Reffett racks up a 'W'

Jordan Reffett is ready to pack up his things and head west, now that things are complete for him back home. The 6-5, 255-pound former defensive end from Moses Lake, Washington had to take care of a little unfinished business against the wet-siders Friday night in Everett, and he did it with a lot of style.

"Man, it was a lot of fun tonight," Reffett said of the East's 13-3 victory over the West All-Stars in Everett. "There was a lot of chit-chat from the West side...big talkers and stuff, and it felt really good to come out here and thump on 'em. I think we dominated defensively. They couldn't do anything on the ground or in the air."

And personally? "I felt really good out there," he said. "I felt really quick out on the turf, I don't know why. It feels good to get a win and playing against these's the most fun I've ever had."

Jordan had this to say about the week-long 'All-Star experience'. "You come up here thinking it's going to be a cakewalk, but it's not," he said. "We worked hard. We came in on Sunday and practiced right away. The coaches' association has been great. Paul ] Lawrence, everybody...they helped out and got us everything we needed...hotel, food, everything. We got all the perks...we felt like All-Stars."

Reffett helped Moses Lake defeat Walla Walla this past season, and it was with much glee that the Blue Devil coaches snatched up Jordan to play on their side for a change. "They liked having me around instead of playing against them," Jordan said with a big laugh. "But they are great coaches. It's just so much fun being around guys like this all the time."

But high school football is now officially in the past for Reffett. Now he has to look forward to the next challenge in his life. "I talked to Coach (Brent) Myers around two weeks ago," he said, referring to the coach that recruited him to play football for the University of Washington. "I'll be playing defensive end and I'll be going up there August 6th. I think I'm going to redshirt, but I'm not that positive. Depends on if anybody gets hurt. We'll see what happens when I get up there. If I can compete, I'd like to play, but if I need a year, I need a year." Top Stories