Stangel names favorites after tour

Chasen Stangel is a 6-foot-2, 185-pound quarterback from San Jacinto High School in San Jacinto, Calif., and spoke with Stangel Saturday night as he was back on the road home to California after a whirlwind tour that took him to parts north and south. The hard part is done now, all that's left is the waiting.

"The reason I'm taking a lot of unofficials in the summer is because I want to make an early decision, before my senior season," Stangel told "I'm probably thinking the month of July to make a decision. It really depends. It could be this week, next week, whenever..."

Stangel has offers from all the schools he's interested in except one - Washington. "I have nine offers, from schools like UTEP and SMU, Wyoming, Purdue and Idaho. I did a one-day camp at UTEP for an unofficial and they had a camp that day so I figured I would throw. That was cool. And I did a Nebraska camp, but I have not received an offer for them. And I did the camp at Washington today (Saturday) - just for about an hour to have them see me throw it around.

"I wanted to go in and see how serious they (UW) were about me. They've been good about being honest with me. They have said I'm high on their list and they told me to come in for an unofficial to meet with the coaches, see the campus and to have a good time and see Seattle, which was beautiful. When we got here (Friday), we took a campus tour with a student and it was really nice. It was a beautiful campus. She took us everywhere, like the locker room and the weight room. It was awesome. I got up the next morning and at 8:15 I went down and threw with Coach Lappano. I sat in a quarterback meeting they had at the camp that day. It was a really good experience. And Coach (Tyrone) Willingham is a phenomenal head coach, probably the best overall...just a phenomenal guy."

It's safe to say that Stangel was happy with how things went on Montlake, even if it didn't immediately produce a scholarship offer. "Right now everyone is even, but Washington is really high on my list," Stangel said. "I really like Washington. I sat down with Coach Willingham and met with Coach (Tim) Lappano and the whole coaching staff. I'm really high on Washington.

"I've heard nothing but great things about Coach Willingham, and meeting him personally was crazy. My first impression was that he's just an exciteable guy. He's a guy that will get the best out of you. He's a kind of head coach I would want to win for. There are certain head coaches that demand respect and are awesome people. I have nothing but great things to say about Coach Willingham."

So why does Stangel see the Huskies as being a good fit for his style of play? "I'm a guy who is going to be there for five years," he said. "I'm not going to leave. My Dad says I'm physically and mentally tough. When something goes wrong, I don't get down on myself. I keep on working. Too many guys, if they know there's two quarterbacks coming in, they'll let the other guy that's coming in be a big deal. But not me. It doesn't matter. I'm going to compete every day and work hard every day for that coaching staff That's just me.

"I think I can fit in well. When me and my Dad sat in on their meeting, that's what we do. We do similar concepts to what Coach Lappano does. So I can learn it easier than maybe some other guys because I've been exposed to it."

And although he is trying to be even-handed about it, Stangel did admit that three schools are piquing his interest at this point in time. "I'd love to get offered by Washington, that would be awesome," he said. The Huskies just offered Auburn athlete Kellen Kiilsgaard at quarterback Friday morning, but it would not be surprising to see them take two quarterbacks. "They told me they would be in contact. I'm going to wait to see what Washington does before I make a decision. They are really interested and I'm high on their list. Probably Washington, UTEP and UNLV, I just got offered by them. Those would probably be my top three."

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