Recruiting ready to take off for McDowell

One of the fastest football players in the state of Washington is preparing for his proverbial "coming out party" this weekend as he heads to Los Angeles to take part in the Scout combine being held at Citrus College. Rainier Beach WR/DB Vonzell McDowell hasn't gotten any offers yet, but he's hoping that's just a matter of time.

"Washington, Oregon State, Oregon and Washington State are all sending me lots of stuff," McDowell told recently. "Cal just started sending me stuff too. I haven't gotten any offers yet, but hopefully when I go to the combines and to the camps that will change."

McDowell was named the Defensive Player of the Year in the Metro league this past fall and he says that while his heart lies at cornerback, he is open to the opportunity to play wide receiver if that's what the coaches want him to do.

"I love playing defensive back," McDowell said. "Shutting a guy down and making plays – that's what I live for. I like defense more, but I don't care that much. Some schools are telling me they like me as a wide receiver and they like my speed."

Speed has never been an issue for McDowell who claims a 4.45 forty and 10.6 100 meters in track.

McDowell took in the Husky spring game on April 22nd and said he enjoyed himself a lot.

"I'm just really glad it didn't rain," McDowell said with a laugh. "I liked my time there a lot. U-Dub looks like they are coming along and they're going to be pretty good next year."

One person McDowell got to talk with on the sidelines before the game was a player he had hoped to see in the state championship, but his Vikings squad came up one game short.

"I loved meeting Jake (Locker)," McDowell said. "He's just about the best player I've ever seen. We talked about a lot of stuff when we were down there on the field – football and stuff, but other things too.

"He's a great guy and a great quarterback. He's going to do some great things there."

McDowell spoke with both Eric Yarber and J.D. Williams while he was on campus and said that both of the coaches talked about him playing for them.

"I'm still working on getting the (Husky) coaches my tape," McDowell said. "Coach Williams was telling me what he was looking for in a DB and that he's seen a few clips of me, but he wants to see more. We're working on that right now.

"When I talked to coach (Tyrone) Willingham, he just talked to me about always being humble and working hard to achieve my goals. I really like and respect him, along with the other coaches on the staff. I really feel comfortable there."

But McDowell isn't resting on his laurels.

He attended the Oregon junior day this past weekend and he will be at the Scout combine on May 7th. After that he said he plans on taking in all four of the northwest schools' camps and by then he hopes he will have some offers so he can make a decision before his season starts.

"If I feel right and the offer is there then I will take the offer that feels right," McDowell said. "I'd really like to be able to decide before my season starts, but if that doesn't happen I'll wait to take some visits and see how things are after that."

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