Bomar 'hits' camps

Tahj Bomar is a 6-2, 210-pound linebacker from Kent (Wash.) Kentwood, and Tahj is done making the rounds. He just finished up camping at Washington after a full week at Oregon's full-contact camp. We caught up with Tahj last night to get his thoughts on the two camps.

"It was kind of grueling but it was one of the reasons I went to the Oregon camp, to get that intensity back before the season starts, Bomar told "Once I get back to our two-a-days, it'll be nothin'."

Bomar hooked up with the linebackers in Eugene, and found one other player that he felt was his equal. "In my mind, there was a guy from Dorsey High School in California (Jerome Johnson) who was good," he said. "I think we were the two best linebackers there. There were some pretty good running backs and wide receivers there too."

When Tahj finally made it up to Seattle, he found a much different camping experience. "It was a lot easier than the Oregon camp, a lot more relaxed, which I liked," he said. "I got to meet some more new guys from different places. I just met BJ Vickers from California today. He's a good guy. It was a lot of fun. You do a lot of things to show your athleticism. You won't play just one position. I played DB and linebacker, even though I don't play DB. It gives you a chance to go out there and do some things you wouldn't normally do. This camp teaches you a little more than just going out there and hitting somebody, which I liked, but I still like the hitting part too at Oregon.

"One thing I liked at U-Dub is that they extend a hand out to show you around the facilities, meet new guys and coaches. They teach you a lot, what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong, what to work on to get better. They really encourage you to do a good job."

Bomar met up with Rick Neuheisel at camp, and the Husky head coach had this to say to the young linebacker. "He just told me to take my time and call him up whenever I want to say the magic word," he said. "Oregon said that they'll be watching me closely and they'll be talking to me at the beginning of September. Other than that, Neuheisel just said to take your time. He's not pressuring me at all. That's good."

The question remains - will Tahj pull the trigger soon on a firm verbal commitment? "There really isn't a set date, but I'm keeping track of it. (laughs) It's just a matter of me just going out and telling the school I want to go to that I'm comin'," he said.

Tahj's plans for the rest of the summer are modest in comparison to the whirlwind tour he's been on the last few weeks. "I'm just going to be lifting weights every day, working on drills and getting ready for our team camp at UPS in July," he said. "We're getting ready to repeat as State champs." Top Stories