any hope of reaching the peak of Pac-10 play. Onto the game!

55 minutes before tipoff: The Dawg Pack have a big surprise for Mr. Chris Hernandez, just like they did for Ryan Hollins. Not in a mean way though, and in fact, they have admitted they have targeted Hernandez for basically no reason at all, other than he's an easy target. The front row of the middle Dawg Pack section has big cards spelling out HERNAAAAAAAANDEZ! on one side and 'WEREINYOURHEAD!' on the other. They wait until they see the senior guard to come out before they put out the sign and start chanting 'HER-NAAAAAAN-DEZ!', then 'WERE-IN-YOUR-HEAD!'. It takes about a minute before he finally looks up to the Pack, and when they see that he's looking at them, they go at it even harder.

40 minutes before tipoff: The Pack criticized the cheerleaders in the Seattle Times about changing up their garb, but the Pack has done just that. They are mostly wearing the 'Husky Gold' shirts with 'W's in the front. Some purple scattered about, but there are two guys in the front row of the middle Pack section that are painted head-to-toe in purple.

31 minutes before tipoff: The Pack gives Hernandez the same greeting when he comes out for Stanford's last major warm-up session.

20 minutes before tipoff: The band plays 'Brick House' and then 'Johnny Q'. The front part of the Pack claps along to the Crazy 8's song, with their own little routine. After the band is done, the Pack goes into their accapella version of 'Bow Down to Washington'. It's way too fast, though, and peters out with a very sour note at the end.

12 minutes before tipoff: The Huskies go into the locker room. The Cardinal are still shooting. Seen behind the UW bench; Spencer Hawes and Bob Whitsitt, he of Sonics and Jailblazers infamy.

10 minutes before tipoff: The Cardinal leave, to modest booing, but nothing big.

4 minutes before tipoff: The Cardinal come back first, but the 'HER-NAAAAAAN-DEZ!' chants come about 30 seconds before anyone from Stanford actually comes out. Chris comes to pick up a ball from the rack, which is just about ten feet from the front row of Dawg Packers, who are chanting his name with vigor. The Huskies come out, followed by Romar, who gets his customary 'ROM-AR!' chant.

Tipoff: Mike Jensen is 4-0 when winning the tip, winning the last four games played. Matt Haryasz will be a different story, I believe. Dawg Pack give one last 'Whose House...Dawgs' House' and we're underway. Jensen actually looked to have won the tip, but Stanford gets it. They can't convert.

19:15/1: Brandon Roy picks up a quick one early. Taj Finger gets a pay-back call. Jensen buries a three for the first points of the game.

17:57/1: Both teams have picked it up defensively. Dentmon forces Mitch Johnson into a push off, which is called. Roy makes his first bucket down low. Roy has picked up Hernandez defensively, so look for the Stanford guard to try to draw as much contact as he can against Roy.

16:45/1: Jensen hits another three. Tim Morris makes a layin and Stanford goes zone.

15:23/1: Hernandez is pushing it and drawing contact every time he can. This time it's Jon Brockman. Stanford wants UW to beat them from outside, and are pushing tempo off misses. During the first TV timeout, the Pack is chanting 'HER-NAAAAAAN-DEZ!' at the Stanford huddle. Appleby and Williams are in the game, a typical substitution pattern for Romar at this point in the game.

14:14/1: Burmeister in for Jones, a pretty good shooting unit in for UW right now, but not a great rebounding one. Appleby misses his first bomb attempt, but Jensen doesn't miss his. He's three-for-three to start.

12:38/1: Williams hits his first attempt inside, usually a good sign. Brockman comes in and Jensen goes out to a warm ovation. Dentmon is now on Hernandez. Brockman picks up his second on a play that looked to be a clean block. 'You got swatted' says the Dawg Pack.

11:40/1: Too much dribbling by UW on the offensive end, too many batted passes. Stanford is too long. They need to spread the court and create some one-on-one opportunities to drive and dish. Smith makes his first appearance, as Burmeister exits.

9:29/1: Huskies are trying to trap after a made bucket, but they can't get organized in time and are giving up easy looks. Jones takes a charge and then goes to the bench as Brockman comes back in. Roy does too, as Appleby takes a seat.

8:29/1: Smith hits a trey. Jensen comes in for Williams. Smith hits another three-pointer. His play at OSU is carrying-over into tonight. Jensen hits his fourth-straight three and the house goes down. Stanford calls TO, as UW has taken a double-digit lead.

7:04/1: UW is 6-8 from three so far, that is their first half in a nutshell. Defensively, they need to follow Stanford's lead and use their length to disrupt and bat passes down. Twelve turnovers between the two teams right now. Could go as high as 20 before the half is done. The Pack is relentless in their 'HER-NAAAAAAN-DEZ!' chant during time outs. Haryasz scores his first two points of the half on two free throws.

6:37/1: Jensen tries his first straightaway three and misses. Roy doesn't miss his first three-baller, though. And he's back on Hernandez. Brockman gets an offensive rebound and putback. UW is having it's way offensively right now. Haryasz gets more involved, making two straight baskets.

4:12/1: Romar substitutes three - Jones, Appleby and Williams come back in. Jensen buries his fifth three from the corner. He's never been this unconscious from deep. What a great time to pull out this kind of game. Overall, the Huskies are shooting 73 percent from three. Don't expect that to last.

3:47/1: The Pack does a nice 'Go...Huskies!' chant with the house. Roy goes with one of his patented spin and up-and-under moves for two more. He really can just score at will. And when he's not scoring, he's feeding the post for easy layups.

1:55/1: Jensen feeds Jones up at the top of the key. It was as if the rest of the game was standing still. Bobby just took it right down the teeth of the Cardinal D for a flush and one. Great move by the senior forward.

