Russo returns from camp satisfied

Anthony Russo is a 5-11, 175-pound athlete from Lakewood (Wash.) Lakes, and Anthony just returned from four days camping at the University of Washington. His testing and performance during the Huskies' 7-on-7 tournament turned some heads in Montlake, and solidified Russo's position as one of the top athletes in the entire West Coast.

"Well, they would get us up at 7:30 and we would eat breakfast," Russo told last night about the regimen at camp. "Then we would go for the morning practice session, with an hour and a half on offense and an hour and a half on defense. Then we would go to lunch, play some 7-on-7's and then do the afternoon practice, which was another hour and a half on offense and an hour and a half on defense. Then more 7-on-7's and then dinner time."

After dinner, it was all 'Husky Ball'. Husky ball? "It's 11-on-11 basically," Russo said. "You pass the ball around, no matter where you are and try to keep passing the ball until you score."

Russo played for the Crimson Tide during 7-on-7's, and was teamed with another familiar name. "Kyle Trew was on our team," Anthony said. "But he left camp early so we didn't get a chance to play with him the whole time." Their 5-3 record earned the 'Tide 4th place honors. Russo also mentioned Anthony Dotson, Matt Tuiasosopo and Tahj Bomar as three players he had an opportunity to hang out with. And the best player he saw? "To be honest, I think it was the sophomore from Decatur, Tracey (Ford)," he said. And Akeem (Anthony) too, of course." (laughs)

Anthony was especially pleased with the testing phase of the camp, where he ran a quick 4.44 40 (on turf), 4.3 shuttle (on turf), jumped 31 inches in the vertical leap and benched 15 reps of 185 pounds. "I think I got better every day," Russo said. "The coaches kept telling me I was looking good." Coaches from Portland State and Montana were quick to give Anthony some positive feedback, as well as Husky Running Backs Coach Chuck Heater and Head Coach Rick Neuheisel.

"Coach Heater told me to keep working hard and get bigger if I want to play running back," he said. "He also told me that I should keep playing receiver and defensive back too. Coach Neuheisel kept telling me that he was looking out for me." What did he enjoy the most? "I think it was the whole camp atmosphere...the players, the way it was. It was the toughest camp I've ever done. There was a lot of running!" (laughs)

As well as the camp went for Russo, a scholarship offer wasn't meant to least not yet. Anthony's current offers include Idaho and Montana. Anthony is now off to meet up with his Lakes teammates at Eastern Washington to take in their team full-contact camp. Oregon has been sending the most literature and Washington, Idaho and Montana join the list of schools that seem to be paying the most attention of late. Top Stories