Days of thunder

James Day is a 5-11, 195-pound running back/safety prospect from Vancouver (Wash.) Mountain View, and this summer has been all about football for James. He's been to Oregon State's team camp and passing league, Washington's passing league and the Southwest Washington football camp. The highlight of the summer for Day arguably came this past weekend in Burnaby, British Columbia.

Day provided attitude and spark in helping lead Mountain View to a 52-48 victory over Skyline at the Big Kahuna 7-7 Passing Challenge. "It was great because they (Skyline) got us last year in overtime," James said. "We've been gunning for them all year and this is the second time we've beaten them this year. It was better this time because we had a couple of guys battle back from injuries and hopefully this will tell us a lot about how our season is going to go this fall. It just feels good. They are a tough team and it just feels good beating them. It's turning into a little bit of a rivalry."

James sees as much long-term benefit in the bonding that takes place with his teammates on trips like the one to Big Kahuna as he does with the 'W'. "It's obviously great winning, but it's also cool to come up here with the guys and then at night hang out," he said. "You learn so much more about guys you never knew before and it's just a great thing to do. It's a lot of fun."

Recruiting has taken a bit of a backseat right now, but it will pick up in September. "Princeton is hitting the door a lot...a lot of east coast teams but I want to stay on the west coast, most likely," James said. "Just waiting for offers right now." Top Stories