Benn enjoys experience despite defeat

His prep career now officially over, Jason Benn can now look to bigger and better things. caught up with the 6-5, 245-pound tight end/defensive end signee right after the East All-Stars took it to the West, 13-3 in wet conditions Friday night in Everett. The Washington signee doesn't have much time to relax before he embarks on the next phase of his life.

"It was fun coming out here," Jason said of his All-Star experience. "It was like two-a-days all over again. We would scrimmage hard in the mornings. It was fun. This was a fun game. I loved playing it. I had a great time tonight."

Now that the game is over, it isn't going to take long for Benn to swing right into the routine of being a Dawg. "I started going down there last week and I'll go back down on Monday to start lifting," he said. "I'll go from there."

Benn's athleticism is something the Husky coaches want to put to good use, so they aren't limiting their options. "They've got me starting out at tight end, but said that they could move me over to d-end too, so we'll see," he said. "Just depends on what happens with two-a-days."

Redshirting looks to be in the cards for Jason's immediate future. "That's what they told me a long time ago, but we haven't talked about it since my recruiting trip," he said. Top Stories