Player Quotes - UW/UCONN

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Here are the players' quotes from Brandon Roy, Jamaal Williams, Bobby Jones, Jon Brockman, Ryan Appleby, Marcus Williams, Rashad Anderson, Denham Brown, Josh Boone and Rudy Gay after Connecticut pulled out a stunning 98-92 overtime win Friday night over Washington in the third round of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament at the Verizon Center.

Washington Players:
Brandon Roy:
On the technical foul sequence: "Rudy came off a screen and I jumped to cut him off. The ref had called a foul on me and I was looking up to ask the ref where was the foul at and Rudy kind of kept trying to play on me and elbowed me in my stomach, so I walked over to him and said, 'Hey, man, watch those late elbows.' He kind of got upset and he said, 'You need to get out of my face." Then, you know, I don't feel like I said anything to get a technical, but I think you know when you have two guys staring at each other and one is kind of talking a little bit and the ref just says, you know - double technical. That was a mistake by me, me being a leader of this team. I have to avoid situations like that. Unfortunately, you know, it got called a technical, and I had to sit out a little bit. Like I said, I have to take it on the chin and try to grow from it."

On watching his team from the bench: "It's tough. I fell out of rhythm. When I first got back in the game, I wasn't sweating. I didn't have a sweat, my back kind of got stiff and I haven't sat out that long in a long time the second half. But I just had to find my rhythm again and it was frustrating because the guys are out there playing hard and they hare giving it their all and they are coming to the side like just be ready to go. And I'm just upset and disappointed in myself that I left them hanging like that for seven minutes. And it gave UCONN a chance to make a run and gave me confidence at the same time, I think. I'm disappointed, I feel like I let the young guys down. We still kept fighting, we played a heck of a game against a great team."

On what was achieved in the loss: "I said it in our team huddle after the game. If we didn't prove it to ourselves today that we can play with the best teams in the country on a neutral site, then you know you're just not a believer. I think we played them hard for 45 minutes, and I think, you know, they asked me a question the other day, can we win if UCONN plays great? And I think they played a really good game and we showed everybody that, you know, with three, four seconds left that we were beating a really good team by three points and they just hit a great shot and in overtime they made the plays. I just think we made a lot of people believers, that, hey, we have some really good players up here in the northwest. Coach Romar has done a great job of recruiting guys from all over and motivating us to play at a high level. EVerybody just needs to believe that they can be good in the future. I think we just showed the world that, hey, we're a good team and we're here to stay."

Jamaal Williams:
On the 'extensive' conversation he had with a referee near the end of the game: "Nothing. You saw what happened. So, you know, we played a great game and we gave it our all and we're just sorry, too bad the result was...resulted in a loss. You saw the game."

On what was achieved in the loss: "I believe we showed them that you have to respect West Coast basketball, because they got a lot of love on the East Coach and they get a lot of attention. but here comes this team that nobody gave a chance to even win this game to be up by...three points with seven seconds left and had a chance to win and pretty much dominated and controlled the game the whole way through and they made their runs while we maintined and fought back. You have to respect West Coast basketaball and we should get some recognition over there because we do play a great brand of basketball."

Bobby Jones:
On the postgame locker room: "It got really emotional in here, and it should have. Even though we lost, we played our best ball and we have no regrets about the way we played tonight. We just let everyone know how much we care about each other. We just have to keep living and let the young guys get some motivation to keep on working. This is a great time for them right now, and they need to embrace it."

On the Washington program: "I feel like we got better every year since I've been here. It would have been great to have gotten this win and kept on going, but all good things have to end sometime, so you just have to take this game and learn from it."

On what UW has accomplished: "I felt that every year, we did better, even though we lost in the same round last year. So many people doubted us when we lost three straight, people told us it was a fluke. We proved so many people wrong. It would have been great to get this win and keep it going, but everything that's good has to end sometime.

On all the players fouling out: "I think there were times in the game when we put ourselves in bad positions, and there were crucial plays in overtime where I felt we got the short end of the stick. It's crazy. Usually we don't make any excuses, but you just have to let us play ball. If it's an obvious foul, call it. And when they are not, don't make it a questionable call. We make no excuses for fouling out, but we know we did everything we needed to do to win. No one can determine the game but yourself."

On thinking about it being his last game near the end: "I did think about it, all the good things, all the bad things. And we made some clutch shots too. But take nothing away from them. They made big-time shots, we didn't give them anything easy. They deserve all the credit in the world."

On UCONN: "They probably have the most talent I've ever faced playing in college. They probably have three or four pros. I hope they go all the way now, I don't want to lose to someone that loses in the championship game."

On the physical nature of the game: "They were giving us punishment, and we were giving them punishment, and even though we had more fouls than they did, they had a couple in foul trouble too. The refs were calling fouls both ways. I think we did a good job boxing out. Their bigs are going to make plays. We can't expect all their bigs to have bad days all at the same time, that's not going to happen realistically."

