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We're live at the Pac-10 tournament in Los Angeles, Calif. Dawgman is courtside, getting all the pictures (as well as giving me the lowdown on all the team bands) and I'm going to try and give all UW fans a sense of what it's like to be courtside during the Oregon-UW hoops game. Onto the blog!

8:12 p.m: Dawgman is raving about the USC band, saying it's the best in the conference. Apparently their rendition of Earth, Wind and Fire's 'In the Stone' is a bass and drums masterpiece. The UW team was sitting behind us on the south baseline (where the USC Song Girls are), but they just took off about 10-15 minutes ago to get ready. Bobby Jones looked particularly stoic, so Dave made sure to get his mug for the blog. Just as I was about to post a neat little note about the bathroom tiles being purple and gold, Gabe Pruitt almost runs us down trying to swerve past the Song Girls. Looks like a nasty knee injury - possibly ACL?

8:17 p.m.: The winner of UW-UO plays the winner of Cal-USC, and everything has gone Cal's way (although their fans have grown to dislike the ref crew, apparently). Even shots that don't draw iron end up in the paws of a Golden Bear. It's looking like Cal is going to advance. Someone in the crowd just called one of the refs a fat Henry Bibby, but Dawgman insists he looks more like 'Bull' from Night Court.

8:20 p.m.: I'll give Pruitt points for guts, he's back out there. But he's clearly not 100 percent by the strain on his face. Pretty good crowd in Staples tonight, basically a home game for the Trojans, but they still couldn't pull it out. I'm pretty sure the crowd here for the UW game will resemble a morgue. As the USC band plays their final strains of that fight song we've all grown weary of over the years, Dawgman has some advice for budding young Trojan bassists; when in Staples, stick to that low E string. It sounds great.

16 minutes to tip: The teams are out, and it's a very much pro-UW crowd. Not many UO fans in sight. In fact there's a bunch of UW fans seated right next to the UO band just off the north baseline. The main group of UW fans is NW of the North end of Staples, in section 114. I have to watch out as Oregon goes through their pre-game warmups, as basketballs are flying everywhere.

13 minutes to tip: Warren Moon is front and center, ready to take in the action. Marques Johnson is a VERY tall man. The UW band is right behind me, which means Washington will be sitting on the South end of Staples during the game and the UW cheerleaders are going to be right in front of me. Let's hope they don't go crazy with the pom-poms, or I'm going to be asking others about how the game went.

10 minutes to tip: Just got the final stats for the Cal-USC game. Powe had 20 boards, 15 on the defensive end. Not a bad night's work for the POY runner-up. Overall the Bears out-rebounded Trojans 40-15, haven't seen a discrepancy like that in some time. Cal was 6-9 from the 3-point line in the second half.

6 minutes to tip: The teams are back in their respective locker rooms. Oregon looked pretty good in their win over WSU, but did let the Cougars back in the game in the second half. But give the Ducks credit; they closed out the Cougars as they should have. WSU was pretty punchless offensively, and UO was playing pretty inspired basketball. We'll see if Hairston and Oguchi come out as hot as they did Wednesday night. The UO band, instead of playing out to the court like all the other bands do, have now faced toward the nearest section of fans, which happens to be the main UW section. They are booing the Duck band with gusto. Even Moon grimaced a little bit.

2 minutes to tip: The Huskies come out, and the band does their thing. Less than a minute after that, UO comes out, now facing the court. I don't think their 'experiment' went over too well...

Tip: Looks like Brooks is back from the flu. Harry Husky now has a purple cape on, a new twist? I can't seem to remember him having one before. The UW are wearing their home whites and are defending the south end. One last rendition of 'Bow Down to Washington' and things get underway. Jensen kind of wins the tip, gets bailed out a little by Jones. Brockman gets a layin after two UW offensive rebounds.

18:39/1: Brandon Roy's defensive assignment tonight? Malik Hairston. Oguchi goes out early.

17:24/1: Hairston has eluded Roy twice now for buckets. UO looks like they want to press when they have an advantage, guys are leaking out early.

16:40/1: Hairston draws Roy on defense. Oregon comes out with confidence, but so does Jamaal Williams. He makes his first bucket after coming in, always a good sign.

