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Lawrence Jackson is a 6-4.5, 235-pound defensive end prospect from Inglewood, California, and Jackson took in Washington's 'Husky' camp last Saturday and Sunday. It was the first time Lawrence had seen Washington and Seattle, and he was suitably impressed by what he saw.

"It was really nice up there, really exciting," Lawrence told Dawgman.com Thursday night. "I learned a lot. The coaches were all on hand and they showed a lot of hospitality up there. They have great facilities up there too."

Jackson may attend the Colorado team camp in August, but that is up in the air. As it stands, Washington is the only team camp he has checked out. "Well, at the time I signed up I had the money and I wanted to see how athletes up in Washington were," he said, explaining his rationale for attending the Husky camp.

Was he surprised by what he found in Seattle when it came to the in-state athletes in attendance? "No disrespect to the players up there, but California has better athletes," Jackson said, matter of factly. "They are bigger, faster and stronger. Up there at camp during the 7-on-7's, there maybe was one player per team that was a real athlete, but if it had been in California all the teams would have had lots of athletes."

Any preconceptions Lawrence had about the Northwest were quickly erased during the 48 hours he spent in Seattle. "Well, everyone I talked to said how much it rains up there, but there was lots of sunshine when I was there," he said.

During testing, Jackson ran a 4.82 40, 4.37 shuttle, benched 185 pounds 27 times and jumped 31 inches in the vertical leap. "I played tight end on the 7-on-7's, and on defense I played linebacker," he said. "It was cool. I've played linebacker in the past for my school, so it was fine."

Linebacker was just for fun. When it comes to playing some serious ball in college, the Washington coaches made it clear to Jackson where they envision him doing the most damage. "I talked to Coach Neuheisel, Coach (Bobby) Kennedy, Coach (Randy) Hart, Coach (Chuck) Heater...basically all of the coaches," he said. They talked to me about what they would want me to do, which is play rush end and get to the quarterback. They also talked about the facilities upgrades. I asked them some questions, like what I need to improve on. They let me know that they would like to see me play the run a little better, be a little more aggressive. I already knew all that, though. I need to get more physical...faster, stronger and meaner."

Lawrence recently received a qualifying score on the ACT, which just adds to the attractiveness of the player already ranked as the number two defensive end prospect in the country by TheInsiders.com. The offers he's already received are a testament to just how much love he's being shown by teams on both coasts. So far, scholarship offers have been tendered by very school in the Pac-10, minus Stanford and Cal. Offers have also come from LSU, Tennessee, Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State and Miami.

"Michigan and Miami are kind of on the bubble right now," he said. The bubble? "Well, they said they would be really excited if I came to play for them, but they don't have me as their number one player (at defensive end). All of the other schools have told me I'm their number one guy. I want to go to a school where I know I'm wanted."

Lawrence also has two other things he'll be focusing on when he takes official visits this fall and winter. "I want to check out the weather, especially when it's nasty out," he said. "I want to go to Miami when it's the hottest. I want to visit Washington when it's the coldest. I also want to make sure the academics are there."

Any trips he knows he's going to take for sure? "Washington and Miami, basically any school that is really recruiting me hard," he said. Jackson has had to back off from creating a list of top schools, simply because more and more colleges have crept back into the picture. "I don't have a top-5," he said. "I had to re-open things. If it was just based on recruiting, it would be Washington, Michigan State and LSU. They have really been hammering me with letters. Washington's been recruiting me since the 10th grade."

And Jackson's immediate plans? "I might go to Colorado's camp in August, but I'm not sure right now," he said. "There's also the NFL experience camp at USC in July and a camp this weekend, the Curtis Conway camp."

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