UW looking at English prepster Bryan-Amaning

As the Washington coaches focus their recruiting attentions on the future, a big piece of next years puzzle is undoubtedly going be a foreign player named Matthew Bryan-Amaning. The 6'9" 225 pound junior, who originally hails from Surrey, England, has only been in the U.S. for a little over a year and his games hoops game tends to reflect this.

The active forward from used his 7'4" wingspan and great athleticism to post a 14 points and 10 rebounds-average for the South Kent School in Connecticut this past season. Projected as a four in college, many schools believe that Bryan-Amaning also possesses the ability to play on the wing. It's without question that if Washington is going to continue their current streak of solid recruiting classes, Matthew Bryan-Amaning is a player that they have to seriously look at in 2007.

Bryan-Amaning recently talked with Dawgman.com about his development as a player and where his interests currently are in recruiting. "I'm a versatile forward, a combo forward," Bryan-Amaning said in his unmistakeable English accent. "(I'm) able to play with my back to the basket and make post up moves, but also step out on the perimeter and hit the open jump-shot or face up to the basket well for my size. I also think that I can handle the ball well for my size."

So what is his biggest strength on the court? "I just think my divisibility really," said Bryan-Amaning, who believes that he has the ability to play either the three or the four position at the college level. "If a bigger defender is guarding me, then I can take him out on the wing and take him off the dribble. If it's a smaller guy, I'll be able to take him in the post and go to work." Sounds the 17 year-old has got the total package. An athletic big guy who can play solid both inside and outside.

Playing the game since he was "three years old," Bryan-Amaning has been groomed to be a basketball player. "I grew up in the same program back home with Eric Boateng (Duke) and Luol Deng (Chicago Bulls) says Bryan-Amaning. "There are a lot of strong players that are playing basketball right now that were my teammates." In fact, it was an assistant coach from UConn at the time, which spotted Bryan-Amaning playing in England two years ago, and got him enrolled at nearby South Kent Prep School.

With his whole family still back in England, Bryan-Amaning really has no regional ties in the U.S., which will greatly help the Huskies in getting him to relocate to the other side of the country. Hopefully they will be able to get him out of the Northeast as he said he does, "have an aunt that lives in New Jersey that I stay with during the summer." That probably won't be a problem, as he says being away from his family doesn't bother him that much. "I don't really get homesick," says Bryan-Amaning, whose playing AAU ball in the Jersey area during the summers has helped him adjust to the American game. That's not to say that he doesn't miss things from back home. "(I'm) just missing my mom's cooking really," says Bryan-Amaning, who can't seem to find an American substitute for her homemade rice and beef.

Even with a year of high school left to go, the Matthew Bryan-Amaning sweepstakes have already began to heat up. He says that he has narrowed his decision down to his top-10 schools, all of which are east of the Rockies, except for UW. He lists, "Washington, Pittsburgh, Wake Forest, UConn, Texas, Duke, Georgetown, Villanova, Virginia Tech, and Georgia Tech," saying that he has already received offers from every one, except for UConn and Duke. Having already visited some of them, Bryan-Amaning has gotten a good feel for what the recruiting process is all about. "My first year here, I visited Wake Forest on an unofficial," he says. "I've been to Duke's facilities also, (plus) Miami we been to a game there. I should be at the Pittsburg tournament, so I should see there."

One would think that with all of the interest he is receiving on the east coast that UW would fall out of the picture, but not with this coaching staff. "Every single one of the (UW) coaches has come to see me play at one time or another," says Bryan-Amaning. "I think coach Romar might be coming up to see me either this week or next week, so I speak to them a lot." Bryan-Amaning has clearly been impressed with UW's staff thus far. "They're doing real well with me. I like the school, I like how they play, the league they're in, so I think they're (doing) real good."

Bryan-Amaning isn't ready to slim his list down just yet, but he did say that he took notice of how the schools on his list performed, especially UW. "I liked the way Washington played, so I would definitely say they're really high on my list," he says. "But I haven't really got my top three." Regardless, it appears that UW is clearly one of the schools that he is looking at very closely. If the Dawgs can in fact land Matthew Bryan-Amaning, another highly coveted prospect, they will again take one step further to solidifying this program among the nation's elite.

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