Q&A - Roy Lewis

I'm sure Roy Lewis and Dashon Goldson played it out this way, at least in the parks and football fields around Narbonne High School in Harbor City, Calif. I'm sure they talked about being playmakers in high school, and maybe even together in college.

Well, their dreams have become reality, as Goldson and Lewis will headline an experienced secondary that hopes to contain opposing offenses for the Washington Huskies this fall.

Here's a question and answer session I had with Lewis during Washington's fall media day.
Dawgman.com: How tough has it been dealing with the coaching carousel in college?
Roy Lewis: "With consistency and continuity, you can build great things. With all the coaching changes, it kind of puts things in a whirlwind. Now that we have some secure coaches, some secure guys, now we all have to do is go out and play football."

DM.C: How has the transition been with getting coach (JD) Williams?
RL: "It's been a positive change. Coach Williams is great, he knows exactly what he's talking about. He's been to the places we're trying to get to. We're trying to absorb every drop of information, anything...we absorbed it like a sponge. We went out and executed exactly what he wanted this spring, and as you saw our spring practices went really well. We're starting to get, starting to get that chemistry together, so we're getting a feel for how everyone plays with one another."

DM.C: Does it feel like there's just more familiarity this fall?
RL: "This is the second season under Coach (Tyrone) Willingham, so all the kinks have been ironed out, so now it's just a matter of executing at the fastest speed we can all the time."

DM.C: What has the move of Dashon Goldson been like for the secondary?
RL: "It was a great move for Dashon. It also allows our secondary to open up with another safety. We have Chris Hemphill, Jason Wells, Mesphin Forrester...some other guys that will get an opportunity to play because Dashon is capable of playing both cornerback and safety. That's a great move. It expands the depth."

DM.C: It must be nice having an old friend out there, it must help your game too.
RL: "It's security. I can trust Dashon, I can trust C.J., I can trust anyone back there. Me and Dashon have a history going all the way back to junior high school, so it's almost like having my brother over there on the other side."

DM.C: What kind of work went into getting you prepared for this fall?
RL: "We all came together and worked very hard and made great strides to make sure this season is a very positive one. We have high aspirations for this upcoming season. I think the things we did will help take us one step closer to our goals for this season. Everyone showed up for workouts, our 7-on-7's, pass skelly (skeleton), and I think it'll help us in the long run."

Note: Lewis also talked a little bit about a running program given to the secondary by Coach Williams with the goal of training harder, longer and faster.

DM.C: Any goals you have set up for yourself, Roy?
RL: "My goal for myself is to just get better...eliminate the mental mistakes, the critical errors, to help me grow as a player. I want to become a student of the game and to just make plays for the University of Washington."

DM.C: You look like you've transformed your body a little bit since the spring (Lewis is up to nearly 190 pounds).
RL: "I feel really comfortable. I feel light. I'm in shape. I'm where I need to be."

DM.C: What is Coach Williams telling you guys all the time? What is his basic message?
RL: "How good do we want to be?" That's the question he always asks. There really is no answer, because it's a question we have to ask ourselves every day. And the sky is the limit."

DM.C: I know a lot of the early questions about been about offensive players (Hasty, James, Stanback, etc...). I think the defense is going to carry the torch for this team. Do you feel the same way?
RL: "We didn't lose many players, all our secondary is coming back. Our linebackers coming back are solid, with Scott White and Dan Howell, so yeah, I think our defense this year will be the key. If we don't allow teams to score, we can win games. Period."

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