Bartons offer alternative to combines

They are labelling it the 'Next Step Marketing Workout', and while the name of it is right on point, those that run the Greg Barton Academy football camps could just as easily call it the 'Next Step non-combine evaluation session', because their Saturday workout will look like any number of combines that are held at this time throughout the country - but without the combine.

Sounds confusing? Probably, but think of it this way...instead of prospects running 40's and testing their leaping ability in the vertical jump and their strength in the bench press, the Barton's are going to try a different approach. They are going to let college coaches scout - just like the NFL scouts would do at a college. Sure, they would have their stopwatches handy, but they would be just as interested in seeing how a lineman moves, how a QB throws and how a receiver catches the ball. And at the Next Step Marketing Workout, coaches from all over the country will get a chance to not only pre-determine what they want to see, but they'll see massive amounts of repetition - something they would rarely, if ever, see at a normal combine event.

The Bartons have limited the number of invitees to 180, allowing for a normal flow that one would normally see at one of their camp events. Couple that with the fact that over 1,000 college coaches have been invited from schools throughout the country, it's a great event to gain exposure and increase a prospect's chances of being recruited.

So the concept seems simple: since the workout is not a combine, the Bartons will not do testing nor will be offer speed and quickness to the program. Their stance is this; they will not offer anything that they can't perform at a high level. Both Greg and Taylor Barton originally felt that it would be fun to offer to small colleges an opportunity to simply view our football camp during the April-May evaluation period. That's how the idea was formed, but like any good idea it mushroomed. and then it just kind of took off.

Under the ideal scenario, this is how the Bartons envision their 'workout': receivers should have the opportunity to catch 100 or more passes during the day and the quarterbacks should have three hours of intense work. This might sound absurd, but to anyone that has seen a Barton camp in action, this is really nothing more than a normal camp session, but they are adding time for defensive training. In addition, they will give time to running backs besides the normal route-running you would see in a normal combine experience.

The Bartons know that the one-on-ones is what gets the prospects all excited, so they have no intention of eliminating that aspect from their 'workout' experience. They will end the day with a long period of one-on-one competition (QBs and TE's vs.Safeties, QBs and RBs vs. Linebackers, QBs and receivers vs. corners). But they will also do their normal one hour of training and one hour of throwing from station-to-station.

Their Offense-Defense Line Camp, run by well-known regional coach Ray Baker, will be held BEFORE the QB – Skill Camp so all the attention will be on the lineman. This is another situation where the Bartons are breaking away from the norm. By having the linemen go from 9:45-noon and the skill players go from 11:45-3 p.m., coaches can totally concentrate on the lineman for two hours.

Taylor Barton has done a magnificent job in working with his father Greg to bring this event to Portland. They came up with the idea two weeks ago and here are most of the colleges that have committed to attending the workout:
University of Oregon
Oregon State University
University of Washington
University of Idaho
Northwestern University
Boise State University
Portland State University
Sacramento State University
Northern Arizona University
Weber State University
Idaho State University
Willamette University
University of Puget Sound 
Pacific Luthern University
Western Oregon University
Southern Oregon University
Western Washington University
U.S. Military Academy at West Point
Whitworth College
Claremont McKenna College
Linfield College
Western Montana College
Carroll College
Assumption College
Lewis and Clark College
Pomona-Pitzer College
And here are just a handful of the 180 prospects expected to attend and compete on Saturday:
QB Jordan Rodgers Chico (Calif.) Pleasant Valley
WR/DB Blake Page Chico (Calif.) Pleasant Valley
QB Jacob Caron Cheshire (Conn.) Cheshire Academy
OL/DL Daniel Arisco Cheshire (Conn.) Cheshire Academy
DB RJ Maki Cheshire (Conn.) Cheshire Academy
TE/WR Patrick Mura New London (Iowa) New London-Danville
QB Marc Rogers Bandon, Ore.
QB Justin Melani Beaverton, Ore.
QB Tom Farinacci Beaverton (Ore.) Southridge
RB David Smith Beaverton (Ore.) Southridge
WR Marcus Mathews Beaverton (Ore.) Southridge
WR Justin Smith Beaverton (Ore.) Southridge
OL/DL Ian Maarefi Beaverton (Ore.) Southridge
LB Paul Werhane Beaverton (Ore.) Southridge
WR Shane Durando Corvallis, Ore.
WR/DB Cameron Hein Corvallis, Ore.
DE Curtis Dodson Corvallis, Ore.
WR Aaron Pflugrad Eugene (Ore.) Sheldon
WR Matt Arbuckle Eugene (Ore.) Sheldon
RB Joshua Tobar Eugene (Ore.) South Eugene
DB Logan Beal Eugene (Ore.) South Eugene
QB LB Draper Grants Pass (Ore.) Hidden Valley
QB Alex Hymel Gresham (Ore.) Barlow
QB Cory Bean Hillsboro, Ore.
QB Kevin Acker Hillsboro (Ore.) Glencoe
QB Duncan White Lake Oswego, Ore.
LB/TE Kyle Lavender Lake Oswego, Ore.
WR Taylor Young Lake Oswego (Ore.) Lakeridge
QB Shawn Evans Milwaukie (Ore.) Clackamas
WR Ricky Cookman Milwaukie (Ore.) Clackamas
DE Robert Young Milwaukie (Ore.) Clackamas
QB Trevor Smith Pendleton (Ore.)
WR/FS Bobby Corey Pendleton (Ore.)
QB Tyler Zinski Portland (Ore.) Benson Tech
DT Miles Wade Portland (Ore.) Benson Tech
WR Joe Martin Portland (Ore.) Central Catholic
DE Kevin Frahm Portland (Ore.) Central Catholic
QB Greg Carrodine Portland (Ore.) David Douglas
QB Clark Ranson Portland (Ore.) Franklin
QB Connor Kavanaugh Portland (Ore.) Lincoln
QB Dan Wagner Portland (Ore.) Jesuit
RB Paul Weatheroy Portland (Ore.) Jesuit
QB Nate Lindstrand Portland (Ore.) Sunset
QB Troy Eggers Portland (Ore.) Westview
QB Jason Baer Portland (Ore.) Wilson
QB Brad Lint Roseburg, Ore.
RB Kyle Johnson Tualatin, Ore.
WR/CB Mikey Lemon Tualatin, Ore.
WR Easton Pedersen Highland (Utah) Lone Peak
TE/FS Trevor Orr St. George (Utah) Pine View
QB Brock Gates Federal Way (Wash.) Decatur
QB Tony Rehn Issaquah (Wash) Skyline
QB Kevin Warner Kent (Wash.) Kentwood
QB Jake Gelakoska Mill Creek (Wash.) Jackson
QB Paul Stock Poulsbo (Wash.) North Kitsap
QB Kellen Moore Prosser, Wash.
QB Greg Uhirch Seattle (Wash.) Kings
QB Jermain Delgardo Seattle (Wash.) Rainier Beach
RB Kevin Sampson Seattle (Wash.) Rainier Beach
CB Vonzell McDowell Seattle (Wash.) Rainier Beach
LB Gary Kilcup Seattle (Wash.) Rainier Beach
QB Michael Low Snohomish, Wash.
QB Evan Mozzochi Vancouver (Wash.) Columbia River
QB Taylor Bean Vancouver (Wash.) Skyview
QB Travis Hunter Woodland, Wash.
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