15:49/1: Again that patented Brockman hustle on a loose ball, too bad the Dawgs couldn't control it on their way to the hole. This game has the makings of a higher-scoring affair. I would think that normally favors UW, but the Ducks have been hitting their shots. Out of the TO, Williams now gets Hairston, and Roy takes on Brooks.

15:04/1: Appleby in for Dentmon. Not a lot of energy on the defensive end for the Huskies, and the Ducks are finding their soft spots.

14:04/1: The Ducks go zone and they are extending all the way out, leaving huge lanes to drive through. But Appleby is still looking outside first. Roy buries his first three, knotting the game back up. UO is doing a nice job offensively, but are killing themselves with early turnovers.

13:04/1: Joel Smith, who has now checked in, buries another bomb, prompting a 30-second TO by Ernie Kent.

12:17/1: Roy goes down in an ugly heap, but gets to the line and doesn't seem the worse for the wear. Ivan Johnson is in now for UO, so we'll see how much banging goes on in the paint. Roy goes out for a quick blow, and Dentmon comes back in and immediately gets a steal that leads to a Williams fadeaway.

11:08/1: Washington is forcing turnovers and remaining patient on the offensive end. It helps that Williams is making his shots.

10:12/1: Johnson hits the deck as Williams makes another basket, and no call. Appleby gets clobbered and has to go to the bench to take care of either a bloody nose or chin issue. Williams has to be restrained. Both teams taking time now to huddle a little. Wonder if this was prompted at all by Appleby giving Brooks a little chin music on the other end. Brooks has been sent packing, so that might have something to do with it.

9:22/1: Refs call a foul on Dentmon, while the UW bench wanted a travel. UO has back-to-back buckets to bring the UW lead down to four. They go back to man, but that doesn't stop 'The Provider'. He drives for a sweet hoop and one, but can't convert at the line.

8:03/1: Big development. Dentmon is called for his third foul, and Apples is out with whatever issues he has to deal with. Burmeister is in, and he might see extended action tonight because of what has happened.

7:00/1: Roy at the line for two. Not sure where the automatic Roy went from the last 6-7 games of the season, but he needs to come back. If Appleby can't come back, he'll be counted on more than ever for scoring, and especially from the line, as this game has already proven to be a very scrappy affair.

6:11/1: Jones is working more at the point of the offense, swinging the ball around. He's not afraid to drive and create either, or pass it off for an easy deuce.

5:10/1: Bobby is doing all the little things right now, being a bigger version of Dentmon. He grabs an offensive rebound in the lane, and then dishes it to Brockman in the paint for two. He's playing a very complete game right now.

3:58/1: Something you might never see again - Burmeister missed three FT's (even awarded a do-over after an Oregon lane violation). Huskies should be stretching their advantage and they aren't. We'll see if the Ducks can hit some shots and make UW pay for not putting the clamps down when they could...out of the under-four, UW goes zone.

2:45/1: UW is making their shots, and Oregon is missing point-blank chippies. The Ducks aren't playing poorly at all, they are just getting nothing out of their possessions. The Huskies, OTOH, are making their count.

1:27/1: Brockman gets tagged for his second, but UW is still not in the bonus. They go zone again. Oguchi and Hairston cannot get on track from deep, while Roy buries another trey.

Halftime: They are obviously letting a lot go, lots of pushing, shoving and the rest, but that has clearly played into UW's hands. The UW contestant trying to go for a year's worth of gas hit the front rim on a half-court shot. Really close. Dawgman's funny moment of the half: after Appleby got KO'd by Brooks, Romar shouted at the ref, 'What did I do to you!?' The ref looked at him incredulously, but didn't T him up. When both teams came out of the time-out, Romar made sure to walk the baseline to the same ref and said, 'I didn't mean that condescendingly. I would say that to anyone.' Also, first rule of playing music in the Pac-10 tournament - never play any Huey Lewis and the News. Oregon's band just broke rule No. 1 by playing a rancid version of 'Hip to be square'. Appleby is back and shooting and it looks like his lip is stitched up. I doubt Romar uses him unless things get tight.

19:09/2: Two quick UO buckets, not the way the Huskies wanted to start out. But they are really battling on the boards and will not relent in that department. They out-boarded UO 20-14 in the first half.

18:17/2: Kent gets called for a moving screen, and he can't believe it. Strains of 'Daddy's Boy!' comes out of the UW band. Brockman has to go out because the refs see blood coming from his nose. Roy once again 'provides' and helps stop the early bleeding.

