Thank you to those of you that submitted questions for the "Ask Dawgman" column. Here are the answers to the some of the recent questions from the past couple of weeks. Washington now has five verbals, four will be scholarship players and one will likely be a walk-on, but that walk-on has the football offices buzzing. It's a very exciting beginning to the second season, no? And our coverage of the real season has already begun, yet it's only July. Hope you are all enjoying your summer!

From The Drake
Dear Dawgman: I love your site, I travel the entire country and enjoy reading your site in my hotel room every morning with my coffee. It is like taking a little piece of Washington with me. My question is a bit picky. I schedule my business travel plans to coincide with many Husky away games (Miami, Nebraska, ASU, etc.). Why is it that all of these schools have great tailgate areas where the fans are not harassed by either campus police or local police? I have been to all Pac-10 opponents stadiums and tailgates where the fans are left alone as long as they are under control. I have noticed at the U-Dub tailgate in the North parking lot that bike patrol and foot patrol "police" continually hassle and site fans for noise or liquor consumption. I am not a big drinker but come on, this occurs at every college in the nation on Saturday. Why does the U-Dub make such an issue out of this? Especially when most people are responsible adults blowing off steam, having fun and supporting their team?

A: I must confess. I have never been hassled at a UW pre-function in all of my years of partaking. I have participated in tailgates in Miami, Nebraska, Colorado, BYU (YES, believe it or not), and the entire Pac-10 and I've never had any trouble. Nope, not even at Oregon. I think one of the reasons the UW police may be a bit more persnickety (is that a word?) about things is that the UW football stadium and parking lots are all on campus. The land is owned and operated by the UW, whereas in most stadiums it is independent of the campus. That could explain why you sense more of a police presence at UW games? Again I must tell you, I have never had a problem nor have I observed any trouble at a UW tailgate. Sorry I cannot shed more light on the topic.
From KQP
Dear Dawgman:
There is something I am still quite confused. The last time we play with Oregon, it was down there. This year, the game takes place down there also. Why is this?

A: The entire Pac-10 schedule is out of whack and Washington playing at Oregon so often in the next few years is proof of that. It will all even out over the next three years and "home and home" type schedules will return as the norm. Washington hosted ASU quite a few years in a row and returned the favor by playing there three out of four years. Washington also played three in a row in Autzen in the mid-1980s as well, so things have been screwed up for some time. It had to do with adding a 12th game, available dates for each school, and available venues for each school. Timing, in essence. It won't be askew for much longer, however. The Oregon game you are referring to was not supposed to happen. The UW and Oregon were due to take two years off from each other, but neither school wanted that, so the hiatus was reduced to one year. Since it is Oregon's year to host, and Washington already has six home games, the game will be played in Autzen. That is the toughest place to play in the Pac-10, but I think every Husky fan would rather play away against Oregon than to not have the game take place at all. Then everyone is a loser. Now, just think how good it will feel if the Dawgs knock off Oregon at their newly expanded house? Sound like fun? It does to me, see you there!
From Matt in Newport News, VA
Dear Dawgman:
Two questions for ya - 1) what is the latest development in the Anthony Vontoure story? 2) I realize how preseason football magazines can be crapshoots, considering they come out in June and are just predictions of what's to come. But, considering what else there is nationally and where the Dawgs stood after spring ball, do you think it is fair to rank them in the top 10 preseason like many big magazines have done so far? Thanks for the great site.

A: Anthony's story is a tragic one. His mental illness was outlined in the stories in the newspapers. He was a very sensitive, intelligent young man who had an illness that made it very difficult to deal with the pressures of life. He had a very difficult time dealing with adversity because of it. When things were going well Anthony was as engaging and as fun as you'll find. There is an ongoing investigation into the cause of his death but from all reports I've read to date, he died in normal Police custody from heart stoppage. To address your question about preseason magazines, I think Washington is ranked appropriately. They have significant talent returning on offense, and whenever you have experience at the skill positions, those magazines factor that in heavily. Also, if Washington wins their opener there is a very good chance they'll win their next five and wind up ranked in the top-5 at 6-0 heading into game seven. Those factors point to a high national ranking to begin the season. Of course it's more important where you finish the season and Washington will need to stay healthy with tough late road games at Autzen and in Pullman against a very good WSU team.
From MegaMass
Dear Dawgman:
Yo, Dawgman I here JC transfer Eddie Jackson is here for summer workouts so is it true the coaches and himself must be real serious about the fall?

