Catching up with 'Fast' Eddie Jackson

'Fast' Eddie Jackson is a 6-4, 218-pound receiver from Columbus, Ohio and the Washington signee has graduated from Coffeyville Community College in Kansas and is now in the Emerald City, working hard and getting ready for the upcoming season.

"I just got up here on Wednesday night," Jackson told "I'm just working right now and trying to live it, getting ready for the summer. I've been running and lifting. I played spring Juco football, but it would have been nice to have been up here for spring ball but I'm here now. There's no turning back." Eddie chose the Huskies over West Virginia, Purdue and Kansas.

Even though Jackson is the new guy on the block, he's already falling in line with his teammates like he's been around forever. "I'm staying with Terry Johnson and Jerome Stevens," he said. "Terry is a cool person. He's going to be Terry. I also hang out with Paul (Arnold) and Houdini (Jackson). I haven't heard any trash talking yet, but they're already joking." (laughs)

Part of the 'joking' apparently, is Eddie's nickname. "They gave me that name already," he said about the 'Fast' in 'Fast' Eddie Jackson. "They said there's more to come, so don't get used to that one."

Eddie has been making the rounds on campus as well. "I talked to him a little bit, Jackson said, referring to Washington head coach Rick Neuheisel. "He was just making jokes, like the first time we met."

So what are the plans for Eddie right now? "I'm just trying to get into shape, learning the system," he said. "I'll start catching some balls on Monday. I'm glad to be here. It's about time, though. I am ready to play, get out there and play."

He can already envision the first touchdown he scores, hopefully in Michigan Stadium at the end of August. "Everybody better be in that end zone!" he exclaimed.

Chances are they'll be catching up to him while he's doing his best cabbage patch. After all, he is 'fast'. Top Stories