17:44/2: Roy with a sweet behind the back pass to Williams for the jam and one. That gets the UW bench going.

16:51/2: Roy with another sweet dime, this time from the trees to the arc, where Dentmon drives for a layin and one. Momentum is back on the Huskies' side.

15:47/2: Williams with a pin-point pass to Roy, but Brandon can't hold on. But Dentmon makes Ivan Johnson pay for an errant pass with a theft and dish to Jones for two. Ryan Appleby comes in, a popular choice. I'm sure Romar is planting seeds right now for next year. You can't keep Apples down for long.

14:44/2: Appleby takes his first three, clanks. But Williams is super-tough inside tonigh, has made it his personal mission to take Ivan Johnson to task. Oguchi is starting to warm up.

13:40/2: Washington is already in the bonus. It's all about the stripe from now on. Williams puts down both his efforts. Roy is now on Oguchi, and then Jones takes him.

13:15/2: Kent calls a 30-second TO when Hairston gets doubled up top.

12:06/2: Roy takes a quick breather. Washington 33, Oregon 9 in the little game played during the under-12 break. The game has gone much the same way.

11:02/2: Kent is absolutely beside himself, telling the ref that Dentmon flopped. He just can't get a break tonight. The offensive unit UW has on the floor right now isn't jelling at all. Roy quickly comes back in.

9:59/2: Dentmon was guarding Hairston for a couple of possessions, and Hairston gets Dentmon to commit his fourth foul before Romar can get Jensen back in the game. Not a good situation. Now it's back on Roy's shoulders again, but having Appleby back will certainly help in the ball-handling department.

9:00/2: Who is Adrian Stelly? His three brings UO to within six and a Bobby Jones miscue gives the Ducks the ball back. As good a first half as Bobby had, he's been just as erratic this half.

8:38/2: Brockman comes out of the game with his fourth, as Ivan Johnson finally makes UW pay a little bit inside. Brandon Roy time...

8:10/2: And just like that, the game is tied. Give UO a lot of credit; they hung in there and have made some key shots and have cashed in on most every opportunity. UW sure doesn't look like a team that's trying to go out and win this game, they're trying not to lose it.

7:25/2: Roy's legs are like springs. Like Tim Brandon last year commenting on Nate Robinson against Pacifc; 'shot out of a cannon!'. Amazing athleticism. This game has the feel of one that is now going to go to the wire.

6:59/2: An Oregon three puts them up for the first time since early in the first half. Williams comes back strong with a shot off glass. Oguchi is officially unconscious.

5:06/2: The game is now being played at a frantic pace. Not sure if that now favors UW, because UO is finding open shooters and putting down bombs. Roy is going to do his part, drawing fouls and making free throws.

3:28/2: UO is cutting up UW's defense and they are keying on Roy on their own defensive end. That's the formula to beat the Huskies.

2:48/2: UW is in the bonus, they need to be taking it to the rack and drawing some fouls. Instead, they appear content to pass it around the perimeter and hope Roy can come up clutch. This is the same predicament that plagued them during their three-game slide. Dentmon needs to get back in and show the Ducks that there's someone else on UW's team that doesn't mind being a go-to guy.

2:27/2: For a team that has been so poised down the stretch of Pac-10 play, Washington is just handing this game to UO. No movement offensively, poor passing. Oregon is just the opposite; taking advantage of UW's defensive breakdowns to force it inside for easy buckets or trips to the line.

2:00/2: Roy's bomb is answered succinctly by Oguchi. UW can't trade baskets with UO at this point in the game. Looks like BRoy has decided to put this one on his shoulders. Dentmon is back in.

1:26/2: Roy gets a steal and passes it to Jones for a dunk, but can't force another. Hairston puts down one to make it a five-point game. Roy drives the lane, but it's offensive.

1:01/2: Looks like this puppy is in the bag. Ducks by seven and at the line. Hairston makes both. UO has really put on a display late. Roy makes another

51.4/2: Hairston has been nails at the line with the pressure on. Appleby just can't pull the trigger tonight.

End of game: The Huskies just imploded, and they certainly had no answer for Oguchi and Hairston when things mattered most. They'll have a lot to think about on the way back to Seattle. I know Romar thought they had a lot to play for in the tourney, but maybe the rigors of finishing Pac-10 play 8-0 finally caught up with them?

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