Sophomore OL on Dawgs' wish list

Bobby Dockter is a 6-5, 265-pound offensive lineman from Mukilteo (Wash.) Kamiak, and Dockter is a prospect Husky fans will be talking about for some time. While he is getting ready for his junior season with the Knights, Bobby received an unexpected surprise from the Husky coaches while at their team camp in June. Going up against players like Leon Drummer showed them that Bobby has the potential to play at the next level. Now it's just a matter of playing the waiting game.

"I liked it. It was nice," Dockter told about the camp. "The first day, they weren't all that good about getting us water and everyone got a little dehydrated, but they got better. The last day they even had a station that was solely water, so there were really no complaints."

It took a little coaxing, but Bobby finally got into the swing of things at camp, and found the coaching to be instructive. "I started thinking that this was the same stuff we always do, but then I started putting it to heart and started learning some new stuff," he said. "A lot of pass-blocking techniques, some defensive stuff too."

The battle with Drummer wasn't Bobby's best, but he scrapped nonetheless. "He put me on my butt," Dockter said, laughing. "I think I would have done better if I had a better chinstrap. It's one of those padded ones. When it gets sweaty, it starts really slipping. First he drills me in the nose and it goes over my nose and blocked my vision, so I couldn't do anything. I just put myself out of my misery and went on my butt. It would have been a real fight, but he had 60 pounds on me."

It's obvious from Dockter's remarks about Washington OL coach Brent Myers that Myers saw something in the sophmore lineman. "I worked with him a little bit," Bobby said. "Mostly he was with the senior groups and I was with the juniors. But a lot of times with the one-on-ones and some of the little drills he would come by and watch me and give me little pointers, like 'Get low, stay high, get your hands in there...different things. At the Dawg Daze camp (two weeks before the Husky camp), Myers came up to me and said I was looking good and to keep working hard and get bigger, but at the regular camp he said that I came out and worked hard and that I would be a good addition to the team. I guess he can't really say anything official, but he said that they are going to scout me and that they are looking at me. It makes me feel good, but it also makes you a little paranoid, like what happens if I screw up?"

Kamiak's head coach, Dan Mack, confirmed he believes Bobby has an offer from the Washington Huskies. "I think so," Dockter said. "One thing Coach Neuheisel said is, 'Remember this conversation in two years. We want you here.' I'm taking that as something positive and they'll offer me something, but even if they don't I'm still going to be working hard, seeing what I can get. It would be nice to stay local and Washington is a great school."

Dockter will be the Knights' starting offensive left tackle and long snapper for punts and PAT's. "I hope that I get signed as a tackle and then the long-snapping will be just a little bonus so they don't have to sign two people," he said. "It'll help me, I know it will."

Kamiak is making some wholesale changes on the offensive line in terms of how they block, and it's all being done because of what Dockter brings to the table. "We are changing the whole way we block because I'm there, so it's kind of tough," he said. "Usually we stepped towards the tight end last year, but this year we are stepping away from the tight end, hoping I can handle whatever comes my way. I've got a lot on my shoulders, so I'll be working out and getting bigger and stronger. I'm not the biggest guy out there. I think my technique is right there with the best of them, but I need to bulk up. I want to be around 275 for football season, if not more." He was honorable mention All-WesCo 4A South as a sophomore.

Bobby's last recorded 40 time is 5.0 "I'm going to speed camp this summer," he said. "That will help with agility and plyometrics, help me get faster. I haven't grown much in the last year or two. I should be able to broaden out. I want to be close to 300 my senior year. Hopefully this year I'll be at 275. I don't want to push on the weight and put on bad weight. That will slow me down. I've put on 25 pounds so far this year and hopefully I can do it again this year."

Washington isn't the only school that is expressing interest in Dockter. "I got one general information letter from Stanford, and I filled out cards for Wazzu and Idaho, but they are still sitting on my desk," he said. It's just a matter of time before the offers start piling up for this talented youngster. "I hope so," he said. "We'll see what comes. Hopefully something big comes my way, but if it's just something little I'll work my way up. I've got no problems with that." Top Stories