White gives unofficial a '9'

Corey White is a 5-foot-9, 200-pound running back from Bishop Gorman High School in Las Vegas, Nev. and he just concluded his unofficial visit to Washington. Scout.com spoke with White about his visit and this thoughts about an early commitment.

"My older brother (Ramond) is at Oregon, so that was the first place I started looking," White told Scout.com when he first started thinking about the recruiting process. "I really liked them and wanted to follow my brother because he's my role model, but I didn't end up getting a lot of looks from them so I quickly put them to the side and I'm not thinking about them anymore."

The Ducks' rival quickly came into the picture this spring. "Oregon State, I'm developing a good relationship with Coach Newhouse there, and I really like it there," White said. "I'm waiting for an offer from them, I'm right on the bubble. My brother tells me good things about me. The guy that recruited my brother to Oregon (Robin Ross) ended up going to Oregon State, but now he's a head coach at a lower level school (Western Washington)."

Boise State, Colorado, Colorado State and Idaho have offered White, but it was the scholarship offer he received from the Washington Huskies that has had the biggest impact on his recuitment to date. He's taken the offer seriously enough to take a four-day unofficial visit of the school and the city of Seattle, a visit that just finished up Sunday morning. "I brought my parents with me," he said. "We took the whole tour. We were there from 10 to 7. We went on a full tour of the campus, it was like four hours. We talked to the running backs coach (Trent Miles) for two hours. We had a sit-in with Coach (Tyrone) Willingham. I really, really liked him. I liked his philosophy. He had nothing but good things to say. He talked a little bit about his life and what he expects out of his players and why he was drawn to recruiting me."

And White's first impression of Willingham? "He's just a nice guy. I've heard nothing but great things about him, so he was exactly what I expected. He's a smart guy. He's a little monotone, but he kept a good conversation going. I really liked him, he's a really nice guy."

White also spoke about his time talking with Miles. "He put on some film," White said. "What I liked is that he didn't show me a bunch of 60 and 80-yard runs. He showed me the hard, fighting for yardage runs. He told me that he wants his running backs to square their shoulders to the hole. Mostly he just does a lot of zones - open-step, to the hole. You have to read the hole, read the 3-technique. We do a lot of that at Gorman, so he liked that. He likes downhill runners, so that's why he likes me."

White also talked about the things he didn't know prior to his fist trip to the Emerald City. "I didn't know a lot of the history of Washington, but they have a pretty good background with all the Rose Bowls," White said. "They look like they are on the rise and on their way back to greatness. We stayed downtown and checked out a lot of the malls. We got a lot of sightseeing in, like the Pikes (Place) Market. I liked it. I really liked the weather, the weather was nice. A lot of people were complaining about how hot it was, but I'm used to it so it was actually pretty cool for me."

White, who turns 17 on July 11th, figured that this was going to be the trip that put him on a purple and gold path for the next five years of his life. Even though he didn't commit, he actually came away even more impressed with the Husky coaching staff and how they operate. "I've always played with big-time recruits, like DeMarco (Murray) and Ryan (Reynolds) who waited until the last minute, so I've always had it (waiting) in mind," he said. "But in talking to Coach White and getting this offer, we actually did talk about committing early and focusing on my senior season. We'll see how things go at the end of this month.

"My father asked the coaches about when they like to have their prospects commit," White said. "Coming up, I had committing in mind. I was close to it, and the trip made me like it even more. Coach said that they don't like pressuring their offerees into committing too soon. They want me to get here on my official visit and get with the players, see what life it like...get to know them a little more and here some feedback from the players. That made me even more comfortable. I really liked that.

"I don't think it's going to get much better than this. I really like the running back situation. I want to see what else is out there, but I'm sensing that I won't find anything better. My dream schools were like the UCLA's and Cal's, but that was before Washington came into the picture. Cal sends a whole lot of mail, but I haven't got to talk to any of their coaches. I think I'll probably go on a couple of visits. I was talking to (Bishop Gorman) Coach (David) White yesterday and he was talking about taking an official trip up to Washington early in the season. The other teams have to get on the ball if they want to do anything. I have a lot of places I want to check out to compare to Washington, but I really, really liked this trip that I was on.

"Oregon State is the only other school close to Washington right now, just because Coach Newhouse expressed a lot of interest in me in the call in May. Hopefully I'll get out there to July, but I'm not sure yet. I was supposed to go visit Boise, but I was finishing up some summer school, so I'm still going out to visit Boise (in late July). I've got a cousin that plays there (Rashaun Scott from Green Valley)."

So on a scale from 1 to 10, how did White rate his unofficial trip to Washington? He gave it a '9'. "I know for sure, 100 percent, that I'm going to end up staying on the west coast, Pac-10," White said. "Chances for Washington are 85 percent right now. The other teams have to jump on it. I'm not going to wait it out and lose my chance with Washington, because I really like these guys."

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