Shyne gets his 'wings' on

The sun was shining on Husky Stadium and the Washington skill guys were out again in full force, enjoying the weather and enjoying the competition during their informal 7-7 and 1-1 drills. Kevin Ware is back in town and looking the part of a senior ready to make his mark. Eric Shyne isn't a senior yet but he's also giving his all this summer to make a difference. Today's challenge was named Reggie Williams.

Terry 'Tank' Johnson and Jerome 'Sauce' Stevens were on hand, exhorting their defensive teammates on. Tim Galloway took a tipped pass the distance for 6, causing Tank, Sauce and the rest of the defense to go nuts. They love to celebrate after a turnover.

Williams, Eddie Jackson and Patrick Reddick took the majority of the snaps today at receiver, with Ware, Joe Toledo and Andy Heater working out at tight end.

Shyne, Chris Massey, Derrick Johnson and Sam Cunningham handled the DB chores, with Greg Carothers, Jimmy Newell, James Sims and Evan Benjamin working at safety.

It seemed like the secondary had their eyes on Reggie from the first deep ball, as Newell supported deep down the middle for a long post pattern that had Williams' name written all over it. When Jimmy sold out and batted the ball down, the whole defense went crazy.

Reggie got his licks in, beating Johnson and Shyne deep, but for the most part he had his hands full. It looked like Eric was taking on Williams as a personal challenge and upped his game a notch.

One thing I noticed is that the defense is really picking up on their communication skills. As soon as a ball was in the air everybody was yelling at the DB or safeties, letting them know a ball was heading their way.

On a couple of occasions, especially covering Williams, Shyne was able to turn back just in time to either disrupt the pattern or knock the ball away. It was clear the communication was helping Eric do his job.

Kevin Ware was tough on anything thrown down the middle and looks very quick. He definitely was working out during his time at home in Texas.

Chris Singleton and Shelton Sampson were the two running back on hand, and they look super speedy, especially on anything dragging across the middle. On one route, Sampson caught the ball just one yard away from Ben Mahdavi but quickly gained separation from the MIKE as he spun back to the inside. Even in a touch situation, Shelton is a handful. Top Stories