Jon Brockman:
On fresh legs in overtime: "Fresh legs mean a lot. That extra rebound or extra block...can mean the game. You have to have fresh legs, but we just did what we could."

On the emotion of the loss: "Losing means a lot because we're losing the seniors who did such a great job of showing us what Husky basketball is like. We need to carry on that tradition. I feel horrible for the seniors, because this is the last time we're going to play with them, and the last time we're going to be together as a team. I wanted for them to go a lot farther. They've mean so much to this team that I wanted to go all the way, and I think we showed tonight that we could have."

Ryan Appleby:
On guarding Rashad Anderson: "He's just a big-time shooter and they have so many great players on their team it's tough to sluff off anybody. They have big guys and put up those screens, it's tough to get through them. And Marcus Williams is such a good passer, if one of his guys splits off a screen he'll hit the guy and make it pay."

On his late-game steal: "We ended up on a switch, I ran up and got the steal. I saw there was 11 seconds left I thought we were going to get a good look on a scramble like that. It just so happened they made a great play on the ball and got the steal."

On Rashad hitting the three: "I definitely thought we had a chance we are a never-quit team. We fought all the way down to the end against the No. 1 team in the country."

On being up 10 in the second half: "They're a tough team. They have so many great athletes, we were just trying to maintain the lead but they just kept coming back at us. It's tough. When you're up 10 on a team like this and you feel like you're in control the whole game and then they hit a shot like that..."
Connecticut Players:
Marcus Williams:
On how difficult it was getting the win: "This is probably the toughest game I've ever been in. Going into overtime made it even more tough. I think we just made some big plays down the stretch. In regulation, we probably made some of the most boneheaded plays we've made all season, including myself. And I think in overtime, we made some big baskets, got some big stops and we made free throws. The determination that we had in overtime, you could see it in everyone's face that we knew we had new life. We just went out and played."

On the last play in regulation: "I was waiting to see if he would make the free throw of not. I seen him bury it in the corner, eyes wide open and ready. I just dribbled down, kind of figuring I was going to the rim and when it was in the air, it just got real quiet. I mean, when he knocked it down, it was just like we had new life. I looked at the clock, it was one second left and they weren't going to get a good shot off and we still get the overtime."

On not getting the ball in his hands in the first half: "It was real difficult. I mean with that situation, I think it made me want to make more plays and I think I have to take it one play at a time instead of trying to get it all with one. They did a great job of denying me. Bobby Jones played great defense and he frustrated me,. In the second half, coach (Calhoun) said something to me, I don't want to say what it was, but I mean it kind of fired me up to just go out there and just be calm and just try to make plays, one play at a time."

Rashad Anderson:
On the Roy technical: "I think it hurt them more than us because I think that gave him his fourth foul. We were able to take the elite scorer out of the game and that was a boost for us. Knowing how we usually defend, we had to defend another player like him and they took a loss. We just decided, hey, this is the time to turn it up."

On keeping his head after making the three-pointer to tie in regulation: "I always knew what the score is in those times. I just knew, you know, like Marcus said earlier, I just knew thatif he got me in the ball I was going to knock it down and we wasn't going to lose this game no matter what. We talked about it in the huddle. Denham was saying, we have enough time to come back and win this game. I knew it was down."

On the changes he made after being disrupted in the first half: "They denied me, Denham and Rudy the wings. They was up in us and denying us, not letting us catch the ball. Marcus came to me, he told me, you've got to run more, which I wasn't doing as much in the first half. I was just running and getting open. Me, Rudy and Denham, we really ran the second half and was able to knock down some tough shots."

Denham Brown:
On keeping the game close: "We try not to but teams are coming out for us. We play to our best ability, Washington gave us a great effort tonight but we pulled it out in the end. Rashad hit that big three to put the game into overtime and that was the end of our story."

On Rashad's three-pointer: "We do a lot of things like that in practice. We practice taking last-second shots. Marcus and Rashad run that play a lot for each other so it worked out in our favor."

Josh Boone:
On Washington: "They really pressured us in the first half. We didn't prepare ourselves for that type of pressure and they got a lot of turnovers off of double-teams. In the second half, I think we did a much better job of helping Marcus out once he got double-teamed."

On Rashad's three-pointer: "I don't know. To be honest, I have been a part of one of the greatest combebacks in college basketball history when we beat Duke two years ago. This tops that. I knew that as soon as Rashad touched the ball he wasn't gonna let us down."

Rudy Gay:
On the altercation with Brandon Roy: "I made an aggressive move, he reacted and I couldn't back down. It was a dumb play on my behalf because it didn't help my team. I wouldn't do it again if I had the chance. It was all in the heat of the battle."

On the game: "It's crazy. Both teams had heart and that is why it went the way it did. We played tough and we came back from a huge deficit against a good team with a great player and great surrounding players. This was a huge win for our team." Top Stories