Players step it up during 7-7's

The primal scream let out by Derrick Johnson could have been heard all the way to Suzzallo. Eddie Jackson ran a textbook stop-and-go, leaving Johnson grabbing for air and a little bit of shirt as Eddie breezed up the south sideline at Husky Stadium. Jackson's route was one of a few highlights today as a new face showed up on campus and an old one stopped by participate in the action.

Reggie Williams, Charles Frederick, Evan Benjamin and Greg Carothers were four of the more notable no-shows as the skill guys went about their business during 7-7's and 1-1's. All three quarterbacks were present and all had their moments but overall didn't show the sharpness and consistency that will come during camp. Freshman Shelton Sampson came to play today, and the running back from Lakewood (Wash.) Clover Park showed his wheels when he outran Johnson on a streak down the sideline. Shelton was the only true freshman in attendance today. Chris Singleton was the other running back that worked out. Rich Alexis was present, but didn't participate.

Zach Tuiasosopo made an appearance, and if he's one pound he's a legit 270 right now. He's just huge. The starting fullback will certainly lose some of that weight in fall camp, but he is looking more and more the part of a bowling ball with wheels, which is really exciting. He ran some routes out of the backfield and doesn't seem to have lost any speed. I know I wouldn't want to get in his way.

Paul Arnold, Pat Reddick and Jackson were the receiving stars today. Reddick had the other play of the day, selling out to catch a fly thrown big by Cody Pickett. His catch brought some ooohs and aaahhs from the peanut gallery, mostly the defensive backs who were feigning interference. Arnold was as vocal as always, saying something and then flashing that million-dollar smile. His catches were money too.

Some of the best one-on-one work was done when Arnold took on his old Kennedy teammate and former Husky Joey Thomas. Joey plays defensive back for Montana State and was back in town for a few days. He decided to step up his game against Arnold, covering him tough for a couple of plays before Paul got the better of him on a deep route.

The defensive back that wasn't letting anything by him was Roc Alexander, clearly the class of the DB corps today. Roc's closing speed is reaching legendary proportions and he looks to be in fantastic shape. Roc and Johnson were running ones, with Chris Massey, Eric Shyne and Sam Cunningham rotating in and out.

Joe Toledo and Andy Heater were again the tight ends that came out to play, and both looked very solid against the linebackers. Toledo presents some serious mis-match problems, and he's working hard on the 'rub' move that will allow him separation to make catches. Linebacker Ben Mahdavi looks to have taken his already-incredible workout regimen to the next level. He reportedly has been working out in Texas with Kevin Ware and some NFL players, and it shows. Between Mahdavi, Tim Galloway, Marquis Cooper and Joseph Lobendahn, the inside linebacking corps are looking to be a very strong unit. Top Stories