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Thursday begins an important stretch for UW basketball, as they travel to Arizona State and Arizona to finish out Pac-10 play with a chance to at least gain a share of the Pac-10 regular-season championship. Onto the blog!

45 minutes to tip: The first thing that I notice when I am watching the Huskies shoot around is that Danny Ainge, GM for the Boston Celtics is here to watch Brandon. He appears to be watching his mannerisms closely as he interacts with his teammates and finishes stretching. Roy talks with freshman Justin Dentman and practices his free throws.

38 minutes to tip: Ainge talks with another scout who seems to be frantically jotting down notes. The whole time, his eyes don't leave Brandon Roy. He seems to be trying to get an idea of what Roy is like as a person. How focused is he? How relaxed is he? Does he talk to his teammates or does he stay to himself?

25 minutes to tip: Huskies return from locker room and begin their pre-game warm up.

18 minutes to tip: Roy is yet to miss a shot. It will be interesting to see if he can continue his scoring streak against the Arizona schools as he is averaging 35 points in the first two games this year.

16 minutes to tip: The team looks focused to finish out their strong regular season. The players look relaxed but focused as if they are playing in the tournament, rather than against the worst that the PAC has to offer. At the same time, the Sun Devils look wide-eyed and disorganized, like a team who has already accepted their fate.

12 minutes to tip: Captains meet at half court. Jensen, Jones, and Roy are joined by Jon Brockman. As the Sun Devils joke around, the Huskies wait for the ref to finish his instructions. They break and go back to the locker room.

10 minutes to tip: There is hardly anyone here. It looks like an exhibition crowd, but that's to be expected from a team that has just one home conference win.

Pregame Intros: By far this is the weakest student section that I have seen for a Pac 10 game in some time. Last year the Devils team wasn't much better, but the student section was at least twice as big.

17:49/1: Sun Devils are playing tough defense, having forced two travels early on. The bigs for UW will have to play smart and move their feet, as the Sun Devils look active.

15:26/1: Roy gets a block from behind but it is followed right back in. The next possession, another UW turnover leads to a made three by Kevin Krueger.

14:52/1: First time out. Washington coach Lorenzo Romar wants to get his team's attention as they are down 9-7.

11:30/1: The ball handling off Appleby comes into play again, as he cn't make a post entry to Jensen.

10:50/1: Jensen nails his second three to not the score up at 16. Romar appears to have the team back on the right track defensively as the trap the Devils in the corner and force them to call time out. Jones steals the entry pass and then runs the floor to an open three pointer to give UW the lead. Kruger immediately ties it with a three of his own.

9:40/1: Appleby hits a three of his own and then precedes to get in the passing lane for a steal before taking a seat.

8:57/1: Four seniors and Dentman play great defense forcing the shot clock down to five before the Devils miss.

7:57/1: UW calls a timeout after Kruger gets fouled plus the bonus. Romar appears heated as he jumps back and forth in the faces of his players.

7:41/1: Brandon makes one of two at the line, for his first miss in some time. He has just 3 pointa thus far.

7:19/1: Kruger makes a layin, then steals the in-bounds and passes to Angounou for a crowd-raising dunk, putting the Devils ahead 27-23. The Devils are 10 of 16 (62%) so far in today's game.

6:09/1: Roy makes a great jumping pass to Appleby for a deep three. The next possession ASU gets on the ground for the ball and converts a second chance opportunity. With the score 30-26 ASU, the meager student section is starting to sound like it's more full than it really is.

3:21/1: Jones picks up his second foul as he swats the shot attempt by Pendergraph. Romar will no doubt sit him down so he doesn't pick up number three.

Halftime: Roy has just three field goals which is never a good sign for UW, but he does have 4 rebounds. Kevin Kruger is out of his head offensively with 19 points on 8 of 11 shooting, which means that Romar will more than likely leave Roy on him in the second half. He is only averaging 14.2 per game, with a career high of 27 against Minnesota, so he is playing much better than usual today. Justin Dentman has not scored but has four assists in 11 minutes. Brockman is UW's leading scorer in the half with 8 points. Huskies are shooting 50% Devils 57% We are yet to see Gasser or Burmeister get on the floor. The Huskies have more assists (9 to 8) and more rebounds (16 to 13) then do the Sun Devils, which would suggest that if they can win this game if they play better defensively in the second half.

20:00/2: Huskies start with the ball, looking to get it to Roy, who is blanketed. After a foul, Roy misses from 3 range.

19:35/2: Jones picks up a cheap reach in foul, his third.

18:50/2: UW gets a three pointer from Jones after Jensen tracks down an offensive rebound for the Huskies.

18:05/2: Evans calls a TO after Pendergraph can't handle Brockman down low. The bigs for ASU appear to be noticeably weaker than the young freshman as he reverse-pivots to the rim for an easy layin. 43-40 UW

17:30/2: There is some confusion after the Huskies force a shot clock violation on defense, but the refs determined the ball changed hands. After the clock is reset, UW again forces the clock late and then gets a block shot to get the ball back. Jensen comes down and hits a three. 46-40 UW.

16:27/2: Brockman rips down the Pendergraph miss and Dentman steps behind the three point line and hits one of his own. 49-42 UW. During the timeout, ASU tries to do a GO DEVILS chant but they are being drowned out by the UW fans chanting GO HUSKIES. UW scored the first eleven 2nd half points before Kruger scored to make it 49-42.

14:52/2: Alleyoop to Brandon Roy off of a pick and Dentman puts it right above the rim. Roy slams it down emphatically and is fouled.

13:56/2: Jensen hits another three to make it 55-44 UW. Rob Evans calls another timeout to try to reel in his squad. Jensen's three is ruled a two pointer.

12:13/2: Jones and Brockman return to the floor after a breather, spelling Jensen and Dentman.

11:55/2: Joel Smith skies high for the putback but misses. Jones get the rebound and misses his putback attempt. Smith goes up and gets another offensive rebound and is fouled.

11:05/2: ASU is just 3 of 10 thus far in second half. Huskies come down in a 2/3 zone with Smith and Appleby out top.

10:15/2: Williams follows his shot for the putbacl. On the next possession, he grabs another offensive board and is sent to the foul line.

9:45/2: Williams picks up his third foul for reaching in. Huskies move back to a man defense.

9:24/2: Appleby hits a three off of the inbounds to give UW the 67-50 lead.

8:35/2: Jones passes to Williams and motions for him to swing the ball. Jamal waves Bobby off as to say isolate me. He goes right at Pendergraph and puts a right hook in his face. Appleby comes down and hits another deep three. 71-52 UW.

2:54/2: Kruger leaves with four points in the second half, after scoring 19 in the first. Thank Brandon Roy for that.

1:48/2: Burmeister hits a three from the corner to make the score 87-62.

:58/2: Zane Potter runs off the bench, but it doesn't look like he'll get in today. Romar makes sure he does by calling a timeout with 15 seconds left. He gets the ball as time ticks away and attacks the rim, gets hit in the head, and no call. That's life.

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