Huebschman takes MVP honors

Ben Huebschman is a 6-3, 200-pound quarterback prospect from Vancouver (Wash.) Mountain View and Ben and his Thunder teammates had a pretty nice weekend across the border as they took top honors at the Big Kahuna 7-7 Passing Challenge. They defeated the Skyline Spartans 52-48, and Huebschman was a big reason for their success.

"This year we finally got 'em back," Ben said, noting the Spartans took last year's challenge over the Thunder. "It feels really good to come back and beat them this time."

Is a rivalry brewing between the two teams? "Absolutely," he said. "There's a lot of talking going on between both teams and both teams have some good players. Between here, U-Dub (Washington's passing league) and last year, it's getting there."

While the season is still over a month away, Huebschman is starting to round into mid-season form. "I feel I played better up here," he said. "All I wanted was first place. I didn't worry about the MVP at all. I just wanted my team to come out on top, and that's what we did. I don't play defense and our defense really stepped up today, got a couple of picks. It was a total team effort."

Huebschman was also nice enough to give us a quick recruiting update. "I'm still getting letters from a lot of schools, but no offers yet," he said. "I've gotten the most from Arizona State. U-Dub is still sending me stuff. Penn State used to send stuff, but they really haven't anymore, same with James (Day). That's about it...nothing too big. I haven't really made any sort of decision as to who my favorite schools are. Like everybody else, I want to go Division-1, shoot for the biggest school I can but I would like to stay in the Northwest if possible. That way my parents can come to my games." Top Stories