Summer decision for Thomas?

His season ended earlier than he had planned, but for Curtis (Tacoma, Wa.) PG Isaiah Thomas it was a productive season as he led his team to the state semi-finals before falling to eventual state champion Franklin. With his season completed, Thomas can now turn his attentions to recruiting and the upcoming AAU season with some familiar faces at his side.

"I had a great year individually," Thomas told "My team did good, but not as good as we wanted to. I had great teammates and a great team this year. They helped me with all of my accomplishments and the records I broke down this year.

"I love my teammates. They did a great job when I was down and out and had a bad game. They would just help me up and got me to where I am now."

Thomas finished the season with scoring 32.8 points per game (tops in the state) and led his team to a 25-4 record.

Leadership was a key concern heading into his second season as the starter and he said when he spoke with University of Washington assistant coach Cameron Dollar that was one area the two discussed.

"I talked to (Dollar) and he said great tournament and great job being a leader out there," Thomas recalled. "That was the one thing they said that I needed to work on this season and how I needed to get on my teammates and be a leader out there.

"That's my biggest improvement this year – being more of a vocal leader. Last year, as a sophomore, I told people what to do, but I wasn't a vocal leader and this year I was able to show my teammates what I can do."

Turning to recruiting, Thomas still claims Washington as his clear leader and UCLA as his number-two school and the other two schools in his top four are Georgetown and Kentucky. Earlier this year, Thomas had mentioned he expected to make his decision on April 14th, but that has changed a little.

"I've scheduled two or three (visits) before July, because I'm going to figure it out before July," Thomas said. "I changed my date because I needed to get some visits in."

So is there an exact timeframe when Thomas might make a decision?

"I know it will be before July, but it could come any time," Thomas said. "Anytime I want to make a decision, I will, but right now it will be before July."

Thomas is the leader of the Friends of Hoop team coached by Jim Marsh and he expects to see some familiar faces wearing the same FOH uniforms he dons during the spring and summer.

"Right now Renado Parker from Kentridge is planning on coming back," Thomas said. "DeAngelo Jones will be there. Emeka Iweka from Rainier Beach and Jared Stohl from Marysville-Pilchuck are there too. Those are all the returning guys. It's going to be a fun summer."

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