Informal workout brings pleasant surprises

On a lark, I decided to head to Montlake to check out how things were on campus. Lo and behold the skill guys had an informal 7-on-7 session where almost every skill player was in attendance, including new receiver 'Fast' Eddie Jackson. The mood was upbeat and loose under sunny skies today, and while the play wasn't exactly super-crisp, it was spirited.

Eddie Jackson is fast. He is a long-strider and is shaking off the rust when it come to catching the ball with his hands extended. He had trouble shaking off defenders except one - Sam Cunningham. On numerous occasions, Sam was just a nano-second short from picking off passes, which was just enough time for Eddie to gobble up the ball and head downfield.

Reggie Williams and Paul Arnold were very vocal in their encouragement of Jackson, giving him little tips and keys to work on every time he would run back to get in line. Arnold is always one of the more vocal participants in these 'sessions', and he was noticeably present today. He had some great one-on-one jousts with Roc Alexander.

Roc looks good. VERY good. He's running very well and no Husky receiver can beat him deep. Chris Massey also looked very good and is always working hard, even during these informal drills.

When it comes to the safeties, it was great to see both Greg Carothers and Jimmy Newell out there and playing (presumably) pain-free. Greg has most definitely put on weight, as he has to be at least 220 by now. Jimmy looks sharp and ready to play.

On the receiving side, there was one player that looked like he is more than ready to go - Patrick Reddick. He showed up a little late but put on a nice show when he got there. There was only one DB that was able to stay with him, and that was Roc Alexander. It's going to be fun watching Pat play this fall. His upper-body is just huge.

Charles 'ET' Frederick was there this afternoon, catching balls and looking the part of a Husky receiver. He was sharp on his routes and as quick as ever. His status is still uncertain for this fall, but I would have to think seeing 'ET' working out with the team right now has to be a positive sign.

Justin Robbins didn't looked hobbled at all, and actually was running quite well. I'm unsure as to his prognosis for playing this fall, but if his work this afternoon was any indication he looks to be right on track.

Joe Toledo is another player that looks noticeably bigger than the last time I saw him. He's running really well and was able to get separation from his defenders. Casey Paus threw with the TE's at the end, as they worked on shedding safeties and OLB's.

Lastly, the quarterbacks looked a bit rusty and they seemed to be intent on working on chemistry and timing with the receivers, especially Jackson. Cody Pickett worked with Eddie well after most of the players had already called it a day. Williams and Arnold were also there, showing the new guy the ropes. Top Stories