Shugert pledges to the Huskies

It's no secret that Washington is on the prowl for several offensive line prospects for the 2007 recruiting class and, heading into this weekend, they had only one committed – Rainier Beach OL Emeka Iweka). Now they have two as Oregon City OL Scott Shugert decided to make his pledge to the Dawgs after an offer was extended by head coach Tyrone Willingham early on Saturday morning.

"I had been thinking about it all summer," Shugert told as he traveled with his family back to their home just southeast of downtown Portland. "I was thinking about what school I liked the most and so, when I got to U-Dub this morning, coach Willingham was really straight-up with me.

"He said ‘we really like you a lot and we want to offer you a full-ride scholarship to become a Husky' and I was just thinking to myself ‘wow'. I mean, I couldn't believe it. I was looking at my parents as we were talking with him and I was just thinking how badly I wanted to go there and stuff and I could just tell by the looks on their faces that they were happy about it too."

However, Shugert didn't commit right then and there.

"We took a tour of the campus and got to go up to the top of the stadium and watch the Blue Angels which were awesome," Shugert said. "All the time we were getting our tours and talking about stuff, I was thinking that I really wanted to commit, but I didn't say anything right away.

"Then we got a tour of the field, you know on the turf and stuff, and then we saw the weight room, which I had already seen. So after we were done, I just went up to coach Willingham and said ‘coach, I really want to come and play for you' and he was just really excited.

"I could see some of the other coaches standing off to the side watching me talk to him and I'm pretty sure they knew what was up before I even told him because the smile on my face was just really big."

One of the other highlights for Shugert was former Husky running back and current head of the Washington Alumni Association Greg Lewis.

"He was a great running back there and he just told us about life and about being a Husky and what that really means," Shugert said. "I just kept feeling how great it would be to be a Husky and it makes me happy to know that I will be."

Shugert said there was one thing that set Washington apart from his other suitors.

"The coaching staff is just amazing," Shugert said. "They are the best staff I have met. They are just good people and coach Willingham has turned around programs before – at Stanford and Notre Dame.

"Another thing that I really liked was the fact that their academics are right up there with the best in the country. When the coaches weren't in the room and we were talking to the other players, they were telling us how a Washington education really good and that it can compete with anyone else in the country on that level. I really liked that a lot."

Also going in Washington's favor was the fact that mom and dad approved of his decision.

"My mom is really excited," Shugert said. "My dad is really happy he came along. He didn't think he was going to come along, but he's glad he did now."

The big man from down south also had a parting shot for the Husky faithful.

"I just want everyone to know that I can't wait to get up there," Shurgert said and then added a "Go Dawgs!" for good measure.

Shugert is already qualified academically and said he will now tell the other schools that were looking at him that he is fully committed to Washington.

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