A: Eddie is here and he wants to play right out of the gates. It will probably depend on Justin Robbins' and Will Hooks' health as well as Charles Frederick's status. If those three are ready to go, I think it may be tough to crack a rotation of Williams, Arnold, Reddick, ET, Hooks, and Robbins. It's a big jump from JC to Pac-10, and Eddie caught just 14 balls last year. I hope he has the luxury of a redshirt season to get used to school, the city, and the speed of the game.
From Lloyd
Dear Dawgman:
Is there any reason that a recruit has to decide by the first official letter of intent day? I'm also curious as to when the last day that they may commit is. It seems to me that a recruit (Lorenzo Booker), that is still indecisive about a decision would be better served to wait until they were sure more positive. I realize that some of the three or four-star players have to decide earlier because of the limited number of scholarships. I just think that by making a time when they have to have a decision, that the recruit is painting them selves into a corner on an important life altering decision. Thanks.

PS any more information on Emtman's contribution to the program is always interesting as well. The UW is very fortunate to have someone who is held in such regard, actively involved with their program.

A: You raise a brilliant point, Lloyd. In fact, many folks wonder why a five-star athlete would ever make a verbal commitment anywhere. There is really nothing to gain from it other than you assure yourself of a scholarship in the event that you become injured during your senior season. Of course, only the top tier recruits will have this luxury, as most will want to commit to the schools of their choice to ensure that their scholarship will be available (unless the school tells them that a spot is being reserved for them while they make up their mind). A recruit doesn't need to commit by any particular date, but they'll need to enroll into a school in time to begin fall quarter, of course. Also, they'll need to get their medical clearance before fall camp begins. But as far as a concrete date, there isn't one as long as the prospective student athlete is academically qualified. As for Steve Emtman's participation in the program, it is voluntary. He is not paid but comes and goes as he wishes into the UW weight room. He owns and operates a gym as well. It is very cool to have someone like him as a presence in your football program.
From Geoff
Dear Dawgman:
I watched Lake Stevens square off against Bethel in the state football quarterfinals and the Lake Stevens QB looked every bit as good as Durocher. Why haven't we heard anything from him? Thanks for the great site.

A: Mitch Canham is the quarterback you are asking about. He is a senior-to-be who also wrestles and plays baseball for Lake Stevens. He was second team all-wesco 4A North last year. I don't think the UW is recruiting him. Kyle Kendrick, a current Husky target, was the first-team QB for that league. Canham is listed at 6-1, 175. Kendrick, by comparison, is 6-3, 180. Hopefully that helps.
From Lone Dawg
Dear Dawgman:
Dawgman.com is absolutely wonderful! Keep up the fine work. Is Skyler Fulton back in Seattle? Will he try to join the Huskies? I thought I read somewhere that he had left Arizona State. Thank you.

A: Skyler was drafted by the Yankees in baseball after leaving ASU and is currently playing baseball at Skagit CC. When Jeff Carr last talked with his family word was that Skyler was planning on signing with the Yankees. Thanks for the kind words, Lone.
From BJMonroe
Dear Dawgman:

A: My understanding is that Devoe was a walk-on that would need to earn a scholarship from the UW, and that is the agreement that he and Coach Bender had. Of course Bender is no longer here, but as of press time, Devoe has indicated to Coach Romar that he plans on being part of the team next season. He will not be on scholarship. He is a big man that will fill the paint and hopefully provide quality minutes along with Shelton and Day inside. He was a good player down in Olympia in the prep ranks.
From Sufre Dawg
Dear Dawgman:
Two irregular contributors I would like to hear more from is Husky Grape and Andy of Andys' Meandering. If you know who they are, maybe you could talk them in to being regular contributors? I found their comments insightful and hints of insider information.

