Qualifying score for Roy?

Brandon Roy was just in-between getting home from work and heading out to play some ball, but he was able to give us an update about a potential qualifying score. The 6-4 shooting guard from Seattle (Wash.) Garfield doesn't have first-hand knowledge of a score, but has been told by the University of Washington that he did qualify on his most recent attempt at the SAT.

"It's kind of weird, because Coach Romar got his info from the person that called to get the score and then he told my parents and then they told me, so it's really like fourth-hand information," Roy told Dawgman.com today. "But they said I received a qualifying score and that the test is being held. I should be getting the results by mail either later today or tomorrow."

So why is the score being held? "It sounds like it's being held because I improved," Brandon said, unsure as to what the real reason would be. In our experience, we've found this to be par for the course. It's not unusual at all to have scores held until they go through the normal clearinghouse procedures and paperwork involved. Brandon didn't know what the score was exactly, only that it was enough for him to qualify academically and that he would know for sure when he received his results in the mail.

If the score stands, Roy will be able to enroll at Washington in the fall.

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