Huskies in it for Bay Area back

Last year McClymonds High School in Oakland had nine players receive D-1 offers. This year, their team isn't quite as loaded, but they have several players who have caught the eye of schools from up and down the west coast and across the country. One of head coach Alonzo Carter's top prospects is RB Willie Griffin. caught up with Griffin and he said he recently received a scholarship offer from the University of Washington.

"It was really surprising," Griffin said when he received his Husky offer. "I hadn't really been receiving that much mail from them and when I talked to them about a month earlier they said they would have an offer for me, but I was really like ‘Well we'll see what happens' because I didn't really know how things like that worked.

"Then when I was in the office with coach Carter, he got a phone call from coach (Tim) Lappano and he said ‘I wanted to let you know we have an offer for Willie Griffin'."

The Huskies were Griffin's first offer and he says that means a lot.

"It was amazing getting that first offer," Griffin said. "It was really nice. It's really a stepping stone for me and I hope it's one of many.

"Ever since then I've been doing a lot of research on Washington and Seattle and just trying to see what it's all about. It looks really pretty up there and I'm really interested in getting up there for a visit. Coach Carter said (Washington) would be a good fit for me."

In addition to the Washington offer, Griffin recently picked up offers from both Oregon State and Colorado.

"The Oregon State and Colorado offers were pretty much like Washington's, because I really hadn't heard that much from them before they offered me," Griffin said with a laugh. "One of my old teammates, Patrick Henderson, committed up there and he said he really likes it there and he's been telling me about the school and the program.

"Colorado is my most recent offer. I have a couple of friends from McClymonds that go there and they really like it. They've been telling me about it and I just couldn't believe it when I got that offer."

Griffin says letters from the entire Pac 10, Michigan, Miami, Penn State and Mississippi come in all the time.

Carter describes Griffin as a "downhill runner" with good speed (4.55) and a tough personality. The other thing to remember about Griffin is that he is only entering his fourth season of football.

"Last year was only my third playing football," Griffin said. "I'm still sort of learning how to make guys miss and be more elusive. That's what I'm working on now – being a little more shifty. I still put up 854 yards and 15 touchdowns and then two other backs had over 1,000 for us last year."

Those two backs were Rico Thomas, who signed with San Diego State, and Terrance McCoy who will head to Idaho to play for new coach Dennis Erickson.

"They were great guys to sit behind and learn from," Griffin said. "I didn't get the chance to learn a lot from playing Pop Warner and stuff so Terrance took me under his wing and showed me some different stuff. Now that it's just me people had better be ready because I've got a lot to show."

Griffin will take in the Nike camp at Stanford next month and may also attend the Scout combine in Los Angeles on May 7th, but hasn't made any plans for that one yet. His team attends the Cal full-contact camp in June and he may take a few unofficial visits to some programs, but they will probably only be local schools.

He claims a 2.6 GPA and recently took his SAT on April 1st.

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