A: Andy is posting again, this time under AANDY. He contributes when he gets the chance but he's one busy guy. As for Husky grape, that was definite inside info. Not sure if they will contribute again or not. The call has been made, right here. Thanks for asking.
From Patrick Harris
Dear Dawgman:
Hey Dawgman, thanks for your response to my E-Mail. I want to suggest to you a registration page that fans from all over the country can put their location and E-Mail address for contacting each other. Like it or not, you guys are the best way for fans to find each other in the ever expanding Husky World. Thanks again,

A: I like the idea, Patrick. We'll set up an "out of town Cyberdawgs" message board that can be used for this purpose. Thank you again for the suggestion. We are very proud to be the most popular Husky site on the internet, and it will be our pleasure of other Husky fans can find each other through us as a medium. Some folks may even wind up meeting their spouses through our site!
From Rick Anderson
Dear Dawgman:
Is the only reason the dawgs have duplicate numbers on their roster because they have over 100 guys on the team? Why are some numbers not used? Are there any retired numbers?

A: Yes, duplicate numbers are used because there are usually a minimum of105 players on the team, 85 scholarship and 20 walk-on. After the first day of school, the number of players can exceed 105, so duplicate numbers are a must. Three Husky numbers have been retired: Chuck Carroll (2, 1927-1929), George Wilson (33, 1923-25), and Roland Kirkby (44, 1948-50).
From Lon
Dear Dawgman:
David, I was glad to see you get some exposure on Fox Sports Northwest, that's great for dawg fans everywhere, congrats! I have two questions for you- first, how much does having a good group of quarterbacks already in the program effect recruiting the real blue chippers to UW? I know that the old cliche "wide open competition" is always used, but in reality at the QB position a star athlete may have to wait until his senior year to become the starter in a program that gets great QB's year after year. I can't help but wonder if that didn't play a part in Johnny DeRocher's decision to play for the Ducks. My other question is, does Coach Neu have any more of those great Hawaiian players on the radar screen for next year's recruiting class? Oh yeah, one more thing, tell Bill and Angie that we want to see lots more Huskies and a lot less of the Ducks!!

A: Having good quarterbacks in the system does nothing but help recruiting. Top QBs don't finch from competition, otherwise Casey Paus and Isaiah Stanback wouldn't be dawgs. It also helps to get top receivers into the program. DuRocher's decision to be a Duck stems from the fact that his family has a strong bond with that program and he's been at their summer camp since he was in 9th grade. It is a fantastic program for quarterbacks and DuRocher should be a nice fit there. Washington is recruiting several Hawaiians this year, including TE Pat So'oalo, LB Blake Wong, WR Jason Rivers, and OL RJ Willing to name a few. Thanks for the Fox Sports comments – I'll let Bill know what you said but he's a Coug. Angie is a Dawg so I'm sure she'll have no problems with your request!
From JHonusWags
Dear Dawgman:
Husky Jim here. What happened to our Portland (and surrounding area) connection? Yates and Jones to name a couple. Central Catholic always has top-notch players. Since the Ducks have been strong the last few years do we not recruit down there? Jesuit has some ringers too. Thanks for the great site, GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A: You are correct, Washington has not recruited that heavily in Portland and the surrounding areas. Oregon and Oregon State have made significant strides in keeping the best Oregonians home in recent years. Spencer Marona was the most recent top athlete to sign with the Huskies from near Portland (Lake Oswego), and he is now a student coach on the Husky DL.
From Paul from Del Rio, TX
Dear Dawgman:
Nice job on the website. I visit it everyday just to keep my sanity here in Texas. My question for you is this: with the talent pool Rick Neuheisel has at Montlake, can you foresee our Dawgs competing for a national championship year in year out, much like the OU's, the Miami's and the FSU's. Thank you for the website and keep up the good work.

