2006 Signee Updates

Here's a quick look at what some of Washington's signees for the class of 2006 have been up to. Look for more updates next week. Some have been running track, some have been playing other sports - but all of them have been working out, getting ready to head to Seattle in early July (with one notable exception).

Paul Homer - It's been very nice in Nebraska, roughly 15 straight 'good' days of weather, according to Paul. Homer just finished up baseball playing right field, where they finished second in state. He wasn't sure of his stats, but thought he had roughly a .325 average. He graduated last Sunday and just attended a graduation party at teammate Cory Young's house. Cory is set to play at Nebraska. Homer is leaving Nebraska on July 7th and will be checking in July 9th at UW. To his knowledge, the coaches are still planning on him getting first shot at fullback, but doesn't care if he gets moved to linebacker, doesn't have a preference.

Jake Merrill - He's been working out with the program that he was given by the strength and conditioning coaches and reports that his strength has really improved. His power clean is up to 290, squat is at 395 and bench press is at 315 pounds, up 30 pounds from his previous best. He can now also do 16 reps of 225 pounds and 26 reps at 185 pounds. He recently measured in a 6-foot-2.5 and 208 pounds. The UW coaches still like him at safety, so he's been also working hard at his footwork and quickness. With Darren McKay's help, he's still been working out with the Tides and will participate in their individual workouts. Merrill also reports that he, Cameron Elisara, Ryan Tolar and Jake Locker have all been invited to play in the yearly East-West All-Star game, but since it's eight days before they all start training at Washington he's not planning on playing and it doesn't sound like any of the other UW players will be playing either. He's moving up July 9th to be a 'full-time Husky', and his roommate will be Jake Locker. 'The Montlake Jakes', as Merrill said with a laugh. He graduates on June 18th.

Matt Mosley - He's been training every day with his trainer and will leave for Washington July 7th to get everything set up. He said he's recently measured in at 5-foot-11 and 184 pounds and has been running track this spring. The events he ran were the 100, 200 and 4x100 relay. His best 100 time was 10.7 and 22.3 for the 200. The UW coaches have told Mosley that he should get his first work as a wide receiver, but he might also see time at running back and DB. "I'll be all over the field," said Mosley.

Marcel Reece - Marcel is currently in the Bay Area visiting family, but he said that he will be up in Seattle on June 16th ready to go to work. This coming Wednesday is his last final and then once he's done with that he's coming up the following week. He keeps in touch with Anthony Atkins and Ashlee Palmer, and said that Palmer has told him that he's on track to get into school. He said he's still around 6-foot-3 and 235 pounds.

Matt Sedillo - Matt just turned 18 on Thursday, the same day he graduated from high school. He said that he'll continue to work out with his high school team until early July and then will move up to Seattle July 9th for summer school. He said that because he'll be moving up to Seattle, he'll be missing an all-star game in San Diego he was invited to play in.

Ryan Tolar - Ryan is moving up July 9th to Seattle and will be rooming in with Cameron Elisara. Because of the work done so far with the strength and conditioning program sent from UW, Tolar measured in recently at 6-foot-6 and 322 pounds, down at least 20 pounds from his normal playing weight at Pasco. He also just went through graduation on Friday night.

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