The Original Sports Washington is back!

The NEW Sports Washington Magazine is dedicated to University of Washington athletics. Originally founded by Jim Heckman in 1987, Sports Washington built its reputation by providing insight and inside information unavailable elsewhere. Now, partnered with the staff, the magazine will be unrivaled in its unique coverage and understanding of Washington athletics. has partnered with the original publisher of Sports Washington, Jim Heckman to re-create the best team college magazine in the nation. The same publishing leadership that produced every NFL season ticket holder guide, built and, designed many NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL sports posters and Sports Washington Magazine for over a decade will be managing the production.

The NEW Sports Washington Magazine will now offer the highest quality in design, feature stories, personality profiles, in-depth team/roster/opponent analysis and recruiting information on a monthly basis. The all glossy, Sports Ilustrated-like format will be unparalled in the publishing business, making the NEW Sports Washington Magazine the perfect complement to the daily news produced online from the folks at

"This magazine allows us to leverage our online assets to a new medium. The winner will be Husky fans who just can't get enough information on the greatest athletic program in the country," said Dawgman founder David Samek. set the standard in in-depth and timely coverage on the web and is renowned for delivering timely information and insight. The NEW Sports Washington Magazine will expand this great coverage without duplicating content. Each media (online and print) will be entirely unique in its content.

Samek explains the new format: "The monthly magazine will dig deeply into the fabric of University of Washington and its athletic programs by utilizing a feature driven format that only a magazine can provide."

Jim Heckman, CEO of Publishing agrees the NEW Sports Washington represents the future of college team sports publishing.

"The internet has completely changed the team publishing business forever. It's obvious to me the weekly tabloid is entirely obsolete and at best, redundant. Why would anyone want to pay for a weekly publication? By the time it shows up, the news inside is either old and in some cases, has changed. The internet, on the other hand, offers timely information by the hour. Nobody wants to read a 2,000 word article on their computer. Instead, fans need a monthly magazine with beautiful photography, in-depth feature articles and most of all, a quality keepsake they can save for years as the only viable complement to online information."

Our new product answers this need with a monthly, ALL GLOSS, color format and our goal is to create a magazine of such quality, that each magazine will last a lifetime as a collector's piece. We have now created the ultimate package for the true Husky fan: the best time-sensitive news on the web, complemented by a world-class feature-driven gloss magazine!" The NEW Sports Washington Magazine will debut in August 2002 and will be published on a monthly basis ten times per year. Yearly subscriptions will sell for $44.95 and will begin with a special reduced rate of $39.95 for orders placed online.

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