Bryan-Amaning excited about visit to UW

With the 2006-2007 recruiting season now in full swing, the nation's elite players will be taking their first unofficial visits to the schools they are considering. All that being said, probably the most important unofficial for UW this summer will come this week, in the form of English-born Connecticut prep star Matthew Bryan-Amaning.

The 6'9", 220-pound wingman has been busy this week attending the NIKE basketball camp in Nashville, Tennessee. This opportunity has been one that this highly touted prospect has welcomed with open arms, because as he says, "it's an opportunity to play against the best players in the nation." But with the pressure to perform also comes some perks says Amaning. "Yeah they set us up in nice hotels, and serve us nice meals, so they really take care of us."

After he leaves Nashville, Amaning will travel to Seattle for his first unofficial visit to the University of Washington. This first visit will give the versatile forward an idea of what his role would be for the Huskies, as well as familiarize him with coach Lorenzo Romar's playbook, and give him a chance to meet with some of his future teammates. The nice thing for Amaning is that this won't he first trip to Seattle, so he is already familiar with the Northwest. He said that he's mainly interested in, "seeing where the campus is and the kind of area it is."

Amaning said that he has been in constant communication with everyone on the Huskies, and especially with Romar. Having already been in frequent communication with everyone on the UW staff, Amaning said he's already on the same page with them and he's mostly interested in how he will fit in within the Seattle area.

Probably most important is that Amaning is already a big Husky fan. "I just like that they're an up-and-coming program, I like where they're headed, and I think it should be a big, high-major school, with a chance to compete for a championship." Amaning continued by saying, "I like how they play also, (the) up and down tempo is the way I play as well."

With Amaning's college decision most likely set for the fall, these summer trips will no doubt be a major factor in his final decision. He did say that he doesn't want to commit too early or, "before I am 100%. I just want to be sure that it is positively right." The good news for UW is that coming into this week, Matthew Bryan-Amaning is already leaning toward coming to Washington.

The even better news is that success sells itself. Top Stories