Dawgbytes - 4/4

Here are more notes Tuesday as the Washington Huskies go into week two of their spring football campaign. Washington Head Coach Tyrone Willingham touched on quite a few questions on individual performances, but also answered questions about Joe Toledo, Shelton Sampson, EJ Savannah, Trenton Tuiasosopo, Johnie Kirton and gave a quick injury update.

On Kenny James and hope for improvement from 2005: "Kenny has had a good winter. I think he sees himself performing at a level that was much above last year, for whatever reason, and that's exciting. He's put in the effort, the focus and the concentration. He's trying to regain the spot and the level that he was playing at before."

On the quarterback battle: "It's too early to tell, but I'm pleased with what we've done so far. I'd say the most noteable of the group has been (Carl) Bonnell. The time that I've been with him he's been injured and it's nice to see him back out there and back involved."

On the injury that plagued Bonnell in 2005 being a problem now: "It was a thigh injury and it has not limited or hampered him to any degree. At one point last spring he was really making progress. That leveled off and then in the fall the injury occurred and it didn't allow him to do anything."

On scrimmaging: "We try to scrimmage every day a little bit, some more than others. Yesterday we were in shorts and did red zone and base (scrimmaging). The defense was much ahead those days. Today we'll do more red zone, but not great deal of scrimmaging."

On Joe Toledo and his ascension up the draft charts: "I'm surprised it's (draft status) not higher. That position in professional football is a much-desired position. Joe is a big man and he moves almost like he was a tight end. I'm not surprised that he's screaming up the charts."

On how long it takes to fully adjust to a new position: "Two to three years to fully adjust, to have enough experience to really see things before they happen. But you can play and function in a lot less than that, and if Joe (Toledo) had been healthy he would have been able to play and function very well within a year, easily."

On the latest injuries: "There's (Sonny Shackelford) (ankle), Tim Williams (shoulder) and Durrell Moss (hamstring). Depending on the severity, it could be 1-2 weeks for hamstring. It's very difficult to miss time and help yourself in our spring practice."

On the injury bug continuing to hit places where they lack depth: "You keep working the guys that you have. We knew that coming in, losing anyone in the secondary, it's detrimental."

On Shelton Sampson: "He's learning. He's getting his feet back under him and getting ready to play a little football and making the transition. We're hopeful he can make the transition pretty quickly."

On EJ Savannah and Trenton Tuiasosopo scrimmaging on Saturday: "They did well, especially E.J. since he hadn't been involved in the latter half of his high school year and then this last year, so that's a year-and-a-half. And Trenton didn't have last spring or last fall, so it was good to get those guys back in and I think they enjoyed the participation."

On Johnie Kirton, and whether or not Willingham expects him to play at all this spring: "I'm anticipating that he'll get some of spring practice, how much I don't know."

On so many quarterbacking battles in the Pac-10 this spring and fall: "Usually, there's about four or five teams that have senior quarterbacks, and those are the teams that I put right up at the top of that list of being the best in the conference just based on that position alone."

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