A: Competing for a national championship year in-year out is a goal for Neuheisel, and he meant that when he said he planned on making Washington the "Florida State of the West." However in the Pac-10, it is a difficult proposition because the teams beat each other up. Last year, Stanford cost Oregon a definite shot at the title. This happens a lot in the very competitive Pac-10. But the talent at Washington is improving, no doubt. However, it is improving everywhere in the league, particularly in the four northwest schools. WSU and Oregon State are amazing examples of this. Oregon's run has been amazing. Washington has returned to the top after some slipping. It's all good. Enjoy the competition, but I think that a Pac-10 school's chances of competing for a national title every year is much more difficult because of the competitiveness of the league. I don't think this is a bad thing, though.
From Greg
Dear Dawgman:
I remember being very impressed with Galloway and Cooper at ILB 2 years ago during spring. I watched 1 practice, read your practice write-ups and thought they clearly outplayed the eventual starters. What happened? Did they both have such an awful fall that they were passed up by the upperclassman? Or was Tom Williams not getting his best players on the field? Neuheisel has always said that the best players play, but now I'm not so sure. I really thought the LB play last year was sub-par. This year Lobendahn had a great spring. Is there any question if this guy will start or not? To me it's a slam-dunk decision, but I'm just a fan.

A: Cooper was slated to start this spring before a shoulder surgery put him out. Now it appears that Lobendahn is a shoo-in to be a starter inside. Unfortunately both Coop and Jo-Lo play the same position. If Lobendahn is moved to MIKE, then he'll compete with Mahdavi for playing time. Mahdavi has been working out with a trainer in Texas and has an NFL looking body now, it should be fun to watch. As for Galloway, he looks good but he hasn't' been able to beat Ben out for the MIKE spot. If you are asking if I believe that Tom Williams had the best athletes on the field at linebacker last year, my answer would be no. But, I think he had the guys that he trusted the most. Will new LB coach Cornell Jackson have the same feelings? We'll see, but how he's going to keep a healthy Cooper and a hungry Lobendahn off of the field is beyond me. Cooper will need to be healthy though, and he'll need to put on weight. He is too skinny, but he knows that (I can see him laughing as he reads this).
From Frank B
Dear Dawgman:
Thanks for all your and the rest of the DM crew hard work for keeping us informed (even way back in long ways since the prodigy days). Since we are just beginning to hit the recruiting trail, quite nicely I might add, I was hoping you could give us some insight into how the coaches come up with a list of 1000 (?) HS kids, then trim down the list of HS athletes to 200 or so that they will really look at, and then down to the ~50-75 that will be invited to an official visit. Are coaches assigned to positions, regions, what goes into the process - meetings etc? Thanks and see you in Ann Arbor

A: Coaches have areas they recruit. And evaluate the talent in their regions. They compile a huge list of PSAs based on those evaluations. They have recruiting meetings at least once a week when they are in the office and not on the road. It narrows down as the season progresses and some PSAs are added while others are dropped, based on evaluation, feedback, and "the numbers game". It's a very comprehensive process but it also has a lot of variation. Guys that were thought to be highly sought after can drop off of the radar after film comes in, and guys that were unknown shoot up the list if they have great senior seasons. The recruiting coordinator is Chuck Heater and it is his job to make sure that all of the coaches communicate with one another and with the head coach. He is the orchestrator of the organized chaos that is called recruiting. Make no mistake though – Rick Neuheisel makes all of the final calls on who will get an offer and who won't. It is his show. On a personal note – it's great to hear from you Dr. Brozovich. I trust you and your family are doing well in Buckeye country. You are a proud Husky and I look forward to catching up with you in Ann Arbor for sure.
From John Jones
Dear Dawgman:
Dawgman, thanks for all the great info you provide virtually every morning about my beloved Huskies. As you might expect, the Georgia papers offer virtually nothing about them or the Pac-10. Your site is a life saver. I plan on being "home" again between August 8 and the 18th. Is there any chance of watching any Husky practices during that interval? I understand that they will practice this year at UDub instead of Olympia, but are the practices open to the public? Keep up the great work. I will remain a subscriber as long as Dawgman exists!

A: Practices are open to the public unless specified otherwise. Come on out and check out the dawgs. They do close one or two practices, so be aware of that, but usually those aren't until just before a game, when they are introducing new formations or new plays. If you come out and you see us, come introduce yourself. Always a pleasure to talk dawgs with other Husky fans!

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