Stanback enjoys all-star treatment

As it has been all year, Isaiah Stanback was a running highlight film Friday night in Everett, eluding would-be tacklers and heaving up pin-point bombs 50 yards downfield. All in a day's work for the 6-3, 195-pound Stanback, as he takes his act just up 23rd Street past the Montlake Bridge to that big field with the track around it in a couple of months.

"It was, because we knew we should have won," Isaiah said, explaining his disappointment in losing to the East All-Stars 13-3. "It was hard, because our game plan got taken away from us because of the rain, but that's still no excuse. They played a good game."

Still, it's just a football game. "You gotta have fun out there," he said. "It's not all serious. At a certain point it is, but you've got to have fun too while you play."

It may be just a case of quarterback and receiver already on the same page, but when we asked Nate Robinson about his favorite all-star activity, he mentioned Marco Polo. So did Isaiah. "We went swimming every day," he said. "We played Marco Polo. That was a lot of fun." (laughs)

The 'fun' continues for Stanback shortly, as the transition from being a high school phenom to just another lowly freshman will take place within the next 72 hours, even if the full transformation won't take place for another month or so. "I be there, at U-Dub (Monday), lifting weights," he said.

The idea of redshirting hasn't crossed Stanback's mind lately. "I haven't talked to coaches in a while, but I'll take care of all that when we get to camp," he said. "That's the coaches' decision." Top Stories