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Typically, British Columbia, Canada produces several talented football prospects that programs from the states look at every year and one that is getting looks from schools across the country is Vancouver College Prep TE/DE Trey Henderson. The big man from across the border came to Seattle this past weekend with his parents and he talked about his visit and how recruiting is progressing.

"I thought it was great," Henderson told Dawgman.com about Washington's Junior Day held last Saturday. "It was really well run. I got to hang out with some guys, like Da'John Harris and Chris Izbicki so it was great."

Several prospects have commented on taking a walk to the top of Husky stadium to watch the Blue Angels and Henderson liked that as well, but he mentioned the intimacy of the event as one of the best aspects of the day.

"The difference between this weekend and the camp is this was a smaller group of kids, there were like 12 of us maybe, and it's more personal," Henderson said. "It was a lot of one-on-one. My group only had three guys, so you spend more of your time with your positional coach and it's more of a personal thing with meeting the other players and seeing the school.

"We got a chance to watch some of the Husky practice tape and we just went over the stuff they usually do for their week leading up to gameday and the kind of stuff they do to prepare mentally. We got to see how they practice and what schemes they run and how they approach game-planning along the D-line and what they have to know when they play USC and all these different opponents. That was a cool part about it to see how they go about things and prepare and run things."

Henderson and his parents met with head coach Tyrone Willingham for a short time and the second-year head coach said he knows exactly what he wants to see before he offers a scholarship.

"His big thing is just making sure to see the physical aspect of my game improve," Henderson said. "He says I'm a defensive end and that's where he feels I could have a solid career at. He said that I have a real knack for dipping my shoulder and getting around the edge so that is some of the positives.

"Being up in Canada, with the competition level is a difference-maker too, so he just wants to see domination on a physical level and taking games over. That's what coach (Randy) Hart preached and coach Willingham said to is to just ‘make sure you dominate every game that you play next year'."

One thing helping Henderson to dominate this fall will be the camps he attended including the talent-laden event that USC held during June where a plethora of talented players on both sides of the ball went head-to-head for a few days.

"That was a huge thing for me," Henderson said. "To hang with those guys talent-wise, like Kenny Rowe, an to be able to alongside those guys and see the things that they do good and what makes them who they are, that's big for me because I can take that and add it to my game.

"Playing against those O-linemen, it forced me to develop using my hands on a different level where in the past, I was pretty new to the defensive end position, and I didn't use my hands well. So going to that camp made me develop those small technical things like using my hands, swim, rip-moves, spin-moves and watching how Everson (Griffen) plays and what Kenny does that make him good and being able to add that to my game so that when I get home I can incorporate it all into an overall attack for me at D-end so I can have the most success."

In addition to his talents on the gridiron, Henderson is also a very accomplished track and field athlete placing first in the Canadian Junior Nationals event at Sherbrooke, Quebec recently.

"I threw 64 meters which is three meters shy of the World Championships standard," Henderson noted. "I have a chance to go to the Pan Am Junior event down in Brazil next year and depending on how I do in nationals, in two years I could go to the World Championships in Poland with team Canada, but football is my main focus so it just depends on how things work between the two.

On the recruiting front, Henderson has three offers – Kentucky, Montana and Rice – and said he is being recruited on both sides of the ball.

"(Rice) is all defense and their defensive coordinator is interested," Henderson said. "Montana, on the other hand, is either side of the ball. I think they're recruiting me as an athlete.

"When I talk to Kentucky they never said what side of the ball and that they were offering. It could be tight end or D-line it just depends on what happens when I get down there with injuries or a need which is good because I can play either side."

Henderson plans to visit Kentucky early in the fall and then plans to take the rest of his visits following his football season before he makes his decision.

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