Kiilsgaard is a two-sport star

When you are a top baseball prospect, sometimes schools shy away from recruiting you to play football because history shows when Major League Baseball shows you the money, you are very likely to take it and leave them hanging. Auburn (Wa.) QB/DB Kellen Kiilsgaard is one of those players, but he says his heart may lie at a university and not in the minor leagues.

"I'm leaning towards college right now," Kiilsgaard told "Anything can happen and I'm not ruling anything out, but my parents, especially my dad, have raised me to love college football and I'm not sure that I would feel comfortable going straight from high school to professional baseball."

On the recruiting front Kiilsgaard is hearing from schools up and down the west coast, including USC, and from several schools across the country.

"It's usually the first question I get when I talk to the coaching staffs," Kiilsgaard said regarding where he sees himself going after he graduates from high school. "Every school I talk to, except Oregon because they don't have a baseball program, asks me that and the baseball coaches are really excited because they wouldn't have to give me a scholarship."

Kiilsgaard is a lefty whose fastball is in the upper 80's right now and whose ability to locate pitches is very good for a high schooler. He is also an outstanding athlete running the Trojan Wing-T offense from his quaterback position and directing traffic in the secondary from his free safety position.

"Most of the schools have told me they are evaluating me as a quarterback right now," Kiilsgaard said. "They said they will look at me there first and then if they like me at a different position they will look to see if I would fit in their system as an athlete.

"I like playing quarterback, but I don't have to stay there. I like to play football so if I choose a school that wants me to play safety then that would be ok too."

In the next two weeks Kiilsgaard will attend a junior day at USC and he's looking forward to his visit.

"How could I not be excited to go down there and see them," Kiilsgaard. "They are a really good program and it's exciting to hear from them and know they are interested in me."

Kiilsgaard was unable to attend the Washington junior day held late last month because he and his family were on vacation at the time, but they were still able to come to campus and meet the coaching staff a week earlier.

"My parents and I came up for the UCLA (basketball) game and we got to meet the coaches and talk with coach (Tyrone) Willingham," Kiilsgaard said. "I've gone to a few Husky games when I was younger and I've always followed them growing up.

"It was cool because we got to have our own little junior day all to ourselves."

Kiilsgaard doesn't claim any offers at this point and time, but those are likely just around the corner. He also doesn't list any favorites, but says USC, Washington, Oregon and Oregon State are recruiting him the hardest.

"They all send letters and text messages to me," Kiilsgaard said.

Recently Nebraska, Michigan State, Purdue and Stanford have also gotten into the mix.

Kiilsgaard is still working out his summer combine and camp plans, but says he might not make any due to baseball commitments. Top Stories