:42.1/1: The Huskies have the Cardinal on the ropes, and have had chances to extend, but can't get the chippies from around the rim to fall.

Halftime: UW up 11. 8-13 from three, that was the story. Rebounds basically even, Stanford is winning the battle in the paint, 20-12.
18:49/2: Good defense by both teams to start out. Roy and Haryasz both get swats.

17:36/2: The Pack is still finding every available opportunity to assail Hernandez with 'The Chant'. Jensen starts off right where he left off, burying his sixth trey right in front of the UW bench.

16:34/2: The pace starts to get to that hectic UW pace, and Hernandez looks to foul Dentmon, but doesn't get called. Jensen's threes are causing Stanford to get out and defend Mike around the arc. Jensen sees Brockman alone low, and Hernandez fouls him. That gets the Pack energized.

15:17/2: Roy draws contact on a drive and doesn't get a call. Ball goes through anyways. Jensen has position on a Haryasz drive to the baseline and the ref on the far sideline calls a charge, even though it takes him ten seconds to actually get to the point where he can figure out who the UW player on the ground was. The fans are not happy. There's a UW fan on the other side in a ref's suit. The Pack implore him to get in the game. Haryasz misses both free throws, as the Pack lustily chant his name. Roy comes back to score two more.

14:16/2: Appleby, Williams and Smith are now in. The Pack is chanting 'HER-NAAAAAAN-DEZ!' Williams makes his first shot of the second half.

13:15/2: Roy goes out for a quick breather, Jensen back in. Haryasz is really coming out to defend Jensen at the arc, Washington has to recognize that and push it in the paint. They do so, and Williams draws a foul, making both shots. Stanford is trying to push tempo on the other end, but the Huskies are waiting for them, taking charges.

12:17/2: Hernandez is trying to do what he does best; disrupt, drive and force contact. But he goes out for a quick spell. Trent Johnson is trying to get it to a free-throw shooting contest, just like the last game between these two teams. I doubt Washington is going to let that happen.

11:31/2: Team fouls are even at five. With Jensen on fire from outside, that is opening up all sorts of room for Williams to roam around on Peter Prowitt. He is not the defender Haryasz is, and Williams is taking advantage.

10:40/2: Ref comes in from half-court to call a foul on Jensen in the paint. Not the best mechanics in the world. Stanford has gone cold from the field, so now is the time for the Huskies to put this game away. Roy is back in, as well as Jones and Brockman. Roy puts in two free throws, extending UW's lead to 15.

9:46/2: Anthony Goods makes a three for Stanford, I believe it's their first made three of the game. Washington is the team now playing the foul game, as Roy and Dentmon are content to drive and draw contact. Brockman is called for a phantom foul trying to get an offensive rebound, and Haryasz is much better this time from the stripe, putting down both chances.

9:24/2: Roy creates and is fouled again. Meanwhile, Romar gets Dentmon's attention, and hammers a quick point home with some encouragement. The Dawgs D up and Brockman is fouled by Haryasz. He makes one and then gets a break when Haryasz moves into the lane too quickly.

8:52/2: Some curious calls tonight. Jones drives, gets tacked, but the call goes Stanford's way. But the Cardinal just cannot break into single-digits when given an opportunity.

7:57/2: Hernandez tries to create space around a UW double-team, but gets called for an offensive foul as Dentmon goes sprawling. UW now in the double-bonus as both teams head to their huddles for the under-8 TV timeout. And of course, with Hernandez' foul, the Pack gets back to their normal routine of 'HER-NAAAAAAN-DEZ!', and 'WERE-IN-YOUR-HEAD!' Roy comes out of the timeout with a one-on-one move against the frosh Goods. Goods just can't keep up.

6:28/2: Roy called with a palm. The refs have been itching to call it. Hernandez gets stuffed on one end and Jones scores on the other end. Hernandez comes back like a house a fire, and gets a call. After the whistle he comes bristling out of the pack, as if to say, 'Finally, a call.' I believe the Huskies have gotten into Chris' head a little bit. The Pack lets him know it too, as they head back to their benches for a timeout at the 6:03 mark, and they let him know it again as both teams come back and he lines up at the stripe. He makes both.

5:30/2: Williams has a great one-on-one chance on Taj Finger, but his shot bounces off. Roy comes swooping in for a put-back. Hernandez is trying to bug Appleby when Ryan has the ball, but all that happens is that Chris gets called for his fourth. As Appleby makes the first shot, Hernandez hits the bench. Appleby makes the second one.

4:10/2: Stanford is gamely trying to hang on, but they can't stop Washington on their end without fouling. Roy has been absolutely nails the past four games when it comes to free throws, and tonight is no different.

3:56/2: Hernandez comes back in after the under-4 timeout, to the same greeting he's been given all game long.

2:23/2: Roy is backing down on Goods, it looks like a sure drive to the bucket for Brandon. But as help is coming from the Cardinal, Roy dishes it out to Jones for a trey. Jensen gets the next rebound, outlets it to Roy, who has a streaking Williams on the opposite end. But the senior guard backs it out, gets fouled by Mitch Johnson and makes both shots from the charity stripe. Heady play from Roy. And he hasn't done it all on the offensive end, skied for another rebound, dished it to Dentmon, who is fouled by Goods.

1:42/2: Roy goes out with his fist pumping. 23, 6 and 7 is not a bad night's work. Hans Gasser comes in to replace Roy and immediately comes up with a steal on the defensive end. As the Huskies pass it along the perimeter, the Pack starts singing the school's fight song.

:42.3/2: Smith, Artem Wallace and Burmeister come in as the Pack chant out 'NIT, NIT, NIT'. Washington wins 75-57.

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