Conlin proactive with process

Jon Conlin is a 6-2.5, 235-pound defensive end/linebacker prospect from Vancouver (BC) Vancouver College Prep and Conlin knows that he's a little bit behind the 8-ball when it comes to football recruiting. It's not because of his game. It's all about logistics. Jon's ambition is looking to carry him to the United States to play college football. With an ex-teammate heading to LSU this fall, he knows it's a very real possibility.

"Being from Canada, it's difficult so I just tried to get my name out early," Jon told "I got film out to schools and went to a bunch of different combines. Just getting exposure. That was part of my strategy."

Part of that plan included a stop at the NW NIKE camp in Eugene, where Conlin ran a 4.75 40 and a 4.32 shuttle. He also jumped 28.3 inches in the vertical jump and repped 185 pounds 12 times on the bench. "I'm doing weights with my school and as far as running I'm with Robert Holland. I went to Eastern Washington's camp and that went really well," he explained, noting the rest of his summer football activities. "I had four days off and then I went to Ron Diaz' All-Canada Gridiron camp in Toronto." Jon improved his running marks at Diaz' camp, ticking off a 4.7 40 and a 4.1 shuttle.

It is readily apparent that the hard work training with Holland is paying off for Conlin. "I can feel myself getting better," he said. "Not so much in the weight room but more as an athlete."

Jon plays OLB/Rush End and also Tight End/Offensive line for the Irish. Most schools are recruiting Jon as either a linebacker or a tight end. "I think my future is on defense somewhere, but probably more as an inside linebacker," he said. "I feel I can make more plays there."

Conlin's pro-active approach has been paying off for him, as colleges from the states are taking notice. "Washington, Washington State, Stanford and Eastern Michigan," Jon said, naming the schools that have offered Jon a chance to visit their campuses officially. "Also Columbia from the Ivy League."

He's seen it happen, as former VC grad Peter Dyakowski earned a scholarship to play football for LSU. "Pretty much anybody in the Pac-10, but especially Washington," Jon said, naming his favorites. "Being close to home would be a big deal for me. It would be nice for my family to be able to drive down and see the games." Top Stories