Block talks recruiting

Even though he plays quarterback in one of the best high school programs in the state, Bellevue's Eric Block will probably play on the other side of the ball at the next level. was able to catch up with Block and he told us about some changes to the Wolverine offense and a recent visit he took to Montlake.

"I went to junior day at Washington last weekend," Block said. "It was pretty fun. We got to interact with all the coaches and there was a lot of other players I got to see again, so it was a fun experience.

"I talked to Coach (Tyrone) Willingham, coach (Chris) Tormey. They said they saw my tape and they liked it and to keep working hard.

"I like Washington and coach Willingham and the program he's trying to build up there and Washington is a really nice school."

Block recently received some good news from a school across the state when Washington State came forth with his first offer.

"That was a bit of a surprise," Block said. "Up until then I hadn't really had that much contact with them, maybe a few letters and stuff like that, but they got my film and watched it and then they called my coach and said they were going to offer me."

Currently Block and his Wolverine teammates are going through spring conditioning preparing for football season and they are busy young men.

"Right now Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday we lift weights and then Wednesday we do agility and conditioning and Saturdays we do throwing, seven-on-seven stuff and some running too."

Bellevue running seven-on-seven drills may seem anathema to anyone who has followed the Wolverines over the last five seasons, but rumors are that Block will be unleashed by head coach Butch Goncharoff next year.

"I sure hope he does," Block said with a laugh. "It's exciting that we might open things up a little next year."

Even though he may be able to throw the ball more than he has in his previous two years under center, Block thinks his future in college lies in the deep patrol.

"I think for college it will most likely be safety," Block said. "It's more natural because in high school, at least quarterback-wise, I haven't really thrown that much and I haven't worked on being a real quarterback so I always assumed I'd play safety in college.

"I like to sit back in centerfield and have the opportunity to make big plays. I love it when teams pass because it's fun to read wide receivers. It's like a game with the other quarterback to read him before he can throw it."

Block said he does plan to attend some team camps this summer but is unsure of his plans at this point and he also expects to take part in the NIKE camp at Stanford later this spring.

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