Whithorne returns home resolute

Bobby Whithorne is a 6-1, 180-pound receiver prospect from Santa Margarita, California, and Whithorne is done with the recruiting process. He verbally committed to Washington head coach Rick Neuheisel nearly a month ago, and reaffirmed his commitment while at the Huskies' team camp. This is what he had to say about his camp experience at Montlake.

"It was great," he told Dawgman.com on Wednesday. "Coach (Bobby) Kennedy was awesome and the rest of the coaches were awesome too. During the drills, Coach Neuheisel took me off to the side and helped me with some things. Coach Kennedy too. I really learned a lot."

While they didn't exactly lay their plans out with Bobby, the Washington coaches definitely let him know that playing time could come early. "They really didn't go in-depth," he said. "They talked more about the work ethic, how hard the players work when they get here. They were talking about how they are going to lose 5 players and that they are expecting kids to come in right away and step up."

There was nothing that made Whithorne second-guess his decision to be a Dawg. "I think the thing that stood out was the coaches were really welcoming, giving me a tour of the locker rooms and the facilities...they really made it feel like I was home. They really care."

Bobby let us in on some of the players he met at camp. "I got a chance to meet Craig Chambers," he said, referring to his future teammate from Mill Creek. "He came to camp but didn't play because of his ankle. I got a chance to meet him, so that was cool. We are really excited to get a chance to play together. BJ Vickers was also there for a few days, as well as the quarterback from Venice, (Eddie) Miller. BJ is a good guy. He was loving the camp. We really didn't talk at all about in-depth stuff, but you could tell he was really enjoying himself."

He was close to being on the winning 7-on-7 team. "We were the Commodores," said Whithorne. "Ash (Ashton White) and I were on the same team and Brian White (Trabucco Hills HS) was our QB. We were undefeated until the championship game. Brian had to leave to go to the Ohio State camp and we lost the championship game."

Since Bobby is now a Husky, he's ready to put the recruiting process behind him. "I'm glad it's over," he said. "Now I can concentrate on winning all of our games and going all the way to the championship."

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