Fouch enjoys second visit to Montlake

Redlands East Valley (Ca.) QB Ronnie Fouch committed to Washington shortly after he got his offer from the Husky coaching staff, but his mother hadn't seen campus or talked to the coaching staff. This weekend Mrs. Fouch got a chance to see where her son was going to spend the next four or five years of his life. Did she enjoy herself?

"She had a really good time," Fouch said on Sunday following the Husky Junior Day. "I was already committed to being a Husky, but my mom enjoying it and giving it her approval means that I'm set now.

"We had so much fun up there and it was a beautiful day, not too hot because it's been in the 100's where I live. It couldn't have gone any better."

Fouch also echoed what fellow commit Chris Izbicki said.

"If I hadn't been committed when I came up there, I would have been when I left," Fouch admitted.

"We got to spend a lot of time with coach (Tyrone) Willingham and coach (Tim) Lappano. My mom, my uncle and I all got to sit down with coach Lappano and he showed me how he teaches the offense and on his computer he would show us a diagram of a play with X's and O's and then he would show me the play during a game with the player actually running it. He said ‘this is how you're going to learn the offense' and I just got really excited watching it.

"Then when we talked to coach Willingham, he told me why they liked me so much and why they recruited me and what he expects from me. My mom really liked that part a lot."

Fouch got to meet some of the incoming freshman from the 2006 recruiting class, but one in particular made an impression on him.

"Jake Locker was a really great guy," Fouch said. "He's going to be a great quarterback for the Huskies and he'll be a fun teammate to hang out with and to compete against. I think he'll be a great guy to learn the offense with and to lead the offense when he gets in there."

One of the highlights for a lot of recruits has been the fact that the Blue Angels do maneuvers almost right above Husky Stadium. Most of the players liked going on the stadium roof to watch, but Fouch was more than happy to stay with his feet on the ground.

"I went up there for a second and was like ‘um, I think I'm going to watch from down in the bleachers'," Fouch said with a laugh. "Da'John Harris and (Anthony) Boyles and I all just sat down in the bleachers and watched. It was pretty cool watching them fly around and stuff."

Did Fouch work on Boyles a little while the playmaking wideout was on campus?

"I just talked to him a lot, but not really about committing or anything," Fouch said. "He's pretty laid-back, but he was having a lot of fun. He walked up to me and gave me a high-five when I saw him because we have known each other since the (Scout) combine in L.A.

"I think getting to see the campus meant a lot to him and he seemed like he had a great time – same with Harris and Apai (Tuihalamaka)."

Fouch is already qualified academically and said he's ready for a big season to end his high school career. Then he'll be ready for his Husky career to start.

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